SJB-62 Review

manufacturer: SX date: 09/11/2013 category: Bass Guitars
SX: SJB-62
Overall, it is a really nice jazz bass, with a character of it's own.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7
 Features: 9
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overall: 8.8
SJB-62 Reviewed by: carcharodon, on september 11, 2013
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Price paid: A$ 399

Purchased from: Dunedin, New Zealand

Features: 2004 model 62 Jazz bass. Made in Guang Zhou, China. 20 frets, 34 inch scale ala Fender. Maple neck rosewood fingerboard. Truss rod accessible from headstock end of neck (a good design!) Fatter especially towards the headstock than a Fender or Squire jazz neck. 4 wood screws holding it to a Solid body in 3 parts, Alder. Off white paint and mint green scratch plate (3 ply) Offset jazz bass body. Fender style bridge but thinner(more on that later) 1 volume for front and 1 for rear pickup, 1 tone control. Fender style tuners. Comes in a brown cardboard box! // 9

Sound: I was pleasantly surprised at how good this bass is! Growls like a quality jazz bass, the body is thinner than a Fender and lighter weight. I play it through an Orange Terror 500 watt class D head and single 15 inch RCF driver/box. The neck is beautiful timber, not sure where they get it (Canada) maybe? But I think these basses have an "early Fender" feel to them, more so than a Mex or Squire anyway. Typical jazz sounds eg. front pickup nice and bassy. Wind the back one up for growl. The stock pickups sound good but have less output than fenders. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I think this is where SX save some money as it did have some high frets and also the strings are very bright/light gauge. I had a fret level done and now it's excellent! I also put La Bella flat-wounds on (really nice strings) I also had a Schaller 3D bass bridge that I put on it which made vast improvement in sustain, bass and definition. The tuners seem pretty good. Fitted Korean Kent Armstrong pickups with much higher output. To be fair it needed a setup and the bridge is lightweight. Not it flames many Fenders! // 7

Reliability & Durability: The strap buttons were really small so I changed those too (cheap as). Overall, it is a really nice jazz, with a character of it's own. Granted, I did change a fair few parts, as I wanted a project bass, that ended up becoming my favorite. The bass has started to get a few marks on the paintwork, also I sanded the neck a bit with very fine grade wet and dry abrasive paper as the lacquer was grippy. Totally 100% dependable for live shows and I would never have backup. Just a set of used strings and some tools etc. fuses for the amp, allen key for the bridge saddles/truss rod and some screwdrivers. I noticed they are heaps cheaper in the U.S. than N.Z. Also, the price at the beginning of the review is N.Z. dollars. // 9

Overall Impression: Whatever you want this can slap or reggae dub, motown it on down with flat-wounds no problem... I have a 79 P Bass (Fender USA), but really, I usually play this one now as it is lighter and like it more than "The real deal". The P Bass is more bottom end/one sound bass. I love my SX SJB 62+ jazz, and my only gripe is the fact that it was twice what Americans pay for the same product. I have tried Mex Jazzes and Squires and now I think this bass is better. Stock, it was good after a fret level, but after the mods, which are really easy to do, I have a great bass. There are lots of after market parts for Fenders too, which make these a superb project bass. I recommend SX basses for everyone and anyone. // 10

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