RBX170 review by Yamaha

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  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (137 votes)
Yamaha: RBX170

Purchased from: Academy Of Sound

Overall Impression — 10
The bass is fantastic, the only thing I wish it did include would be active electronics other than that all I can say is BUY THIS BASS.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar does withstand live playing very well, as I have already gigged with it on several occasions. The strap buttons are pretty solid but I would recommend buying some form of strap locks just in case. I have and will continue to gig with this bass without a backup, because it is the most reliable bass that I have ever owned.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The bass played straight out of the box, no factory flaws, and the action was perfect, my only complaint is the stock strings that came on the bass were abit dull, but that was easily sorted. At one point the nut holding in the jack plug came loose, but that was fixed in a matter of seconds.

Features — 10
This bass was made in Indonesia, has 24 frets and a solid top. Includes Master Volume, Master Tone and Pickup Fader for the P/J pickup config. The pickups aren't as good as the mexican fenders but they do the job well. This model doesn't include active electronics but the 270 which is only about 50 more does. The body is made from agathis which is mega light so this bass is great for long shows, the neck is maple with a rosewood fingerboard. On this bass there are only 3 finishes (metallic blue,metallic red and metallic black), I've got the metallic blue which I think is the best of the 3. The hardware is unbranded but from what I've seen it could withstand a nuclear war. The neck is FANTASTIC, it is 40mm at the nut so it's thicker than jazz but more slimline than P-Bass which is great!!!

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    i agree its a good first bass to have but mine has screwed up quite abit, the jack-ins screwed and its pretty tempremental, but a good bass when working, but you do feel and hear the diffrence when you get a more expensive bass
    I'm sitting on an RBX-170 right now, and have been for about 2 years. A good learning bass indeed! If one of your mates is trying to start on bass, tell them to start here.
    this bass is pretty good for beginners like me, i bought it at musicircle in montreal and when i brought it home its when i realized it's the same one i have at my school!anyway now im using it for my schools jazz band. its doing pretty well so far, its only got one dent in it from when my little brother dropped it
    This bass is pretty sweet for a beginner bass but i would recommend upgrading to a 370/5 or even a 770/5. I did just that (375) and the difference in sound quality is instantly noticeable and it looks a lot better (I personally dont like the fact that the headstock doesn't match the body. Ill definitely kepp this as a backup, though.
    My first bass guitar, and it was a nice one. It served me well and still does. Very good Plan B bass, not something you whip out in front of an audience, but it will hold down the fort with ease until your other bass is repaired or replaced.
    I bought this bass yesterday after trying out a few. Easily better than the others I tried out. I also have the Metallic Blue one.
    i bought this onli a couple of weeks ago and i love the feel of it very nice fretboard i agree about the strings need to buy new ones before next gig
    It is not the 270 but the 370 and upwards in the RBX series that have active electronics.
    It's a great bass. I have the Cherryburst version. It's a shame the pots are a bit scratchy and I think they are linear instead of logarithmic. Gotta replace them some time
    I have this bass in metallic blue and it's great! Just got one problem though- when u play the 2nd fret on the A string (B) u get an awful vibration, so bad u can't hear the actual note really. i think it's the string hitting the 3rd fret. does anyone have advice? thanks!
    I have this bass, provides a great sound and great to play! lasts a long time aswell i've had it for nearly 2 years and i've dropped it a few time and everything works fine theres just a few tiny scratches. im clumsy
    Caustic wrote: It is not the 270 but the 370 and upwards in the RBX series that have active electronics.
    the rbx 270 DOES have active electronics.look it up.
    Yeah same problem with the jack here after a while, but all you need do is take the back off behind it and tighten the nut holding the jack in place, then all is good again, pretty much forever
    beginners will feel satisfied but a better one will surely cause one to observe the difference