No Regrets Review

artist: Ace Frehley date: 11/04/2011 category: books

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Ace Frehley: No Regrets
If you want to see some of the truth cleared up about the KISS early days then this is a must read.
 Richness of Content: 8.5
 Style: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 7.7
No Regrets Reviewed by: Namea, on november 04, 2011
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Richness of Content: The book clocks in at slightly over 300 pages. It of course includes photos as such books tend to do. The content itself, in the story and its telling is quite good. The stories and anecdotes contained within are interesting and give a wonderful look at some of Mr. Frehley's motivations and experiences. While it was a bit lighter on the KISS side of things than I would have liked I still found it an enjoyable read. // 8

Style: Mr. Frehley greets the reader like an old friend and tells his tale with an air of open humility that I found quite surprising. Though I doubt the book was written without the help of a professional ghost author I feel that the personality of Ace was kept intact. The style flows well and though the story goes into space occasionally I feel it apt given the subject matter. // 7

Overall Impression: I would like to say that while I enjoyed this book immensely there is a great deal of doubt in my mind that Mr. Frehley himself wrote each word. The style flows nicely enough and the language used is not what one would expect from him. These things alone tell me that he likely had a ghost author. There is nothing wrong with that, most celebrities do indeed have them these days so I've no problems with it. Some of the things in the book are doubtful at best and others, to a hardcore Kiss fan like myself, are obviously false. Again, I truly have no problem with this as sensationalism and personal bias are so common in autobiographies. Mr. Frehley is open and warm to the reader. He lets us in and with an outspoken and cavalier attitude gives us the "true" story. It is a brave and wonderful thing that he does, inviting us to look inside his motivations and some of the dirtiest secrets he's got. He makes no attempt at claiming to be perfect and owns his flaws and mistakes with an admirable amount of humility. We all know that the members of KISS - Gene in particular - have no shortage of ego. With a rock and roll dynasty that names them as its kings I feel that their arrogance is deserved. Mr. Frehley however falls short in the ego department, revealing himself to be a very down-to-earth and refreshingly approachable person. In his memoir the style and content lead you to believe that at any moment he could walk through your door to hang out as a friend, rather than as some sort of untouchable god. At times the writing goes a bit into space but keeping in mind the author I believe it is a fitting literary device rather than a flaw. Overall I would rate this as a good read and definitely one that any fan of Kiss should take a look at. Don't take his words too seriously but take them to heart all the same. // 8

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overall: 9
No Regrets Reviewed by: frehleyjr, on october 31, 2011
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Richness of Content: There is about 300 pages to the book. It also has about 16 pages of pictures. No complaints on the pictures they are pretty good. The content is awesome but for his first I expected there to be a lot more stories. He does repeat a few things. But, the main thing I was looking for was went on during his years with KISS. While he does go into this he tends to tell stories of what he was doing during those years outside from KISS I would have preferred more KISS stories. But it is an awesome read I finished the whole thing in about 10 hours total. Yes there is some dirt on Gene and also a few stories of Thayer that show some of his true intentions as the KISS Road Manager. // 9

Style: I didn't have a problem with the writing style except he kinds of drifts of back in time after going forward but otherwise its pretty linear. Also he uses vocabulary that I've never seen him use in interview. Maybe he is really a smart which from some of the stories in the book it seems he is. Especially one where he reveals he has a 163 IQ! // 8

Overall Impression: First let me start out by saying I got an early copy of this book at an Ace Frehley concert at B.B. King's. I saw the show Tuesday but they ran out of books when I went to get one so Wednesday I went straight to the concession stand and got a copy which just so happens to be autographed as well! As a die hard Ace Frehley fan I recommend it to everyone I loved it. If you want to see some of the truth cleared up about the KISS early days then this is a must read. This surely helps put Gene and Paul in their places and takes them off the pedal-stools they think they stand on. It also shows how money hungry Gene is and how biased they were against Ace and Peter even though these were their band mates. // 10

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