Courtney Love: The Real Story Review

artist: Poppy Z Brite date: 01/28/2008 category: books

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Poppy Z Brite: Courtney Love: The Real Story
Poppy Z. Brite, better known for her punk-gothic horror and dreadful taste in clothing (the jacket photo shows her looking like a reject from a 1985 audition for a Cure video) here gets her hands on something much scarier than club-hopping vampires: the life of Courtney Love.
 Richness of Content: 10
 Style: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.7
Courtney Love: The Real Story Reviewed by: illy93, on january 28, 2008
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Richness of Content: Although this book is not an authorised biography, Courtney Love gave Brite her personal input while she wrote. Many of Love's friends and other "sources who wish to remain nameless", also gave valuable details to Brite. The book is filled page for page with details of the interesting, mesmerising life of Miss Love. It captures you with it's tales of Love's troubled childhood, her time in reform schools and foster homes, traveling the world, her time(s) performing as a stripper, her years spent involved with various underground music scenes, the formation and success of Hole, converting from a rock star to a film star and, of course, "the tragedy of her marriage to Kurt Cobain". This book will leave you wanting more and more of the details of Love's 'enchanting' life. // 10

Style: Brite draws you in, opening before Courtney's birth right up to before the release of Celebrity Skin. It's like a good novel, and almost reads like one, in the way that you can't put it down. Brite has truly crafted a virtual masterpiece. Brite openly states in her foreword that the purpose of the biography is "not to condemn or defend Courtney Love, everyone seems to feel obliged to do one or the other, but to chronicle the first thirty-two years of her fascinating life as accurately as possible". // 10

Overall Impression: Well the first thing that jumps at you as being wrong is Courtney's age. Either Love lied, making herself a year younger, or Brite made a typing error or something. That threw me off just a little because it sets you up. While you do believe everything you read in the book you just can't be sure if Love was lying or not. She herself has said, "I might lie a lot but never in my lyrics" which is not stated in the book. I love the lyric excerpts from Hole songs, Courtney's words scattered throughout the book. I adore the coloured photograph plates in the centre; starting from around age 8 or 9 and finishing age 32 (or 33 depending on what you belive). The downside to this book is that while informative on the majority of Love's childhood, maturing and rise to Fame; this book is well over ten years old and released before Celebrity Skin was even put on the shelf (it does, however, cover some of the production of the album). None the less, this is a good read for any Hole fan or anyone interested in Courtney Love. // 9

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