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manufacturer: Samick date: 08/12/2010 category: Bass Guitars
Samick: Corsair
The Corsair is designed to incorporate those great ideas into one bass that is rooted in the new millennium.
 Sound: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 8.6
 Reliability & Durability: 9.6
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.2
 Features: 8.6
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overall: 8.8
Corsair Reviewed by: VeloDog, on august 12, 2010
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Price paid: $ 189

Purchased from: The Recording Store

Features: Samick/Greg Bennet Corsair 13 bass guitar, made in 2010 in Indonesia. Nato mahogany wood body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. 30" short scale with 21 frets. Comes with a polyurethane finish in either black or metallic red colors (mine is black). Body style greatly resembles a Fender Precision bass and has a passive split P-Bass pickup, but also has a passive J-bass pickup on the bridge. Pickups are "Duncan Designed". Duncan on their web site says that Duncan Designed pickups is the name for their Korean-manufactured pickups. Tuners are 2+2 (as opposed to 4 in-line) die-cast generics. The 2+2 arrangement makes the overall length a bit shorter. Mine fits into an aftermarket Stratocaster hardshell case with room to spare. The guitar has 3 knobs. One is for the P-Bass pickup, one is for the J-bass pickup, and the third is the tone knob. You don't Switch between pickups per se. You add or subtract volume, by which I mean that if you want only the P-Bass pickup you dial up the P-Bass volume knob and turn the J-bass pickup all the way down (and vice-versa). Although a bit more complicated than a simple selector switch, this does give the ability to custom blend pickups (70% P-Bass and 30% J-bass, for example). Interestingly enough, setting both volume knobs to maximum doesn't sound quite as good as using either the P or J pickup alone. // 8

Sound: I play classic rock and a little country. The pickups can easily be dialed in to suit either genre. I'm currently using it with a Behringer BX1200 bass amp. This is a pretty low-end amp but produces an acceptable sound for now until I can upgrade it. The pickups are very quiet. Even the single coil J-bass pickup is fairly noise-free. The bass came with roundwound strings, but I prefer flats and installed a set of Daddario Chromes. The sound suits me very well. You give up some treble with flats, but I get a more authentic classic rock sound. One obvious downside to the flats is that it is hard to get that Jazz Bass growl with flats, but I rely much more heavily on the P-Bass sound anyway. It's just nice to have the security of that second pickup should the P-Bass pickup die in the middle of a gig. You can also get more treble out of the J-bass pickup, which can come in handy on certain songs. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: I had to lower the action a bit, but the adjustable bridge was easy to adjust with a small screwdriver. The intonation was a bit off as well, but easily adjusted with the same small screwdriver. The neck was straight, the frets came leveled nicely from the factory, and the action playability is as least as good as a Fender MIM P-bass. All the routing was done nicely and I have yet to find any flaws. The pickups required no adjustment. The finish is perfect. The balance is very nice as well with no neck dive. In fact, it balances just a tad rearward, but even a slick nylon strap holds it perfectly in place. Since I also play a 6-string electric guitar, a short-scale bass like this one suits me better for switching back and forth. Most people prefer long-scale basses, but I think the 30" scale is better for musicians who have to Switch back and forth. I don't think there is a better value for the dollar bass than this one. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This is a very solid guitar. While impossible to accurately predict, I think it should last a long time, based on other Greg Bennett models I am acquainted with. It's light enough for an old geezer like myself to gig with at length. I always carry a backup, but so far have not had to use it. The Duncan Designed pickups appear to be a solid piece of gear, and I've had no problems thus far with scratchy pots or knobs falling off. The strap buttons are securely installed, and a big plus is that they are large enough that I don't need strap locks. // 10

Overall Impression: I've been playing the 6-string electric guitar for over 35 years but have only been playing bass for about 5 years now. I started out with an inexpensive Ibanez bass, which was a good beginner's guitar, but it was long-scale, which felt clumsy to me. I switched to a short-scale Gibson EB0, which was imminently more playable, but I felt constrained by the single pickup and neck dive is an issue with the EB0. I had played numerous Samick/Greg Bennett 6-string electric guitars and been impressed with how well they were made to be such an inexpensive instrument. I decide to gamble on the Corsair 13 and it has paid off well for me. I wanted a P-Bass sound, but didn't want to spend a fortune on a short-scale Fender P-Bass or Mustang. I compared the sound of the Corsair's P-Bass pickup with a Fender P-bass. In my opinion there would be more difference between amps than between the pickups themselves. The sound was very similar when played through the same amp. The Corsair is getting the job done for me very well. I would not hesitate to buy another Corsair if my current one got stolen or lost. I looked at several other basses before settling on the Corsair, but the Corsair had all the features I wanted at a sub-$200 price. My favorite features are how fast the action is coupled with the light weight and what I consider to be a good P-Bass sound. The only criticism I have is that the upper horn with the strap button is perhaps a tad longer than it needs to be. Otherwise, it's about perfect for me. // 9

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overall: 8
Corsair Reviewed by: Jallen_84, on february 14, 2005
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Features: I bought this from a local music store, it's the first bass I've ever bought after playing guitar for a few years. It has three pickups 2 Precision and 1 Jazz, or two small and one long (because I don't know the difference). It has two volume knobs and 1 tone, there is active electronics for a boost in the tone knob, 22 frets. It has a velvet top and chrome tuners, bridge, and knobs. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Cosmetically the guitar is really nice, no dings or dents or defects in the wood or anything along those lines. It stays in tune quite well. When I recieved the guitar after playing for a week I noticed the intonation was off in the D and G strings as well the 4 screws that hold the neck on the back 2 were loose. // 6

Reliability & Durability: I've used this guitar for 1 live performance and several parties everything has held up just fine (even with people toying with it when I'm done playing) and I can rely on it to stay in tune for an entire set. I've only had it 8 months but there is signs of wear yet. I've gone through 2 batteries so far which doesn't seem bad to me. And yes I would use it on a gig without a backup, but thats mainly because I don't have another bass. // 10

Overall Impression: Like I said we play a lot of rock and this instrument matches well. I've only been playing bass 8 months, but have been playing guitar for a few years now and I own 3 acoustics, 1 electric and amp, and a mandolin. If it were stolen I would purchase it again because it was a good price and has been holding up very well. I like the finish it is really nice as well the active electronics are a nice feature. So in all I think it's a good bass for the price and would reccommend it to anyone starting to play bass. // 8

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overall: 8.4
Corsair Reviewed by: seekdestroy83, on february 22, 2006
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Features: Samick Corsair CR 1 3: I got this over a year ago as my first bass. I'm pretty sure it's a 2004 model, no idea where it was maid. It's basically a short scale P Bass w/ a J pickup at the bridge. // 8

Sound: I've been learning for a year now, and mostly playing stuff like Metallica and Iron Maiden. Naturally it suits Maiden quite well, but not so much for Metallica. The tone is fine - quite adjustable, but it just doesn't have that punch. But it still gives the beefy sound of a precision, and the bright sound of a jazz, and you can mix them, so that's pretty nice. I'm playing with a Peavey MAX158 combo amp and no effects, and I think it sounds fine, but I have nothing spectacular to compare that to. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: This thing seemed to be set up perfectly. Never changed the action, and never had any fret buzz, nothing seemed damaged, no loose knobs, etc. the only problem I had since I bought it was that the cover for the cable jack came off, and the jack basically slid under the piickguard (if you can picture that), but it was fixed very quickly. // 9

Reliability & Durability: While I have never played a live gig, I have no reason to believe it wouldn't shine. Everything seems pretty solid, not too likely to break, and I have banged it around a few times. The finish has looked the same (pretty) since I bought it and never wore off. All it has on it now some miniscule scratches from general wear and tear. // 10

Overall Impression: Of course when I bought this I didn't know anything about bass, and I didn't know what I would be playing so. Looking back I probably would have bought something with soapbar pickups, cause I just think their easier to play with and sound better for my style of music. Not to say that this is a bad instrument. It's my only bass, and I still think it's great for beginners and those on a tight budget. I have been thinking about upgrading for a while, and if this got stolen, I would thank the guy who stole it for pushing me to finally get a new one. However if I wasn't planning on upgrading any time soon, I'd probably get a different one just because I'm not in to P basses that much. I do like how it has the P and the J - most lower end P basses don't have that, and it's a very nice feature. But I wish it had some kind of thumbrest or something (a lot of beginner basses do). // 7

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overall: 8.6
Corsair Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 27, 2009
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Price paid: £ 220

Purchased from: Twelve Tone Music, Cleethorpes

Features: This bass is the Corsair B-120N (Greg Bennett Signature Model) made in Korea in 2001. I should say this bass is not a current model - it was found in the stock of a distributor who retired, so I am the first owner although it was 7 years old when I got it. I believe I paid approximately half the retail price. Depite the name, it is not anything like the current Corsair range, which have a P-Bass shape and configuration. In appearance it is similar to the current Fairlane FN5-4 - have a look for that model on the Samick web site and you'll get the picture (literally!). It is an active 4-stringer with 2 humbucking pickups and 4 controls which are blend, volume, bass cut/boost and treble cut/boost. The body is alder with a highly figured bubinga arch top. The neck is maple, the board is rosewood with offset dot markers and 22 frets. No-name die-cast tuners and a heavy die cast chrome bridge with separate saddles adjustable for height and intonation complete the picture. // 9

Sound: I am a guitarist and I play mostly blues/rock, with a bit of jazz when I feel like a challenge. I'm into home recording rather than gigging out and I needed a bass to take care of the bottom end - playing bass lines on a keyboard or via MIDI just doesn't cut it for me. I use it direct into a Novation Speedio USB interface and record with SONAR 7 Producer and a variety of DSP effects including Guitar Rig. For this ourpose it suit's me fine, with a wide variety of tones on offer via the pickup blend and active tone controls. Having said that, I did find after a while that the roundwound strings it came with were a tad 'clanky' for me, so I've changed to flats and the bass is transformed - bags of thump in the low end but still capable of a sweet trebly chime at the other. I don't possess a bass amp, but I tried it through one in the shop and it produced a nice growly sound - but how much of that sound comes from the amp is open to question. In use the pickups are noise-free - very important to me for recording. One odd thing - if I turn the blend control while a note is actually sounding, there is a slight crackle. If I turn it without a note playing it is silent. The guy in the shop said it was because there is DC across the blend control (by design) and not a faulty pot. I can't compare it to another, so I'm not sure about this. Not a problem in use though. In the end tone is very subjective, but this bass suit's me fine - I doubt I'll be wanting to change it. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: It was set up very well by the guy in the shop and he did it again after I changed the strings to flats. Pickup height was fine and it plays in tune all the way up. It holds it's tuning very well, by the way. The finish is a high gloss which shows off the wood to perfection. I have only found one flaw, which was not the fault of the manufacturer. While the bass has been in storage the 9V battery has leaked and stained the foil on the inside of the control cavity cover, also corroded one of the screws slightly. Easily fixed as and I say, NOT a manufacturing fault. // 9

Reliability & Durability: As I've said, I am not intending to gig with this but it feels rock solid so I'm sure it could take it. I don't know how durable the finish will be long-term but it looks very good right now. The hardware all seems very solid and the strap buttons are very tight. No Doubt a gigging bassist would put strap locks on anyway. It's never let me down in my recording environment - that's all I can say really. I tried many basses before I bought this and it seems as solid as any of them. // 8

Overall Impression: I play blues/rock and my own compositions - it works very well for me. I've been playing guitar for around 40 years - bass for about 4 months! I have a Squier Strat, an Epiphone Flying V, a highly-modded Hohner Les Paul, a Yamaha Acoustic, and a Kimbara classical. If this bass were stolen I would hunt down the perpetrator and ask for it back with mild menaces - failing that, if I could find the same bass again I would buy it on the insurance. I love the tone now it has flats on it, I hate nothing about it. My favourite feature is the active circuitry. I compared it to loads of other basses and this one ticked most of my boxes - it is a much better bass than I thought I could get on my budget. I wish it had a low-B string, and no frets - no wait, that just means I need more basses doesn't it? // 9

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overall: 9.6
Corsair Reviewed by: Kamakazi20012, on january 08, 2010
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Price paid: $ 189

Purchased from: Local Music Store

Features: My model is the CR-1/A1 made in Indonesia. I was looking for a bass to replace my Ibanez Jumpset bass model as it was shot from heavy performance use playing for my local church. I ran across this one sitting away from other name-brand models in a local music store. Apparently he had it for a long time, it was dusty, and the price tag was $259 when I showed interest. I tested the bass using one of the store's amps and actually fell in love with it. The rosewood fretboard with the offset markers is a nice touch and the angled head allows for some interesting sustains. I also like the corvette yellow color. I told the salesman I liked the bass and he goes, "$189 and it's yours!" could I pass that up? However, being there for a while it needed to be setup again and new strings are a must. The three factory-stock pickups perform well with no noticable humms, feedback or other annoying sounds usually present from a bass in this price range. My Ibanez suffered in this department. The tuning keys are effecient and don't allow the bass to get out of tune easily. However, it doesn't take much of a turn to bring a single string off key. // 10

Sound: My style of music varies from Rock (all decades), to country and I have performed with my church's band playing songs from Hillsong, Delirious, Chris Tomlin and the likes. This bass fits right in and gives the lows and the highs I need to perform these songs. Even when it is tuned to another key, there is no string-talk and the sustain is there. The sound is rich all the way through the frets and coupled up with amps and effects it really shines! It also works better than my Ibanez did with Tascam's latest bass trainer and doesn't distort as easily when the volume is cranked. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: When I aquired my model, it was neglected of any regular maintanence and over time the "new" bass was more like a pawn shop special when I got it. I am still in the process of fine tuning the instrument but the overall look and sound has turned heads. All the hardware is straight-forward as far as fine tuning is concerned... And very much standard issue. Only complaint I have is the location of the 1/4" jack as it can make it troublesome to make adjustments during a performance, but can be easily overlooked when using a cable with an angled male connector. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The bass is very lightweight and won't weigh you down during long performances. The hardware that came with mine seems very promising, but I do plan to replace the pickups eventually. I did have an issue with the strap button on the end of the body, but only cause I neglected to check the holding screw before using it. I removed both, added some loc-tight to them and re-installed them. The finish looks beautiful with the lighting effects that are used..and it cleans easily. // 10

Overall Impression: Used mainly for Christian Alternative and my favorite 80's songs from groups like Journey, Styx, Boston and those one-hit wonders, this bass fits right in a performs very well. I have been playing bass for only 4 years with this model being my second bass. For beginners and performers alike, I do recommend this model. It's light, but very durable construction, will last you for long as it is properly maintained. I have only had an Ibanez bass to compare this model with, but did try out a few other models like Fender, Squier, and Peavey...but they were practically the same at a higher cost. This will join my arsenal of instruments that includes Yamaha keyboards and soon to be drumset and digital recorder. Overall, for the price, you can't go wrong with this bass! // 10

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