MM2 review by OLP

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.1 (28 votes)

Sound — 7
I play metal, some rock to, bass went with it fairly well, played through a Peavey 15 with galien Kruger backline 600 amp it had a good tone, boomed pretty good. The bass is often noise and Rattles on top frets, in drop D I had to squeeze as hard a possible to get the first fret not to rattle. Also was veery good for slap having the centered humbucker with little room behind, rattled a lot then too.

Overall Impression — 8
I've been playing a few months now and went through a few bass, I play metal and rock, the bass fits it well, especially for picking or fingering, slapping didn't work out to well on it. The sound on this bass is defiantly worth the price. I personally prefer my Ibanez with a shorter, and much then neck, but I'd have the OLP over the Squier P Bass I had, the extra money over a P-Bass like that blows it out of the water.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar will definatley hold up to Live play, this thing is pretty tough, mine has taken a few hard drops no problem. My jack was loose but it had been repaired before I got it so no real comment there, all other hardware held up well, seems like a pretty trusty bass and finish stays around so it stays looking good. Downfall is the strap buttons need to be changed if you want the strap to stay on with any movement.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The bass is set up fine, other than very low action, causes rattling on open notes and such in pretty much anything lower than standard, definetly not set up for drop c or b tuning, don't even bother attempting drop a. the finsh on the bass is pretty thinck, holds up pretty well. The bass is fairly balanced, alittle heavy for my taste, but the size and shape are definatley not weakness off this bass since it has the classic Music Man body.

Features — 7
This bass features 21 frets, fretboard is fairly wide, ernie ball liscenced head stock, same body as also. Passive EQ setup, runs to one big humbucker. The bass has a volume knob and two tone knobs for a wide range of sounds. Big clover tuning knobs, kind of a pain, stay in tune fine but always snagging or bumping into something, not sure a bout the bridge, just standard nothing special.

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    E V H 5150
    To Richard Edwards: That is not a Stratocaster shape. If you were to compare it to another guitar, I think the Ernie Ball Stingray Bass is the one you're looking for. I think that OLP to Ernie Ball is like what Squier is to Fender, or Epiphone is to Gibson.
    ITs currently being discontinued at all the majr store around the U.S., apparently It comes and goes, while its in its state of refinishing and redoing by OLP, that what I heard. Hate to say it but you wont be seeing this bass anytime soon.
    Sure corners were cut to maintain cost-effectiveness , but not where it counts. I play Texas Country, Classic Rock, some Reggae, and that John Mayer/ Jason Mraz stuff(same band), and couldn't be happier with the affordable quality of this gem of an instrument. I've been a bass player for 15+ years and am very impressed with the versatility that playing technique can yield. GunLeatherGuy made a smart move giving his kid one of these basses, mine has paid for itself a thousand times over. Most of my gigs have been outdoor venues,and served as my primary instrument for about four years. I'm sure there are some of you saying "yeah but, country is lame...". Why are country bands expected to rock, while rock bands aren't expected to play any country? For the same reason a dog licks his butt,I guess. Because he CAN!
    Official Licensed Products=OLP. When MM took away there License to Officially Copy MM products, they went by the wayside.
    We have Ibanez, Kramer, ESP, OLP and other basses and the little MM2 can hold its own against any of them...even the neck through, active pickup pro models weve had. OLP went out of business because they were making mainly MM stuff. MM recently decided to offer their sterling line of cheaper guitars, and taking away OLP's option of copying them they went Kaput! Apparently MM said....hey, why dont we offer the same level of stuff OLP was offering and double the price.....ya, ya, thats the ticket!
    they dont make em because of low sales i have one in my workshop a the guitar shop i work at i ripped out the second tone control a tnd wired a single tone to ithe bass now rips tmore the place alot more treble
    What a bunch of dweebs! Or even wanna be dweebs! It sucks cuz it buzzes??? Try setting the neck, action and guitar up before you play it? If you dont know how take it to someone who knows? Sorry if that sounds harsh...but even a 1500$ Music Man Stingray this thing copies is gonna buzz if not setup! For the money OLP is a freakin steal!!!! Ive got real Music Man guitars and OLP isnt even close in quality but for the money, they are still a damn good guitar. My daughter has this one and it flat plays like the original.
    E V H 5150 wrote: To Richard Edwards: That is not a Stratocaster shape. If you were to compare it to another guitar, I think the Ernie Ball Stingray Bass is the one you're looking for. I think that OLP to Ernie Ball is like what Squier is to Fender, or Epiphone is to Gibson.
    it is,your right. its their second line of mm basses
    I've had my natural OLP MM2 for 3 months now. I paid $100 for it used and it's a steal! After setting it up it's definitely the best bass you can get for under $500, in my opinion. You're not going to get the deep lows you would with a p-bass, but that's not what this bass is for. It does seem to capture that classic Music Man sound, although not quite like an authentic Music Man, but it's more than $1000 less. I was going to buy a Fender Jazz FSR but couldn't justify it being better than this OLP. I use it for gigging and have gotten compliments on it's sound and would recommend it to any who wants a good bass for a good price and isn't hung up on name brands.
    bought this bass yesterday in black, sounds awesome, or at least better than my old peice'o'shit starter bass.
    would any one happin to know if replacing the crappy tunners with fender style p bass tunners is possible woth out drilling any new holes in the head stock, i mean they seem to have the same measurements
    Ok,I have this bass and i just got it last night, id like to say its an awsome bass, but allas its not, or atleast it isent in its current state. Maybe if i get a local shop to tweak it then it would be the ideal bass for me,the problems i have encountered are as follows: tunning keys seem poorly constructed (shakey),3rd fret A string buzzes, anything higher then the 13th fret on the d string buzzes like all hell has broken lose, and the middle tone/volume knob is very lose compared to the others, i know it seems like im bitching but with a few tweaks im sure it'll be on the same ground as my yamaha bb614 bass
    olp is to ernie ball what squier is to fender, but better quality, ive had a squier p bass and this olp the olp is definatley better but id rate my ibanez gsr200 as alot better bass than the olp especially for the price range. also olp = officaly liscenced product, and on the back of the headstock its says ernieball headtock liscenced or something
    I think that OLP to Ernie Ball is like what Squier is to Fender, or Epiphone is to Gibson
    Pretty much, i think OLP are a seperate company but make licsened copies (not really copies though) I didn't like the one I played, sounded weak and played poorly. it could have been a Dodgy one though.
    the only OLP id get is Petrucci's sig OLP being that it must be good enough for the man to play and that the fact that its only 300bucks