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manufacturer: Spector date: 10/24/2006 category: Bass Guitars
Spector: Legend 5 Classic
The body finish is called black cherry, the top is flame maple, while the rest of the body is basswood. The neck is made from rock maple (35" scale length for extra tension on the low B), very sturdy and really smooth, none of that varnished stuff you get on some basses.
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 Action, Fit & Finish: 10
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Legend 5 Classic Reviewed by: Ultrabassman, on october 24, 2006
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Features: This bass is new for 2006 I think, made in Korea, 5 String. It's got 24 frets on a rosewood fretboard (finished very well, partly shiny). The body finish is called black cherry (it looks great! Take a look on the Spector website), the top is flame maple, while the rest of the body is basswood. The neck is made from rock maple (35" scale length for extra tension on the low B), very sturdy and really smooth, none of that varnished stuff you get on some basses. The body style is the classic Spector style. The bridge is some kind of locking bridge that appears on all of the Spectors nowadays. There is a Spector Tone Pump Junior active preamp while the pickups are passive. There is a volume tone tone for each pickup (neck and bridge), a bass boost/cut and treble boost/cut (12db range I think). The pickups are EMG-SSD humbucker pickups designed for Spector by EMG (you still get the EMG logo too, they sound great, I'll come to that later though), one in the neck position one in the bridge position (close to the bridge for good harmonics/overtones). The machine heads look sturdy and stay in tune (well so far anyway). I didn't get any accessories, but I did manage to swing a pack of Ernie Balls in for free though (worth 25 quid), while I was there, I got a Sennheiser wireless system for 99 quid (worth 229). // 10

Sound: It suits any music style. Personally, I like to play Pastorius style jazz, also funk, rock, metal etc. all styles really. Because this bass is so versatile, it will suit anyone's personal style of playing. I am using it through a Behringer 450 watt head and 4 x 10 aluminium coned cab. I sometimes also use a Boss bass chorus and a Boss overdrive/distortion pedal (the guitar version) but not usually at the same time! I haven't had time to try the Spector through these though as I only got it yesterday. It's not noisy at all as the pickups are humbucking (hum-cancelling). It's got a great sound, really beefy, lots of clear lows with a touch of high end sparkle (just imagine Rex Browns (Pantera) tone. It really crunches with a pick, and doesn't lose clarity when played fingerstyle (like I usually do). It also responds well to slap. The bass can make any sounds you want it too due to the great pickups and active tone circuit. I have to admit, I tried the Spector with EMG-HZ's and mine sounds better (the HZ Spector even has a EMG preamp), it just sounds great, try it. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up fine when I got it, action perfect, intonation great too (even on the low B), I think the 35" scale length helps with this too. The pickups were fine too, soon as I plugged it in, it sounded right for me. The flame maple top was finished perfectly, and there was no damage to the body or neck. The bridge was also fine (it's a weird locking bridge), partly sunken into the body, nice touch, no rough edges on anything. No flaws at all. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I'm sure this bass will withstand live playing, although I haven't had time to try the Spector at a gig as I only got it yesterday. All the hardware is strong and durable. The strap buttons are good too, although I may get some black locking Schaller ones so I can clip on my strap. I would easily depend on this bass without a backup, although I do have one (my Yamaha RBX 374, also reviewed on UG). The finish looks great, it was one of the main things that attracted me to the bass in the first place, apart from the EMG's. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, this is the best bass I've ever played (Even over American Fender Jazz's, Precision's, (better than the Jazz 24 I was going to get for 560 quid), Musicman Stingray's, Yamaha TRB's), I urge anyone Who wants to get a new 5 string or any bass, to try the Spector, there is one for everyone. I've only been playing 3 years but this suits my advancing technique well, it will take a few weeks to get used to the extra string though! I don't regret buying this bass at all, I would easily get this bass again if stolen, and the registration process was easy too. I love everything on this bass, it suits any style, although the beefy EMG pickups are my favourite thing. I don't hate anything about it, it's perfect in every way. I've already mentioned what basses I compared it too, but this Spector won over, for only 369 quid. I chose this bass because it felt right from the moment I played it. There's not really anything you could do to improve it, except maybe strings through body, but it has miles of sustain anyway. // 10

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