JTB-400C review by Jay Turser

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.6 Good
  • Users' score: 7.3 (12 votes)
Jay Turser: JTB-400C

Sound — 7
I play a lot of heavey stuff (Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, etc) so when I first got this bass, as this is my first bass, out of two basses (other bass being B.C. Rich NJ Beast) it fit all types of music, almost. It didn't have a heavey sound I was looking for when I played Metallica and such, as my B.C Rich does. But for a starter bass, it was good to find out what kind of music one would play. I play this out of a Randall 70 watt amp (the amp that it came with) without effects. When it was first bought, it wasn't noisey, but as you keep playing, I found the A-string began to twang. It tends to hit off of the fingerboard most times when playing heavey songs, or faster songs. But once again, for a beginner, finding out when style they want to play, it's an alright bass

Overall Impression — 7
Overall, I think as I've said, that his is a pretty good bass for a beginner, but once good enough, move up to higher name basses. Once you get your style (if any) get a bass that fits that style, or if no style, get a higher quality general bass. I've been playing about 2-2 1/2 years, but I only bought the bass 2 years ago. But I play a B.C. Rich NJ Beast bass as well, the B.C. Rich being my most used bass at the moment. If this bass were stolen, I don't really think I; d do anything, I wouldn't get this bass again, if I were to buy another bass, I'd buy another B.C. Rich. All in all, beginners, it's a good bass for you to find out what you wanna play.

Reliability & Durability — 6
I wouldn't play this bass at a live show, I'd prefer the B.C. Rich for the heavey sound. I don't think this make of guitar was meant to play at live shows, but in the case that it has to be played, I think it would withstand. The hardware has lasted so far, and I've had this bass for 2 years, and there's been no proiblems with the hardware in the least. The top strap button seemed to come out, as if it wasn't put in proporlly, and as one keeps playing, they might run into this problem. But once you fix this yourself, which is simple, it won't give out. As for the back strap button, no problems. I would not use this bass in a live show without a backup, it might last, but I don't find it as confortable as my other bass to play with. If you're sitting down, just playing at a show (boring) then this guitar could be used, but with a a show, and if you like to move around a lot, I would not play without a backup. The finish is alright, but not good. The finish tends to dent easy with the littlest of hits. Only the body though, the neck and such is alight, but the body is easy to chip the paint, and/or put dents in.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
No flaws that I could pick out in my 2 years with it.

Features — 8
- Traditional style - 20 frets - Rosewood fingerboard - Maple neck - Solid Top - 1 Volume, 1 Tone control - Split pick-ups - Accerssories: gig bag, strap, cable, tuner The features on this bass are alright, when you pickup the starter pack, as this is a starters bass, you get the gig bag, the amp, strap, patch cord, tuner. All for about 500, but the bass itself is a 250$ bass. So for a beginner, it's alright.

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    i found this was a great bass for beginning but its super heavy so playin shows with it kinda blows and its really durable i dropped it down the stairs once and i dropped it on the floor a bunch of times and its still good :/
    Wtf, thats the same squier p bass. It's the same and i thought jay turser makes classic guitars like hollow body or viola looking ones.
    Luka38 wrote: Wtf, thats the same squier p bass. It's the same and i thought jay turser makes classic guitars like hollow body or viola looking ones.
    well, the fender P-bass is the first bass, so it is classic
    man, i got ripped off at this one pawn shop, there was a black dean edge bass guitar, it sounded great, felt great, looked great, ect. so i went there and turns out, it was sold... and its price was $250. there were 3 basses still there: this for $215, a fender fretless jazz bass for $350 (i can't do fretless, doest work for me) and a left handed fender jazz bass, with tape painted green over the green pick guard. it sucks, the bass is...kinda good, it sounds... ok, really heavy. but it works. now i have to save up $650 for this awesome 35" 5 string bass, forget the company name, but it has no pick guard, the body is small, 2 pickups (like the dean basses) and a body of solid rosewood, its feel is great, the edges are more curved, so it has a better feel, the neck is thin and amazing. im planning on buying that bass
    My first bass, cost me 100 bucks. Its good for beginner but not anything else, something rattles inside if I shake it.
    this is my first bass. it is very good for beginners or just as a backup bass. i cant really find anything wrong with it except its pretty damn heavy
    I just bought this thing for $20, so I'm not complaining
    ahahahah it is a peice of shit though i fust sold mine for 50 bucks