Killing Yourself To Live (85% Of A True Story) Review

artist: Chuck Klosterman date: 12/26/2007 category: books

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Chuck Klosterman: Killing Yourself To Live (85% Of A True Story)
Killing Yourself To Live is a chronicle of Chuck Klosterman's epic road trip to visit rock and roll death sites. Like every good road book, along the journey he learns as much about rock and roll as he does about himself. Klosterman's pointed music references and pop culture insights make the book a quick, but fulfilling read.
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 Overall Impression: 10
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Killing Yourself To Live (85% Of A True Story) Reviewed by: Kipyt, on december 26, 2007
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Richness of Content: Contrary to what the title says, this book is not what you think it is! This is a book any big music junkie with a taste for literature will enjoy! Chuck Klosterman (Author of Sex Drugs and Cocoa puffs, Fargo Rock City and Klosterman IV) comes back once again with even more wit in "Killing Yourself To Live (85% Of A True Story)" where Chuck was asked by spin magazine to visit the sites of death of famous rock stars, so he traveled 6, 557 miles in a rental car to places like Buddy Hollys plane crash, to Lynyrd Skynyrds plane crash site, and he even went to the site where Kurt Kobain (allegedley) blew his head off. All the same while he listened to all of the Kiss Solo albums, snorted cocaine in a gaveyard and dealed with a multitude of relationships of girls. // 10

Style: Chuck Klosterman is a damn funny, and well spoken writer which is the same reason he got hired for a job at spin magazine after writing "Fargo Rock City", he writes all his heartfelt ideas of bands he likes, dislikes, despite your feelings on the musicians. // 10

Overall Impression: This book was the first I read of Chuck Klosterman's books, but ever since I read that, he's been my favourite author. He'll make you question all of your beliefs about certain bands you think are good, and bands you think you hate, I recommend this book to any musician, it'll keep you entertained anytime, even on the tour bus. // 10

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