LX205B Review

manufacturer: Rogue date: 06/08/2009 category: Bass Guitars
Rogue: LX205B
The LX205B incorporates an extended maple neck with a fast and friendly rosewood fingerboard for fleet action.
 Sound: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 9.3
 Reliability & Durability: 8.3
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.7
 Features: 8.3
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overall: 8.8
LX205B Reviewed by: noahray, on september 28, 2006
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Features: This bass is the real deal. This Rogue product can hold its own in the world of 5 strings. 24 easily accessable frets, traditional P & J sytle pickups with seperate volume/tone controls, rosewood fingerboard, unfinished neck, decent tuners. The extended neck keeps the B from getting floppy, but the bridge is weakly constructed. Surprisingly, the neck is not much thicker than a standard 4 string bass. This keeps the strings comfortably close and provides for extremely fast runs. // 8

Sound: This bass is extremely versatile, especially for a 5 string. If you're into comparison, I have played both Dean and Fender 5's in the past, and this was by far better than a Dean and comperable to a Squier Jazz 5. The pickups on this thing, even though they are Rogue, are strong, resillient, and clear. I bought the Rogue fretless 4 a year ago, and the pickups were so terrible I had to replace them. I was doubtful about the pickups that would come stock on this bass, but I have to say they sound better than the DiMarzios I bought. I play mainly blues/jazz fusion on my own time, and this bass has just the smooth deep sound that I love. I have used it to play prog and heavier rock from Dream Theater, Perfect Circle, Coheed, to Children Of Bodom, Cradle, etc. This bass will not dissapoint you. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The bass came set up perfectly from the "factory," I adjusted the action and pickups to suit my personal preferences. I was shocked at the state of this as compared to the state of the Rogue LX200BF that I had recently ordered, as this 5 string came in perfectly playable condition. This difference has led me to believe that the products are shipped from different locations, some of which skimp on their setups. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is extremely lightweight, and sits neck heavy. I expect the hardware to last for a reasonable amount of time. The strap buttons are solid, the tuners are tight, the finish is a little easy to smudge but hard to dent. it is so durable that I would play it without a backup at a gig. // 7

Overall Impression: First, I am extremely pleased at the quality of this bass for the price. I do not judge based on price alone, but I figured there was some reason that the bass was below 150$. Apparently Rogue has taken it upon itself to provide quality instruments for musicians on a budget. This bass plays like a monster, it is the fastest bass neck I've played, especially considering it has an extra string. I play it through a GK backline 600 head and a custom 115 cab, and it sounds funkalicious. The Head can't really handle the low Bs and Cs without distorting, but I don't fault the bass. I would replace this bass with an identical one if I were to lose it, not out of attachment but out of practicality. The only problem I have with it is that the bridge is poorly constructed and annnoying to adjust. My advice to you is: if you want to delve into the world of 5 strings, save yourself the 150 dollars it is to the next bass in this price range and get one of these. It will amaze you. In price versus playability, this bass ranks near the top. // 10

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overall: 9
LX205B Reviewed by: corrylb19, on august 02, 2007
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Features: This was a 2007, 24 frets, maple neck with, rosewood fretboard. It has a strat-style body, and a separate tone and volume for the neck split single coil, and bridge humbucker. Non-locking tuners, and no included accessories. I believe that rogues are American made. Pickups are covered when the bass arrives. // 8

Sound: My music style is country and rock. It fits both very well. The 5th string is nothing but a decoration in country, but is very useful in rock. It is versatile, I can change the tone fairly well with the tone knobs without even touching my amp. Has a full sound, and I was surprised at how noiseless it was. One down side is that I don't get much volume when slapping compared to other basses I've played. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Everything was set up perfectly when it arrived, not a scratch on it. It was already stringed, and I played it right out of the box. I can't seem to find anything wrong here other than minor things. The action overall is a little higher than I'd like. One of the tuners feels a little loose, but that's no big deal. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This feels like it can take anything, may have to adjust the neck every once in a while, but everything else is great. I played with the factory strap buttons once, and it was okay, but then I fitted it with a Dunlop strap-lok. I don't need a backup, and never had the slightest problem. The finish is still good, but I polish it almost everyday. // 9

Overall Impression: This is the perfect bass for my style, matches great with both country and rock. This was the first bass I've owned, but sounds better to me than my friends Yamaha motion B, and plays smoother than another friends Squier jazz bass. I love the simplicity, and smooth, clean sound. Also the ability to adjust the volume from individual pickups lets me shape my sound better than just a flat out selector switch. // 9

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overall: 8.6
LX205B Reviewed by: DuctTapeNinja, on june 08, 2009
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Price paid: $ 129.99

Purchased from: musiciansfriend.com

Features: 5 strings, 24 frets, 2 pickups, made in china in 2009, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, volume + tone control for each pickup, passive electronics, white paint finish, plastic nut, solid looking bridge. It's well enough equipped that I see nothing that needs to be upgraded badly other than the plastic nut and tiny strap buttons. I was surprised at the quality of the hardware. The body shape leaves something to be desired. The lower horn is too short. It looks funny, and when I play sitting down, the weight of the neck causes the lower horn to dig into my leg. // 9

Sound: I am playing it through a Fender Rumble 100. I play classic rock style stuff, and I like the tone it gives me. Especially for such a cheap bass. The neck pickup is silent, but the bridge pickup buzzes constantly unless it's volume control is turned all the way down. That's the only thing keeping this bass from getting a 10 in this category. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was too high for my taste. That was easily remedied because they included the proper size allen wrench to adjust the bridge with it. The intonation was dead on, and the truss rod needed no adjustment. The pickup heights were well adjusted. The finish isn't good though. There are several imperfections in the paint around the neck pocket and the control cavity cover. Also the white is a metal flake white, which is pretty in the right lighting. But in any other lighting, it just looks like someone got a bunch of dust in the paint. // 7

Reliability & Durability: The guitar feels solid, and I'd be confident playing it Live. I would have to bring a backup, but I never gig without one. The hardware is good, other than the nut and the tiny strap buttons. I will be getting a real nut and a set of straplocks for it. I'm not sure how durable the paint is to scratches/chips as I haven't banged it off of anything yet, but judging by the imperfections around the neck pocket and control cavity it's pretty thin and wont hold up real well. // 9

Overall Impression: For the price, this is a very good bass. It sounds good, is built well, and is easy to play. There are a few problems with it, but they are trivial. If you're looking for a cheap 5-string, you should buy this bass. If it was stolen from me, I don't know if I'd buy the same one again. I'm not convinced that I need a 5-string. But if I didn't buy this one, I'd probably buy the 4-string version of it, the LX200B. I'm very impressed with Rogue. // 9

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