Corvette Standard 5-String Bass review by Warwick

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (62 votes)
Warwick: Corvette Standard 5-String Bass

Sound — 10
Because this bass has 2 MEC jazz pickups, the bass can handle anything you throw at it soundwise. It has one volume knob, one pickup selector knob, a double layer bass/treble boost/cut and a preamp bypass feature, ctivated by pulling up the volume knob. The equalisation can be adjusted to give you thin tinny sounds for funk, standard tones for your punk, and pounding bass for metal. I'm using the bass with a 100watt Stagg amp, which is amazing, because when you hit your open B string you just feel the rumble.

Overall Impression — 10
I love this bass, it suits anything played on it. I have playing 3 years and I also have an Epiphone Thunderbird IV. The bass came with a hard case, which I needed for transporting the bass back to england because I bought it on holiday. When I bought this I also tried the Warwick Thumb which I would of bought but it was an extra 1200 dollars and a Spector Euro bass. If anything happened to this bass I would definately buy it again but I know I wouldn't be able to afford it.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I have gigged with this bass several times and it has never let me down. The strap buttins are huge and solid, so I never need to worry about the bass dropping. When gigging I use it without a backup. The only flaw is that the finish on the body is thin, so it can mark pretty easily, which kinda pisses you off when you payed so much for the bass.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The setup on this bass is amazing the action is perfect for sting tension. I play my bass in BBF#BE (I love Mudvayne) and the string tension is still amazing. At first I thought the volume knob was loose, but I realised that this was the bypass feature, all of the bridge, nut and tuning pegs were fine.

Features — 9
My bass is a 2005 Warwick Corvette Standard 5-String made in Germany. It has a fat 24 fret neck which is a bolt-on, and is made of ovangkol with a wenge fretboard, which has no markings. The body is solid bubinga which makes the bass really heavy to play. The bridge is a standard 2 piece Warwick bridge and it has grover style tuners on the headstock.

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    i got the four string one, the best bass ive ever played and maybe will ever play sounds so nice and looks sexy!
    If the bubinga is too heavy for you, go ash--it's weight is about in your "just right" range (mines ash). I own one of these (managed to grab a used german original that was in great shape) and I can go on and on about how good it sounds and in particular how rediculously comfortable it is compared to other basses I've played. I kinda hope to own an Infinity someday, but this bass is just fine with me.
    I bought one off kijiji for dirt cheap not to long ago came with a hardshell case, checked the bass over and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. As far as the tones im a huge peppers fan but also a huge alterbridge and pantera fan and this bass allows me to switch from that funk sound of flea, to the mids and lows of alterbridge to the growls of pantera and the smooth jazz tones of Dave matthews all within a turn of a dial its sweet, highly recommend this bass, only downside as buddy said before is the finish, got mine in nirvana black in swamp ash and the Greys of the wood are very contrasting to the black, but if the looks of a instrument are going to persuay you from buying it you should not be buying a instrument, that being said I want a prs cause they are sexy lol
    Im getting one, wish it came in black like the doublebuck. But hey, it will sound good, even though it looks like a giant squirrel. May post a review if i get bored enougth, doubt it though
    I personally think they're ugly, but can't deny that it's high quality instruments! The tone is just mean!
    gm jack
    Rockbass is a lower quality than a warwick. Roccka bass is to Warwick like Squire is to Fender, and Epiphone to Gibson. It is Warwicks budget brand, but they are still quite nice basses for the price.
    BBBasist13, I heard from a fella at my local music shop that the dude who made some of the ol spectors left for warwick. I remember playing a 5-string spector there, can't remember what type, but it had the same neck as the Warwick Rockbass Vampire 5-string. I'm going to be pickin up a Rockbass Corvette Classic 5-string in about 6 weeks (damn order!), what's the difference between the Warwick corvette and the Warwick RB Corvette?
    warwick is awesome. the tone is so sweet. or should i say tones, because i can jump from clear and crisp yet not too tinny to bassy yet not too muddy and washed out to clunky mid range oriented tones and then some. this bass will get u close, whether u play rock jazz punk metal, or whatever other god forsaken style of music it is that u're immersed in. teh only thing is that warwick might not be too easy on ur wallet, but good things come at good prices. but once u have it, plug in, turn up, and play some sweet bass s**t!!!
    yo bass monkey i am a HUUUGE GODSMACK FAN!! but robbie uses Spector and Ibanez, not warwick, but warwick's do have reeeaally sweet tone and they look awesome too.
    Yea i love the warwick 5 string corvette and like you i love mudvayne and i would have bought a thumb like ryan uses but their so expensive and i dont got the money at the moment lol yea but my friend has a 5 string standard corvette and as you say they sort any sort of music whether some jazz or some chili pepper slap funky stuff or some good old mudvayne with lots of metal slap riffs which sound amazing on it. And just out of curiousity what country are you in so i can think about what price id be paying for one in australia which is where i live or if im better off getting one sent from america. Yea so thanks. MuDvAyNe FORVER!
    yea i agree with schecter006 fenders are alright for metal but dont compare with a warwick unless you have an effects kit with a good equilisers. at the moment i play a fender 5 string jazz bass its a awesome bass but for me to keep up with ryan and other types of metal bands i have to change the settings on my line 6 bass pod xt live which is awesome to make it sound the same. still in the future wen i have the money the next bass i will buy will either be a corvette 5 string or a 5 sting thumb or even im interested in the Warwick vampyre LTD 5 string because they look and sound awesome. Still to magero i agree some with you heavy stuff still sounds good on like fenders and guitars like that but warwicks give a better heavier feel. thanks
    i went to godsmack a couple weeks of ago, and Hinder opened, the beassist was running through a corvette, i was like "F*CK YEAH THERES MY BASS!" call warwicks pricy, call them anything ya want, their sound and quality is undeniable
    schecter006 wrote: xXbleed4meXx wrote: there exsists no bass but a fender. obviously you don't play heavy stuff then.
    AHAHAH, I play my dads old fender telecaster bass. Its ****ing awesome for heavier stuff.
    xXbleed4meXx wrote: there exsists no bass but a fender.
    obviously you don't play heavy stuff then.
    The Demiurge
    sweet im a guitarist but im gonna get a six string bass just for the crack plus every 1 i know plays guitar so would be nice to know i could play a bit of bass to go with them
    wahts the diffrence between the corvette and the corvette double buck? with the two huge mec pickups?
    warwick is the way to go, especially for mudvayne. ryan martinie is probably one of the best bassists ive ever heard. i have a rockbass corvette, and its amazing especially in comparison to the warwick model, and for the price it was just no contest.
    WArwick suck I have played plenty and none of them sound even half as good as a Schecter deluxe 5,check it out if you want a nice bass,and no offence but Ryan Martinie from Mudvayne is good,but not Les claypool good! no offence to anyone out there. Laterdays will mays