Rebel 4K review by Tanglewood

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 5
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.6 (58 votes)
Tanglewood: Rebel 4K

Price paid: £ 125

Purchased from: Web

Sound — 9
I play in a number of bands professionally and actually quite like the sound. It works well on Funk, 60's, 70's and 80's rock and even modern pop/dance. I generally use this effects free. The biggest issue as stated before was the hum and faulty tone switches which required a rewire. Tone is generally good and gives a nice punchy sound no matter how loud we get on stage. I tend to play this in preference to the stingray, it might not be quite as good but it still does the job and does it well and if it gets destroyed on a gig I wont she'd a tear.

Overall Impression — 10
Musically I play most stuff with this from 60's to 90's rock, through funk, pop, Indie and dance stuff. It handles most stuff really well. I bought this originally to move from electric guitar as two carpal tunnel ops (one on each hand) mean I really cannot play standard electrics any more. It was bought as a cheap experiment to see if I would have to resort to only playing drums (am a session drummer) or could I still play guitar albeit now bass as well, if it worked out well then it would be sold or binned and a better one bought. Well I can play it, but I didn't sell it, two years later I still play it, and love playing it and gig it regularly. Overall once the teething issues were sorted I would say it would really last. But as with all things this is a cheap instrument so expect the included accessories to reflect that and all will be well. The strap is rubbish, the gig bag is a joke its not a gig bag and the zip failed on first use. As a cheap giggable starter bass I recommend it to all my students especially as with my deal I got the guitar and a reasonable practice amp and all I required to get playing for 125 (delivered). Would I buy another once it needs replacement, I sure would. I think my only dislike is the body does look small from a distance, but I guess thats the shape that its cut in. So thinking on a visual line I would possibly next time look at others in their range. I think the major thing that surprised me is working for a music service I see kids with Stagg instruments which frankly are nearly all rubbish, so I didn't expect much from this, it was simply a cheap experiment to see if I could play bass. But it surpassed all my expectations and is a giggable instrument. The whole setup up for my ruined hands is perfect, I can now get around a fretboard and enjoy playing again. How on earth they do it for the price I do not know, maybe its because quality control was poor on mine, maybe thats how they do it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I have gigged this now for well over a year and all is good. No let downs and no faults. The finish is still top notch (even without a scratch plate), the sound hasn't changed, and even though I abuse it, it still plays great. On stage I don't use a backup, this is my weapon of choice.

Action, Fit & Finish — 5
The action is a pretty good and nothing really needed adjusting. It did contain a flaw in the wiring to the pickups and the control knobs which needed a full rewire. The insulation was badly burnt and stripped back a good two inches in places causing hum and non working controls. A 10 minute solder job fixed this. But at 125 I wasn't complaining.

Features — 9
I bought this guitar came Brand New and cost me a mere 125 delivered and it came with an Hiwatt amp (not great, but a practice amp is a practice amp), headphones with jack end to fit the practice amp, a straight lead, plectrum, a really bad strap, gig bag (went straight in the bin, not even good enough as a dust bag as the zip broke on first use), 5 plectrums, a small quick start guide to guitar/bass. The quickstart guide is actually ok and is geared towards people who have never used a guitar, it give restring advice, string names and a quick how to tune and get going guide. The body looks pretty small from afar but when closer it looks same as our regular bass players Fender. The finish is very sleek, shiny, quite professional looking finish but no scratch plate. It comes with 3 control knobs make for excellent diversity in tone, but unfortunately mine were really badly soldered causing hum and a non working tone control, this necessitated a rip apart and rework. To be honest it looked like a chimp had soldered it with inch long insulation melted back on the wires.

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    Why would it be hard to slap on it? Please elaborate And are these passive or active? Thanks
    4 years on (and 6 years since I bought it) from my original review above and the bass is still going strong. Never let me down and is gigged at least 3 nights a week. The finish is still awesome and looks like new, I have no idea what they coat these things in but its nuclear proof. The only thing I have done is a quick setup on it which improved it dramatically. Since my original review this has seen regular use-age in studios doing session work too with great comments from the producers. I have since tried Fenders (american elite @ £1,600 and unplayable for my carpal tunnel affected hands), Gibsons, Epiphones etc. yet I still come back to this. Quite often on gigs other band members look down on this on stage if they havent seen one before, but as soon as they hear it they soon warm to it and I have been asked numerous times where the none believers can get one. I think these aren't available new anymore and cost as new second hand as they were new. Just for kicks and rehearsals I bought a zoom B3 so I could practice on headphones while playing MP3's with zero lag, but coupled with this bass I have some fantastic sounds dialed in replicating fretless and Musicman stingray sounds as well as synths and jazz bass sounds. Basically a winning combination at bargain bucks. It is possible to slap this bass though and I have done a 6 month stint with a band doing lots of slap and pop, I believe others struggle with. Buy one now you wont be disappointed.