Stiletto Custom-4 review by Schecter

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Schecter: Stiletto Custom-4

Features — 9
I bought my Schecter late in 2006. It is a 2006 model made in Korea. It has a 24-fret, bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, attached to a mahogany body with a beautiful flame maple top. The bass originally had a satin finish, but over time it became glossy in areas where it rubbed against things, like my shirt. It has passive EMG-Hz humbuckers with an EMG 2-band EQ; the controls are volume, pickup blend, bass, and treble. The tuners and bridge are both built well, and all the hardware has a satin gold finish to it, which looks very nice, but tends to rub off over time. The look is what drew me to this bass originally.

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    i have a friend that has a stilletto. its a five string tho. im not a bass player but i liked it.
    My friend has one of these, it sounds decent but doesn't hold up to my '72 American P-bass. Overall it's ok, but it doesn't stay in tune at all...I practically had to retune it halfway through each song I played on it.
    mister bass guy
    mr. ... wrote: goregeous..... too bad it sucks
    it does NOT suck. i tried one of these and it felt amazing.
    These are actually very good basses. Schecter makes some the best mid-range basses on the market.
    mr. ... wrote: goregeous..... too bad it sucks
    after you get rid of the shitty factory output jack, its a good bass