Guitar Player Repair Guide Review

artist: Dan Erlewine date: 01/31/2008 category: books

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Dan Erlewine: Guitar Player Repair Guide
Whether you simply want to maintain your guitar or hot-rod it into a radical new incarnation, this book is the ideal guide. By the columnist of Guitar Player's popular Repairs and Modifications column, this comprehensive book is a must for any guitarist who needs information on beginning repairs through advance enhancements.
 Richness of Content: 8
 Style: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.7
Guitar Player Repair Guide Reviewed by: aaron00lee, on january 31, 2008
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Richness of Content: Guitar Player Repair Guide has lots of good things you can learn, whether you know nothing about guitar repair or customizing, or if you need just a refresher. You can learn how to clean your guitar, adjust the action, do fret work, and pretty much customize it in any way. Granted it's not a guitar building book, it's more about setup, repair and customizing. It has tons of useful tips but it can seem a bit dull at times, but that's what you have to read sometimes to learn. There are also several interviews with famous guitarists and specific information on their guitars, which if you're a big fan can help you out a lot. // 8

Style: While this book has lots of useful stuff in it it can also tend to be a bit dry and boring, but it is also very helpful. It has many solutions to common problems, which can be hard to find. Unless of course you look in the table of contents. While boring as it may be at times it has a good amount of detail on certain topics, such as what you should, and should not, clean your guitar with. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall this book can be very helpful for the begginer or the seasoned guitar repairsman, as it has many useful tips, tricks, and things that you probably didn't know. It's 298 pages long so it can be a little hard to swallow but it is very detailed, yes I'm repeating myself. I got this book before christmas and it has helped me clean up my guitar, although at times I have had to look outside of the book on say youtube for a more detailed illustration of how to say, adjust your Floyd Rose. It's a great book, and for a begginer it's a great thing to learn, but swallow it slowly, because a mistake on your guitar can cost you, as Dan says several times. // 8

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