B1000 review by Westfield

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  • Sound: 4
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5.6 Decent
  • Users' score: 5.8 (31 votes)
Westfield: B1000

Sound — 4
It suits my musical style reasonably well which is now punk but when I started using it I mainly played pop-punk like Green Day and Blink 182 and it suited that well too. After five months of using the terrible 15 watt amp it came with I bought a Behringger 30 watt and it sounds much better now, I don't use any effects with it. The sound doesn't vary much at all and the only way to hear a difference in the tone is to have the control at either 0 or 10.

Overall Impression — 7
I have played for one year now and own an Epiphone Thunderbird which I think easily surpasses this bass. If this bass was stolen I would not buy it again as it is a bass for a beginner and I prefer my thunderbird. I love how it stays in tune very well and I hate how the finish isn't strong. Overall I think this is a good bass for a beginner which is worth what you pay for it and is better than other budget basses like Squires.

Reliability & Durability — 6
This bass could probably survive most Live situations quite easily. The hardware seems quite solid and should last. The strap buttons were tight and I can jump around without fear of them coming loose. Once the headstock of this bass hit my door with a lot of force, the door got a big chip and the only thing this bass got was some white paint where it had made contact so the wood is solid.I would never gig without a backup but in a situation when there wasn't one this bass would do fine. The finish is not terribly solid, it has a lot of bumps and dings on the front and the back is really scratched up from my studded belt scraping it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
The action was quite high and it didn't buzz ever. The pickups were close to the strings and I could easily rest my thumb on them for fingerstyle playing. There were no flaws in this guitar when I bought it and everything was tight and worked properly except for the Jack which came loose but I fixed that easily.

Features — 5
Made 2005, but not sure where. It has 20 frets, a maple neck and a rosewood body. It has a plain black finish and a black scratch plate. It is a typical beginners bass with a P-Bass style body and a split humbucker pickup. The electronics are passive and it has one volume and one tone control. The hardware is all chrome. Although it looks exactly like a Squire or Encore beginner P-Bass styled guitar it has a couple of features which are quite nice and surprised me, the first is the strap buttons are very large and solid and the second is the tuning pegs keep it in tune very well. It came with a sucky gig bag, a strap which kept falling off despite the decent strap buttons, a few picks and an unspeakably terrible 15W amp which if you turned the volume on it above 3 it buzzed like crazy and had to be turned off.

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    BrainStew7291 wrote: yeah. I dont like the color and besides, the way i like to jump around while playing guitar or bass, i jump around pretty equally on both, The finish wouldnt last a week.
    You don't like the colour? It comes in more than one colour man.
    This is my 1st bass, and does the job. but my amp i think helps. and after being bashed off my wardrobe about 100 times, it still looks new, just doesn't stay in tune!!!!
    I have the titanium colour bass bought from ebay UK for 75 brand new. It gets better reviews than the 5.6 it got here in most reviews i read up before i purchased. It was my first bass and i still play it most evenings as my practice bass whilst watching tv, and still somtimes plug it in for that nice fat P bass tone which this great bass has in spades. Fantastic value for moneyt, well built and pretty good sound. id give it 8.5/10
    i have a mettalic blue version of this and i have hit it against many things including my bedframe and it gave the frame a dent and left the bass with no mark. Great beginner bass and is easy and reliable.
    i have a metallic titanium version of this bass. Its not bad for a 1st bass because of the price, but looking to upgrade soon
    I've had this bass for nearly 2 and a half years and bought it as a starter bass, and was recently deciding to buy a new one. I don't use it for any kind of studio work, and gig with it occasionally, playing anything from hard rock, jazz, to metal and slap. I find it seems to suit what I do perfectly. The neck is a brilliant size for extreme ease when playing, and the pickups are in a great position to rest your thumb. There is an issue with the jack that keeps coming lose, but that's nothing you can't fix with by simply twisting the nut with your fingers. Depending on where you put your finger on the fret can determine how much buzz you get, and is annoying at times, but it can be worked around. The lack of tonal control would be a pain for some players, but unless you're playing quite specific stuff it's no big issue. When I first bought it, it wouldn't stay in tune too well, but over time it's fine, and the strings that come with it are near-indestructable. (After two and a half years, not a single string change. Just cleaned them once every few months). And back to my comment on looking for a new bass. I was looking not for a studio bass, or a gigging bass, but a pleasure bass. It's not a career choice, but something I wish to do in my spare time, and when looking at more expensive bass guitars (Up to about 500) I found they didn't really have the same smooth feel. I feel this bass guitar is superior to ones up to 4 or 5 times the price, for what I do, and would prefer to keep it with only changes to the strings and some of the hardware to keep the smooth, relaxed feel this bass has when playing. By no means is this a bass to buy for a professional player. If you are recording things, or are playing at actual concerts larger than a town hall choose a different bass. But for a beginner, or if you want another bass to play in your spare time this is something you should check out. Low maintenance, great fun, and could probably last a life time. Also, cheap as balls.
    Rock_Bassist wrote: Um... the reviewer said the Epi T-Bird easily surpasses this bass. I think I'll pass. On both of them.
    Yeah, I didn't know much about bass when I wrote this here review. :p Note that I had a behringer...
    Um... the reviewer said the Epi T-Bird easily surpasses this bass. I think I'll pass. On both of them.
    It is a good beginner bass - if and when I get good enought o play at gigs I will deffinetly invest in a better bass first Does anyone else get a horrible vibration on the top string when playing above fret 10??? - it ruins any song I try to play - impossible to play hysteria, get put of by the vvvvrrrrr noise
    just converted to bass as where i am most bands are crying out for bassists so i had a slight career change! i got this bass in the kinda vomit yellow colour but to be honest as far as basses go i think this one for the price is great! i traded in my vintage reaper guitar for this one and am hopefully getting a big cab and head and hopefully a few nice effects pedals then it should sound better than throught a shitty practise amp! would definatly go for this one compared to the Fender just because the PB is the definition of "way to common" lol
    well its good for the price (190 with amp, strap etc)
    my friend got his for 99 with the amp and strap and tuner and all that bajoongle. sounds terrible but through and zoom bass pedal that he got it sounds alright. anyways my point is you got kinda ripped off.
    i have it in red with a white scratch plate well its good for the price (190 with amp, strap etc) but the tuning pegs suck on mines, the pickups arent too good either and a wire connecting the volume pot broke once. i use it with a cube 100 and it sounds...meh, i have compared it to a squier affinity and the squier sounded much better. a good beginner bass but those that are more advanced should look else where
    sammy the punk
    this bass is (imo) worth more than 5.6.. it is not the best in the world but it is very good for the price!! I would have expected to pay at least twice as much as i did for a bass of this quality..
    BrainStew7291 : yeah. I dont like the color and besides, the way i like to jump around while playing guitar or bass, i jump around pretty equally on both, The finish wouldnt last a week.
    ... i am a nutter also and jump around like my ass is on fire and the finish on mine is hardly damaged at all even after a fer of collisions with my bed and amp and another guitarist.. the list could go on and on.. but the finish is still fine!!!
    yeah. I dont like the color and besides, the way i like to jump around while playing guitar or bass, i jump around pretty equally on both, The finish wouldnt last a week.
    The neck on this bass isn't too bad and it does stay in tune quite well,I would have rated it a 7 or maybe even an 8 for it's price range but the scratch plate is a bit fragile