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manufacturer: OLP date: 03/20/2012 category: Bass Guitars
Officially licensed by Ernie Ball/Musicman, this affordable 5-string bass is a great instrument at any price!
 Sound: 6.3
 Overall Impression: 6.3
 Reliability & Durability: 7.3
 Action, Fit & Finish: 5.3
 Features: 6.7
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overall: 9.6
MM3 Reviewed by: BassmastaRob, on april 05, 2007
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Features: This is an amazing bass for what I got it for. It was more expensive then it would be on Musicain's Friend or any other site like that but mine has a Kahler 5 String Bass Tremolo and Seymour Duncan Basslines 5 String Music Man pickup. The stock bridge and pickups are o.k. but I would definately try to upgrade them if you are going to be using this bass for serious shows. I'm not so sure what year it is but most likely 2005-06. It comes in a flamed maple top and basswood body with the Trans Red or Honey Burst but the natural finish is elm. The neck is a maple fretboard with black dot inlays and 21 jumbo frets on a 34" scale. It is a passive system with 2 volume controls and a tone control. If you hadent guessed it by now the pickups are Music Man style. The one I got had a hardshell case with it. // 10

Sound: This can play anything and everything you throw at it. Funk sounds crazy on this thing. I do however play metal currently and the low end is clear and boomy. This would suit any style because of its versatility. It is great through my Crate BT25 or my stage setup (Behringer BX4500H and 2 homemade 2x10 cabs). There is no buzz or feedback watsoever. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: I'm not so sure how the action and pickups were setup out of the factory because when I got it the bass it had the bridge and pickups replaced. I assume they were fine but I wouldn't be able to tell you. The only problem that I found was that near the pickup, I was able to press it in and there was an empty space and it seemed a tad flimsy. I'm not so sure if it's just me or all of them. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This could problably take a bullet and keep on playing like new. Solidbody is an understatement as it is dense, but also not that heavy. The neck is attached well and doesn't move. The strap buttons are in there good and are some of the largest that I have ever seen. The natural finish is nice, and the top coat won't wear off anytime soon. // 10

Overall Impression: This bass is a great any music bass. Is is especially good with metal. It was much better than the TA-500 that I had. I also own a crappy Rouge BX-100 as a travel bass. If someone stole it, I would go postal on everything in sight utill it came up. It is that good of a bass. I love the bass overall but I think that it needs a thumb rest because it sucks to have to play floating hand all the time. // 9

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overall: 2.8
MM3 Reviewed by: faultyy, on december 23, 2007
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Features: I think my bass was probably made in 2006, it's got a 22 fret maple neck and fretboard and black plastic inlays. Out of the box the neck was very badly warped and still is after a years worth of truss rod adjustments. The action was very high out of the box and remains so dut to the fact I get fret buzz if I lower it to anything under a medium-high action. The fret work seemed very shoddily done, with quite a few bits of sharp metal sticking out on the sides. The pickup is a very flimsy feeling and looking MM style one which in my oppinion lacks depth (I've played it through an Ashdown EB180). The electronics are noisy and crackly when used and the tone pot doesn't actually do anything, this is probably because it's not wired up properly. The only redeeming features this bass has in this department are that the tuners are very good for a cheap bass and hold tune nicely and the body feels very solid and is a nice weight. My bass is natural so I think it's made from elm with a picture of some flamed maple under the finish. // 3

Sound: I play a lot of different styles of music, but mainly dub, unfortunately the fact that the pickup has no balls what so ever makes it pretty much useless on it's own. I play through an Ashdown EB180 and use a veritey of EQ, delay, phase, wah and flange pedals, I'm pretty sure it's only the effects that make this bass useable. The electronics buzz constantly even when the two pickup volumes are equal. The only comment I can give on what kind of sounds this bass can make is basically flat, empty and dull ones. // 1

Action, Fit & Finish: My bass wasn't set up at all from the factory and I have no idea how it passed quality control (if OLP even has QC). The pickup was sunk in to the body so I had to place a foam block under it to raise it, also the screws to adjust height were missing. The fretwork was awful, atleast 5 frets had bits sticking out from the sides of the body. The wood this bass is made from feels solid, however from looking in the pickup cavity it is obvious that it is made from low grade flakey wood. The nut feels cheap and like it could break on the B string at any time. // 1

Reliability & Durability: Although my OLP is quite frankly crap, it is built like a tank (no idea how considering the low quality wood) it's been dropped down stairs, stood on, kicked, leaned up against a barbeque and is still in one peice, the bridge and tuners also feel pretty solid. The finish is thick and strong and although it has a lot of imperfections I can't see it coming off any time this decade. The strap buttons work suprizingly well as their pretty small but I've never had a problem with the strap coming off. There is no way I could gig my OLP due to the fret buzz problems and uncomfortable action, however if I had a decent one I'd definately gig it without a backup. // 6

Overall Impression: I wish I had not bought this bass online and payed the extra 20 for the one I tried in a music shop, OLP's quality fluctuates wildly so I wouldn't reccomend trusting one you haven't tried out first. It's a shame really because my bass would be perfect if you want something that can take a beating, if it didn't have unfixable neck problems. I was considering swapping the pickup out for a Seymour Duncan SMB5a and some active electronics however the neck was so bad there was no point and a new neck would just be a waste of money. I think an OLP that's in good shape would be a decent first 5 string, however the one I had has completely put me off them. // 3

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overall: 6.8
MM3 Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 20, 2012
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Price paid: $ 125

Purchased from: Craigslist

Features: I believe this bass was made around 2007-2008, it has 22 frets. Mine came with Seymour Duncan Basslines which greatly improve the sound, The knobs are Volume, Coil Selector, and Tone. There's no snazzy extras on this which can be either a good or a bad thing. // 7

Sound: I play everything from church music to metal, The Beatles to Iron Maiden, and Rush to Muse. This thing can do it all, it can get a nice punch to it or sound nice and warm depending on your preference, not to mention these pickups are hot. The pickups pick up harmonics (both natural and pinch) very well, and sounds great with my fuzz pedal (Bass Big Muff Pi). This bass is relatively easy to slap with and produces a nice bright tone (provided you EQ it so). // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: I got this off some guy on craigslist relatively cheap and already setup so I have no complaints there. There is a common problem that most MusicMan type basses have, being the pickups being weak on the D and G strings. A simple screwdriver is all I needed to fix that (I just raised that side of the pickup a little). // 6

Reliability & Durability: I've played live with this thing before (and dropped it) and it has fared greatly. I dropped it because the strap button came loose and it fell but wasn't damaged too badly. I fixed the strap button by breaking a toothpick in half and putting both ends into the strap button hole then screwing the strap button in. This is my main bass and will be until I save enough money up for a Sterling. // 6

Overall Impression: Overall this is a great bass (obviously not an actual stingray) and it is very versatile, if it was lost/stolen I would definitely look to buy another. // 7

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