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manufacturer: Tanglewood date: 07/16/2012 category: Bass Guitars
Tanglewood: Rebel 4K
The Tanglewood Rebel 4K is a long scale, 24 fret four string bass. The body is made of a light basswood, and the neck is maple. With a modern cutaway style and a sleek laquer see-through finish in a variety of colours. All hardware including the EMC P-J style pickups were in chrome black.
 Sound: 8.2
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 9.2
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7.3
 Features: 8.5
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overall: 9.4
Rebel 4K Reviewed by: BlackLuster, on september 10, 2007
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Features: Unsure on the origin of this particular bass guitar, but I can tell you it has 24 frets (at first guess I'd have said they're jumbo frets, but after extensive playing of an electric with jumbo's I can tell the bass does not have them) and a magnificent rosewood neck which is a dream to play. This guitar came Brand New (despite a couple of plays in the shop from other people) and cost me a mere 189 and it came with an amp (not great, but a bass amp is a bass amp), headphones with jack end, lead, pick, strap (which was crap), gig bag (crap as well), 5 picks (saves me going out and getting some lol) and some crap piece of paper telling me how to tune it. The body looks surprisingly small from afar but when closer it looks same as any other guitar. It comes with a very sleek, shiny, quite professional looking finish (got mine in black) and some mentioned it is likened to Duff McKagan's bass, although I would tend to disagree. It comes with passive pickup's, dressed in humbucker-style behind the strings. 3 control knobs make for excellent diversity in tone, but unfortunately I haven't yet found a tone which is very trebley (which I love the sound of) but that is probably to be expected since it is a bass guitar. // 9

Sound: This guitar suits my style of music excellently. Masses of diversity in the tone which can be changed any time I choose, and it sounds excellent right from the lowest E to the highest G. I don't have any effects and run it through the cheap amp that came with it and it still sounds amazing. The guitar offers a fair range of sounds from it's tone knobs, but it has no reverb switch (not that I've ever seen one on a bass, but some may have some I don't know). // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar came set up very well. I must say the action seems unusually high to me, but I have been playing electric with barely any action height for years and every other bass I played had similar actions. The pickups are adjusted well, and they don't hamper with my playing (which is always nice in a guitar). The guitar came perfectly set up and so far I've had to change absolutely nothing at all. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar seems as though it would be very reliable; it's already survived the scrapes and drops of my bedroom without any damage at all, so I'd guess this guitar will go a long way despite being a cheap starter's guitar. In the week I've had it I've played it endlessly and nothing at all has gone wrong (except it goes out of tune when I stop playing but all guitars do that). Everything is nice and perfect so far; I'll keep you updated. // 10

Overall Impression: I play lots of classic rock and nu-metal. Not a wide variety at all but I do play every other kind of style as well, just not as much. It suits nearly all those styles well, but the trebly ones and the light bass songs don't suit this guitar well. I've been playing guitar for 2 years now and I own 2 other electrics and a variety of pedals. I haven't had much experience on basses; maybe 2 or 3 months max but this has felt easier, cleaner and better under my fingers than any other bass I've played. There's nothing I'd wished I had asked about this guitar before buying, and if it was stolen I'd deftinitely buy it again at that price. I love everything about this guitar. It plays like a dream, looks so professional and beautiful, it's reliable and there isn't anything wrong I can find about it. Favourite feature must be it's looks, I just love it. I compared it to 3 other basses before I bought it. A Stagg model, a Fender model and another Tanglewood model. The Stagg looked a poor beast, too chunky to play and didn't handle well at all. The Fender played almost identical to this model, but was 350 ($600) more expensive so that was a no-no. And the other Tanglewood was a 5-string and 100 ($180) more expensive, and this seemed excessive for one more string. I wish it had more extra's with it. It came with a lot but I'm greedy. A decent gig bag would have been nice, the one it came with was cheap and useless. // 9

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overall: 8.8
Rebel 4K Reviewed by: Eilidh, on january 05, 2007
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Features: The Tanglewood Rebel 4K is a long scale, 24 fret four string bass. The body is made of a light basswood, and the neck is maple. With a modern cutaway style and a sleek laquer see-through finish in a variety of colours, I instantly loved it. All hardware including the EMC P-J style pickups were in chrome black. As my first bass, I bought it in a pack with a 10W Hiwatt amp, soft gig bag, cables, adjusting tools, strap and guide booklet. It had a detailed section on setting up the action and adjusting the truss rod, which was a great help. // 9

Sound: I play a variety of music styles, from rock to jazz, and I found that the Rebel 4K was able to switch from one to the other very easily, especially with the supplied amp. Overall it has a great sound, but it became quite soft on the upper frets on the G string. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: When it first arrived, I had to adjust the action on all of the strings and do a slight truss rod adjustment. I had no problem with the frets or the pickups, which were in fine working order. This bass is factory made so there was a slight dent at the bottom of the fretboard but nothing too cosmetic or damaging. The strings supplied were fine and lasted about 2 months before I needed to replace them. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I've played it at 2 gigs so far, and it's been perfect everytime. I haven't had any problems with it in the 3-4 months I've owned it, and all the hardware is still good. I bought this bass with a purple burst finish, and was amazed at how durable it was. Despite several bumps and accidents, the finish remained intact with just minor scratches that are unnoticable. // 10

Overall Impression: For a first bass, I think it's a great introduction. But it can also be used for a budget perfomance bass, like at gigs and the such like, which is important. If my bass was stolen I'd probably get the Tanglewood Warrior, since I've had more experience. Other basses seemed really bland in monotone colours and cheap Fender copies, so this bass really stuck out to me. If you are series about taking up the bass guitar as a hobby or to start a band, I would highly recommend the Tanglewood Rebel 4K. // 9

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overall: 8.8
Rebel 4K Reviewed by: pineappleman, on september 01, 2007
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Features: I'm not really sure where this bass was made although I have often tried to find out. The bass is a longscale with 24 frets and as it's the 4K model it's a four string. The body is made from basswood (Tilia wood) which has a good resonance at high and mid frequencies. The body on my model was finished with a transparent purple lacquer which in my opinion looks quite nice. The bass has two passive pickups, a humbucker and a percussion pickup or something like that. Each of the pickups has it's individual volume control and there's a tone knob. I bought this as my first bass and got it with a 10 watt Hiwatt bass amp (which I've now sold), a real cheap lead (which I quickly replaced), some adjusting tools and a strap (also replaced). The little leaflet that came with it was of no use what'soever to me, all it really explained was how to tune which I already knew how to do so it was as I said, pointless. // 8

Sound: This bass suits my music style quite well, I play a large variety of things from blues to metal and even church music. As this bass has a large variety of tones it makes it easy to change from one thing to another. I run this bass through a Boss bass overdrive pedal and a Behringer flanger pedal which then all goes through a Stagg 100b/112 bass amp (65 watts or so). Overall it sounds good and does not have any noise problems. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action and pickups where set up quite well at the factory although I've changed them around a bit since to fit in with my style of playing. I did have one problem with it however when I first got it, one of the volume knobs wasn't working so I just opened it up at the back blew the dust away and it started working again. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This bass is tough and can withstand some rough handling, I myself have not been too kind to mine and it's held out really well so far the finish remains in ace condition. I do have one problem where I've twisted one of the volume knobs to far and now it turns around endlessly when I turn it but I can still use to the knob so it's fine. I would use this bass at a gig without a backup as it is really reliable I would however bring my tools with me just in case (the lead input bolt keeps comming undone). // 9

Overall Impression: Overall I think this bass is a good match for me, It would work well for anyone which is on a tight budget or just starting to play bass and wants to play a variety of different types of music. I've been playing for a little less than a year now and as you may probably have realised I've changed most of my kit which I originally got, the only thing I have left which is original from when I got the bass is the bass itself. If it was lost or stolen I would probably buy this bass again or if I had extra cash lying around I might ask my brother to build me a cool bass. If this bass could have any other features I wish it would have a killswitch just so I could play around with a killswitch. // 9

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overall: 7.6
Rebel 4K Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 17, 2010
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Price paid: £ 102

Purchased from: ebay

Features: I just got this guitar this week in transparent blue (nice) off ebay as a package for 102 including the Hiwatt amp and the cheap crap accessories. I would have prefered a decent bag and nothin else! I'm a six string player and this is my first bass, the guitar seems good, but still trying to work out what the three knobs do (no explanation in the literature). I think 2 are volumes and one is either blend or tone, there's no Switch to change pickups. This is my first bass so not really sure how it stands up against others, but it feels reasonably light and has a comfortable feel hanging from a strap. Pickups are non adjustable from what I can see just screwed to the top of the guitar, dunno why some people say they have adjusted them to suit themselves! // 8

Sound: I'm invariably interested in classic rock (maybe a little new stuff too! ) and blues. This guitar makes bass sounds to fit in with anything I play... Err not sure what else to say about it.. It's a bass guitar! Quality of the tone is very good given the fact this is a budget bass.. And as a learning tool for beginning bass players it seems fine. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Ahh... Now down to the finish.. Which I think could have been better even though I didn't pay a lot for it. On my guitar the neck seems very dry and it looks like its covered in dust from when the builders filed the frets during finishing. Can't wait to get the strings off to give it a good clean and a good soaking in lemon oil! Also, the back of the neck feels like it should have been sanded a bit more, there's still a few high spots and rough bits there. The paintwork seems deep and like it'll last for years.. I don't treat guitars as ornaments, they are instruments.. To be played! So the odd knock or scratch doesn't bother me. // 6

Reliability & Durability: Changed the original strap buttons.. Which were loose, but nothing a screw driver wouldn't have fixed, for some strap lock buttons as I use the same strap for all my guitars. I play for my own amusement at present so can't comment on it's gigging ability! But if I were to go on stage I'd want something a bit better than this! // 8

Overall Impression: As an entry level bass guitar it seems fine. I bought this to have a go at bass, and have found it actually has helped my 6 string playing! The much bigger neck and string spacing makes my other guitars seem tiny and very easy to play now.. RESULT! If I decide I like Bass guitar I may invest in something a bit more up market, but have no complaints about this first bass. // 8

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overall: 7.4
Rebel 4K Reviewed by: Rowellyo, on july 23, 2010
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Price paid: £ 190

Purchased from: Bandland Music Store

Features: This model has a 24-fret Maplewood neck. It has two pickups (one is a split-coil). A volume and two tone controls are there. The package I bought included a stand, a Korg tuner, a strap, a Maxwatt amplifier, a case and a cable. It is a good, cheap and reliable bass. // 8

Sound: A good sound can be gained from the bass on any amp - a clean sound and a slightly muffled sound can be made. With the use of a small effects box/pedal, a sound can be made for any music style. I use it with the Maxwatt Hurricane amplifier and a Zoom B1X bass effects pedal. With this combo, any sound can be made, but without a pedal, the sound is limited. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: The strings may need changing. There is also a slight fault in one of the tuning pegs - when you try to drop D on the E string it will most likely snap. However, the pickups and finish of every other part is great. Other hardware is well built but other basses I have played with similar pickups do sound a bit better - some adjusting may need to be done. // 6

Reliability & Durability: The finish is strong, and apart from the dodgy tuning peg, everything is good and solid. It is very dependable, well built and durable. I have hade it around a year and (even while I don't take that good care of it) it doesn't have a single scratch. A very strong bass. // 8

Overall Impression: It is quite heavy, so you'll need a good strap. I chose this above a Fender Squire Precision Bass (220) not because of the price but because I have seen a lot of easily breakable Precision Basses and this looked reliable. Also, it is more unique and less common than a lot of basses. // 9

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overall: 8.6
Rebel 4K Reviewed by: dibnah, on july 16, 2012
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Price paid: £ 125

Purchased from: Web

Features: I bought this guitar came Brand New and cost me a mere 125 delivered and it came with an Hiwatt amp (not great, but a practice amp is a practice amp), headphones with jack end to fit the practice amp, a straight lead, plectrum, a really bad strap, gig bag (went straight in the bin, not even good enough as a dust bag as the zip broke on first use), 5 plectrums, a small quick start guide to guitar/bass. The quickstart guide is actually ok and is geared towards people who have never used a guitar, it give restring advice, string names and a quick how to tune and get going guide. The body looks pretty small from afar but when closer it looks same as our regular bass players Fender. The finish is very sleek, shiny, quite professional looking finish but no scratch plate. It comes with 3 control knobs make for excellent diversity in tone, but unfortunately mine were really badly soldered causing hum and a non working tone control, this necessitated a rip apart and rework. To be honest it looked like a chimp had soldered it with inch long insulation melted back on the wires. // 9

Sound: I play in a number of bands professionally and actually quite like the sound. It works well on Funk, 60's, 70's and 80's rock and even modern pop/dance. I generally use this effects free. The biggest issue as stated before was the hum and faulty tone switches which required a rewire. Tone is generally good and gives a nice punchy sound no matter how loud we get on stage. I tend to play this in preference to the stingray, it might not be quite as good but it still does the job and does it well and if it gets destroyed on a gig I wont she'd a tear. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action is a pretty good and nothing really needed adjusting. It did contain a flaw in the wiring to the pickups and the control knobs which needed a full rewire. The insulation was badly burnt and stripped back a good two inches in places causing hum and non working controls. A 10 minute solder job fixed this. But at 125 I wasn't complaining. // 5

Reliability & Durability: I have gigged this now for well over a year and all is good. No let downs and no faults. The finish is still top notch (even without a scratch plate), the sound hasn't changed, and even though I abuse it, it still plays great. On stage I don't use a backup, this is my weapon of choice. // 10

Overall Impression: Musically I play most stuff with this from 60's to 90's rock, through funk, pop, Indie and dance stuff. It handles most stuff really well. I bought this originally to move from electric guitar as two carpal tunnel ops (one on each hand) mean I really cannot play standard electrics any more. It was bought as a cheap experiment to see if I would have to resort to only playing drums (am a session drummer) or could I still play guitar albeit now bass as well, if it worked out well then it would be sold or binned and a better one bought. Well I can play it, but I didn't sell it, two years later I still play it, and love playing it and gig it regularly. Overall once the teething issues were sorted I would say it would really last. But as with all things this is a cheap instrument so expect the included accessories to reflect that and all will be well. The strap is rubbish, the gig bag is a joke its not a gig bag and the zip failed on first use. As a cheap giggable starter bass I recommend it to all my students especially as with my deal I got the guitar and a reasonable practice amp and all I required to get playing for 125 (delivered). Would I buy another once it needs replacement, I sure would. I think my only dislike is the body does look small from a distance, but I guess thats the shape that its cut in. So thinking on a visual line I would possibly next time look at others in their range. I think the major thing that surprised me is working for a music service I see kids with Stagg instruments which frankly are nearly all rubbish, so I didn't expect much from this, it was simply a cheap experiment to see if I could play bass. But it surpassed all my expectations and is a giggable instrument. The whole setup up for my ruined hands is perfect, I can now get around a fretboard and enjoy playing again. How on earth they do it for the price I do not know, maybe its because quality control was poor on mine, maybe thats how they do it. // 10

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