PB400 review by Legend

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.4 (22 votes)
Legend: PB400

Sound — 9
The sound is what anyone would expect from a BASS guitar. It has a low, boomy sound (especially the E string), but the G string can get a bit too high sometimes, and not low enough. The tone control can change it from a low boomy sound, to a sharper, shorter sound, which is more noticeable if you use a pick. This fits in any style of music.I used to play it through a 10 watt guitar amplifier and it sounded pretty awesome, with the guitar amp having no eq at all. I haven't modded this since I got it (about a year ago) and it stills sounds the same. Very nice sound for a cheap bass.

Overall Impression — 10
On my own, I mainly play Green Day and RHCP, but with my band, we play Metallica, AC/DC, Hendrix stuff, whatever the guitarist likes. I'vvev been playing for nearly 2 years now. I own a Fender Standard P-Bass, some random gear and a Bassman 250/210 combo. If this was stolen, I would probably buy it again, replace the pickups, and use it as a backup in case my P-Bass dies on me. I love how it was a display model, and it's still playable after all this time. Probably the only thing I hate is the bright G-string. Overall, a perfect starter bass, beats Squier any day.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Yes, definitely, I've seen so many reviews of people complianing about how Squiers died on them after the 2nd week or so. This bass is an indestructible beast. This bass hardly goes out of tune. The strap buttons went kind of loose after I took it out a few times, and I had to super glue it back on. The finish is excellent, it's hard to put a scratch in it with a nail. I trust this bass not to fail me, it never has. There has a been a bit of buzzing the bridge where the spring has collided with the string but I fixed easily by wedging a piece of cardboard in for an hour or so.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I did not know anything about the set up back then, but when I found out, the action is perfect, the pickups were set perfect at the right level. Amazingly, this bass had no flaws in all my months of playing and being rough with it. I dropped it by accident several times onto a tiled floor, and it received no dents or scratches. However, the pickguard kept coming loose, but than it must of been my fault as I did not put in the screw properly when putting the pickguard back on and I made a big crack in the wood.

Features — 9
This was my very first bass. I'm not sure what year it's made in, but it was made in China. I remember rushing in after school desperate for a bass guitar. I knew what I was going to buy, a Legend Bass Package, which had the PB400 in it. It was the last one left and it was on display, so I got a $60 discount for it. I didn't know anything about basses and guitars back then, so I just looked at it and played it for a while and said I'll take it. It's a Precision Bass copy, the body is smaller, but it's 34" scale. There are 21 frets, rosewood fretboard, one single coil pickup, passive electronics, stock tuners and bridge. A standard beginner bass. It came with a 10 watt guitar amplifier, a lead, some picks, cable, strap and gig bag. Pretty good.

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    Im a guitarist lookin gat getting a cheap bass for recording purposes, this seems to fulfill what im looking for.
    Haha, I think I have this bass, sometimes it just dies and you have to hit around the pickups a few times to get it starting again :p
    thrash tard
    heh this was my first bass as well. thought it was fine. then i bought a fender P bass. Never touch the legend anymore. the neck makes me cringe
    My one is doss. i made a scratchplate out of perspex so ye can see inside, and i removed the volume and tone controls with a three way switch. (Iwouldn't advise either if you plan to sell it on) it must be pretty old, cause it has a little fretbuzz in places, nothing noticable. it's not the easiest thing to play- high action and it weighs a ton, but i like it liked that, the tone is immense. I've had it cut out on me aswell! one time i was on stage soundchecking once, i plugged it in and nothing happened. the sound guy wouldn't belive me- he was convinced it was the lead. after a few bashes it came on. thats one of the reasons i changed the electronics, but it didn't work it must be something with the pickups
    and its legion not legend??
    They're called different things. When I got it, my box said Legacy, but the amp and bass say Legend.