Rebel 4K review by Tanglewood

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.6 (58 votes)
Tanglewood: Rebel 4K

Sound — 9
This guitar suits my style of music excellently. Masses of diversity in the tone which can be changed any time I choose, and it sounds excellent right from the lowest E to the highest G. I don't have any effects and run it through the cheap amp that came with it and it still sounds amazing. The guitar offers a fair range of sounds from it's tone knobs, but it has no reverb switch (not that I've ever seen one on a bass, but some may have some I don't know).

Overall Impression — 9
I play lots of classic rock and nu-metal. Not a wide variety at all but I do play every other kind of style as well, just not as much. It suits nearly all those styles well, but the trebly ones and the light bass songs don't suit this guitar well. I've been playing guitar for 2 years now and I own 2 other electrics and a variety of pedals. I haven't had much experience on basses; maybe 2 or 3 months max but this has felt easier, cleaner and better under my fingers than any other bass I've played. There's nothing I'd wished I had asked about this guitar before buying, and if it was stolen I'd deftinitely buy it again at that price. I love everything about this guitar. It plays like a dream, looks so professional and beautiful, it's reliable and there isn't anything wrong I can find about it. Favourite feature must be it's looks, I just love it. I compared it to 3 other basses before I bought it. A Stagg model, a Fender model and another Tanglewood model. The Stagg looked a poor beast, too chunky to play and didn't handle well at all. The Fender played almost identical to this model, but was 350 ($600) more expensive so that was a no-no. And the other Tanglewood was a 5-string and 100 ($180) more expensive, and this seemed excessive for one more string. I wish it had more extra's with it. It came with a lot but I'm greedy. A decent gig bag would have been nice, the one it came with was cheap and useless.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar seems as though it would be very reliable; it's already survived the scrapes and drops of my bedroom without any damage at all, so I'd guess this guitar will go a long way despite being a cheap starter's guitar. In the week I've had it I've played it endlessly and nothing at all has gone wrong (except it goes out of tune when I stop playing but all guitars do that). Everything is nice and perfect so far; I'll keep you updated.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar came set up very well. I must say the action seems unusually high to me, but I have been playing electric with barely any action height for years and every other bass I played had similar actions. The pickups are adjusted well, and they don't hamper with my playing (which is always nice in a guitar). The guitar came perfectly set up and so far I've had to change absolutely nothing at all.

Features — 9
Unsure on the origin of this particular bass guitar, but I can tell you it has 24 frets (at first guess I'd have said they're jumbo frets, but after extensive playing of an electric with jumbo's I can tell the bass does not have them) and a magnificent rosewood neck which is a dream to play. This guitar came Brand New (despite a couple of plays in the shop from other people) and cost me a mere 189 and it came with an amp (not great, but a bass amp is a bass amp), headphones with jack end, lead, pick, strap (which was crap), gig bag (crap as well), 5 picks (saves me going out and getting some lol) and some crap piece of paper telling me how to tune it. The body looks surprisingly small from afar but when closer it looks same as any other guitar. It comes with a very sleek, shiny, quite professional looking finish (got mine in black) and some mentioned it is likened to Duff McKagan's bass, although I would tend to disagree. It comes with passive pickup's, dressed in humbucker-style behind the strings. 3 control knobs make for excellent diversity in tone, but unfortunately I haven't yet found a tone which is very trebley (which I love the sound of) but that is probably to be expected since it is a bass guitar.

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    i cant decide whether to get one of these or a yamaha bb414. does any one know what is better?
    the only thing i can say bad about this bass is the contours. they are in the complete wrong place and do not fit against your body at all, unless you ant to play with the neck pointing at the floor
    in fairness to all u's, this is a god of a bass, i love it, and if anybody else has this bass could they tell me if theres changes colour dependin on the light aswell lol
    ROADRUNNER898 wrote: in fairness to all u's, this is a god of a bass, i love it, and if anybody else has this bass could they tell me if theres changes colour dependin on the light aswell lol
    No, it doesn't.
    i own this bass and whenever i try to play anyone one elses bass it just dosent work for me. this is a great bass
    sam 3000
    its a relibol bass and souds good so anybody who says outerwise **** ***
    i play guitar over bass, because i have small hands lol, i got the tanglewood 4k given to me, i think i struggle to play it and i'd be better off with a p.bass because of the smaller neck, but its still great ive gigged it many times and it hasnt let me down yet, hope my hands grow though