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manufacturer: OLP date: 06/29/2007 category: Bass Guitars
The MM2 is designed for players who want top-flight features in an affordable bass. It has a basswood body, a 21 fret American Maple neck with black dot inlays, 34 in. scale, chrome hardware, and a 'meaty' sounding Music Man style pickup. With OLP you get the highest quality construction, tone, and appearance, all at a very affordable price.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
 Reliability & Durability: 8.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7.5
 Features: 7.5
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overall: 7.8
MM2 Reviewed by: richard_edwards, on march 10, 2007
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Features: It's a 2006 Chinese made (bit dubious about that) with 21 frets all running through a basswood body, into one massive humbucker at the bridge. Lovely neck, not too chunky, with a rather wide fretboard, it's nice. No acoustic chambers, just hard wood. Run-of-the-mill strat shape, but works beautifully. Maple neck, roosewood fretboard. Black hardware, black finish, grey perloid pickguard. It's quite suave. 2 volume, one tone, range of sounds! Passive, but if it was active it'd sound amazing. Sort it out OLP! Cheap-ass clover tuners that are ok, I suppose. Bit loose and tacky. // 8

Sound: Sounds rather nice actually. You can get a massive range of sounds out of it due to the 3 knobs on it, give them a twiddle for 10 minutes, see what you get. Lots of low-end. Very good for rock, funk etc. I do quite a bit of slap bass, and it's very well suited for that. I run it through a PA at practise and just use it as is at home. Even without an amp, there's quite a bit of sustain. As I said, it's worth messing with the settings, see what you can get out of it. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: It came to me in tune, yes, but poorly set-up. The action was low, but the were several frets buzzing like bitches. It was horrid. Sorted that (just about anyway) and it's acceptable now. Pickup needed lowering. I think it was just a matter of 'put it together and throw it out of the factory'. The tuning keys are terrible. Loose, cheap, but hold tuning. They rattle when you shake the bass itself. I am not happy with them. The nut was poorly fitted too. The routing looks too big for it. Really small strap buttons, will change them later. Same goes for the tuners. OLP, again, sort it! // 6

Reliability & Durability: I think it'll do rather well used live. Well, I'm hoping anyway, I don't have a backup. I reckon the finish will last for a while, seems a bit thin though. Weedy strap buttons, they need changing. As do the tuners. A nice set of Grovers should do the trick. But it will need setting up here and there. // 8

Overall Impression: Sound wise, it's my perfect bass. It's a damn sight better than what I was playing (Ibanez GAXB150). Don't touch Ibanez Gio. Please. I wish it came to me set up properley. That annoyed me. If it was stolen, I'd beat whoever nicked it, then save up for an Ibanez BTB. Cos they're right beast! I love the sound and the body shape, it's lovely! And it aint top heavy so it sits on your shoulder nicely. I hate the tacky tuners. End of. I just love the tonal variety too. Just perfect. I think I'll put a thumb rest on it. that's one thing every bass should have, a decent thumb rest. I have to put my thumb on the pickup, right near the bridge and it sounds shit! Sort it! I wish I had scoured the market a bit more, but for the time being, I'm happy with this. A reasonable bass for little money. I chose it because I have a friend Who has this, and he gigs a lot. So I went on it and got his verdict and it sounded alright. So I sold my old 'Nez and got this. I'm happy for the time being. // 8

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overall: 8
MM2 Reviewed by: skateswitch, on june 29, 2007
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Features: This bass features 21 frets, fretboard is fairly wide, ernie ball liscenced head stock, same body as also. Passive EQ setup, runs to one big humbucker. The bass has a volume knob and two tone knobs for a wide range of sounds. Big clover tuning knobs, kind of a pain, stay in tune fine but always snagging or bumping into something, not sure a bout the bridge, just standard nothing special. // 7

Sound: I play metal, some rock to, bass went with it fairly well, played through a Peavey 15 with galien Kruger backline 600 amp it had a good tone, boomed pretty good. The bass is often noise and Rattles on top frets, in drop D I had to squeeze as hard a possible to get the first fret not to rattle. Also was veery good for slap having the centered humbucker with little room behind, rattled a lot then too. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The bass is set up fine, other than very low action, causes rattling on open notes and such in pretty much anything lower than standard, definetly not set up for drop c or b tuning, don't even bother attempting drop a. the finsh on the bass is pretty thinck, holds up pretty well. The bass is fairly balanced, alittle heavy for my taste, but the size and shape are definatley not weakness off this bass since it has the classic Music Man body. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will definatley hold up to Live play, this thing is pretty tough, mine has taken a few hard drops no problem. My jack was loose but it had been repaired before I got it so no real comment there, all other hardware held up well, seems like a pretty trusty bass and finish stays around so it stays looking good. Downfall is the strap buttons need to be changed if you want the strap to stay on with any movement. // 9

Overall Impression: I've been playing a few months now and went through a few bass, I play metal and rock, the bass fits it well, especially for picking or fingering, slapping didn't work out to well on it. The sound on this bass is defiantly worth the price. I personally prefer my Ibanez with a shorter, and much then neck, but I'd have the OLP over the Squier P Bass I had, the extra money over a P-Bass like that blows it out of the water. // 8

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