Twilight Review

artist: Stephenie Meyer date: 08/06/2009 category: books

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Stephenie Meyer: Twilight
You don't know what really is going on, nut you get to know what is going on quickly just in the first chapter. Meyer makes sure that she has explained things as clearly as possible so that the reader understands what she is trying to say.
 Richness of Content: 8.3
 Style: 9
 Overall Impression: 8.3
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overall: 7.7
Twilight Reviewed by: takenthecannoli, on august 06, 2009
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Richness of Content: OH MY GOD.v Okay, why in the HELL is Twilight on Ultimate Guitar?! This is a MUSIC site, not a place for 11 year old girls to come and fantasize about Robert Pattinson and whatever the hell that other kid's name is. I mean, seriously? SERIOUSLY?! HERE? On my favorite MUSIC site? I just can't escape it! It's some sort of phenomenon without actually being THAT good! The media is so overgrown just with the fattening juices of this franchise that there's literally nowhere to hide from its overbearing, blood-sucking (YES I CAN BE IRONIC) monstrosity. Alrighty, if it's here, I might as well review it. Ah, Twilight. The overbearing, blood-sucking monstrosity designed for little girls Who've just started looking into puberty and want a better understanding of what true(ly fake) love is. Well, they've come to the right place. I find it hard to understand why so many people tend to compare this series to Harry Potter when there is absolutely NOTHING that binds the books together apart from the aforesaid little girl demographic, which both books entertain on a daily basis. Well, I'm not here to compare those franchises, ladies and relatively sane gentlemen. Despite the lovely words of one Stephen King, Stephanie Meyer CAN write, and she can actually write pretty good, too. It may just be the deep, complex side of me overcoming the burly man that is me, but I really enjoy her writing style--it's intricate, detailed, emotional, and the first-person thing was really good, too--especially seeing it done for many characters, and not just our cynical, annoying protagonist, Bella Swan. Well, if you've been in a coma for the last 30 minutes (in which Twilight became popular), the series is basically taking Nosferatu, Dracula, and all the other vampires we know and love, and smushing them in our faces while swearing violently and making out with each other. Edward Cullen and his family are--wait for it--a clan of good vampires, and Edward and Bella fall in love in what is clearly a case of nostalgia for Romeo and Juliet-esque works, not that we don't have enough already. The story of Twilight itself is pretty good for the introduction to a series, looking past my bias against the fandom and emo little girls, etc etc. I really is...good. For what it is, anyway. If you like that sort of thing--the gushy romance thing, which sometimes works, and, other times, gets a Harry Potter film treatment, in that you have these long, awkward moments wherein no one's talking, and you and the characters have a mutual feeling of utter nakedness that none of you can get past until Edward makes a comment about Bella's body or her blood or something. So, really, the content isn't RICH, it's just...pretty good. // 7

Style: Ah, the writing style. Shoot, I already talked about this. Well, Meyer has this style that's detailed and emotional, and, most importantly, always in first person. So, when she switches characters in later titles, it's actually rather fascinating to see how she actually captures the feel of the other characters' brains, which is no surprise, what with her being the writer and all. Sometimes it gets a little gushy, but the audience seems to like that, and when Stephanie pulls it off right, I'm okay with it, too. Not much else to say, really. // 9

Overall Impression: The bad thing about Twilight really is the fandom. I mean, other than that, it's not a bad book. Some of the other books in the series aren't as good, namely "Eclipse," they can't all be winners, I suppose. The writing style is excellent, some of the holes in the dialogue aren't, but some of it can be forgiven. I mean, I hate to give shiny reviews for books I really don't like as much as I should, but Twilight is pretty okay for a series for screaming schoolgirls with wet panties. Buy the book, but don't go see the film, I beg of you. THAT is the REAL problem with this franchise - Robert Pattinson. Before he was onboard, it was tamer of a franchise, but now, every here and there, I hear stories of girls Who go to people Who don't like the series and claw their eyes out after shredding their clothes with their fake vampire teeth. I sort of recommend this book - I mean, if you don't want to read it, that's fine. It's not a necessity, like, say, the first Van Halen record (bringing it back to MUSIC, which is what this site is actually for). I'm just saying, over all, that, if you decide to, it's okay - you're not completely wasting your time. // 7

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overall: 10
Twilight Reviewed by: chords135, on november 24, 2008
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Richness of Content: I think that this book is filled with richness. The best part is that the author, Stephine Meyer, explains things in detail so you can get a visual image of wht you are reading. With many authors you can see a picture, but not anything that you can really get something out of. // 10

Style: The writing style that she chooses is very impressive. I think that she use the right words to describe things that other authors would have a hard time explaining. She uses the writing syle of making things very simple, buut in a way that you can enjoy it becausue you caan see what she is saying. // 10

Overall Impression: I love alot about the book. I like that in the beginning things are a mystery. You don't know what really is going on, nut you get to know what is going on quickly just in the first chapter. Meyer makes sure that she has explained things as clearly as possible so that the reader understands what she is trying to say. To me I see nothing wrong with the book. It is filled with interesting, and dramatic things that keep the reader reading until they finsh reading. She makes the reader want more and more each time they finsh one book and go to the next one! // 10

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overall: 8
Twilight Reviewed by: GothGirl666, on december 25, 2008
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Richness of Content: Twilight is filled with rich description, color, and lines that make you infer. The characters are very unique and well developed, and the plot, although easy to follow, has unexpected twists and turns that the reader may not expect. The relationship between Edward and Bella is awkward and tentative at first, and even though there is a whole family of Vampires, there is still a realistic impression you get, especially in the school scenes (what is more typical than high school? ) // 8

Style: Stephenie Meyer has a rich and varied writing style, managing to convey a lot about the other characters even though she is writing in the first person. She has created an epic novel that will undoubtedly go down with the likes of J.K Rowling and the other fantasy greats. // 7

Overall Impression: Personally, I love the characters and the awkward way they tiptoe around each other, the writing style, the plot, the setting, and main ideas, and everything else, but I understand that people (mainly guys) will find the romance tedious, and that there is not enough action it the story. I would like to point out that Twilight is to all intents and purposes a romance story. Bittersweet endings, battle scenes where people dies, and break ups, aren't part of the genre.But I love it, and I hope many other people do too. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Twilight Reviewed by: Guitarfreak147, on april 06, 2009
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Richness of Content: Lots of details and Richness involved in it. I think it trails to far off the normal Vampire vs. Werewolf scene as does Underworld and it's sequels. Don't be such a critic until you finish this book. If you read, you will uveal some very important scenes that will make you "Ohhh... " and "Duh, That's what happened" and "That make's sense". This book all makes one out of four different segments of "Bella Swan's" Point of view. It will get confusing if you read ahead to other books, or if you don't focus or have short-attention span like me. I say it's good but it could have had more action, violence, and horror, than the romance that was put in. // 8

Style: The style is very good. Best first-person book probably ever written. It gives great details and is very easy to picture in your head. (If you didn't see the movie first.) This book was made with excellent style and creativity, as well as patience. There was a lot of waiting involved, but it was worth it. Not really recommended for guys, but read it just to improve your reading skills. If you choose to read a book, read this. But don't critisize it until you finished. If you still don't like it, comment and explain why. // 10

Overall Impression: Alright, let me sum it up for you. This a very good book about vampires. One of the best ever written. I personally like how a romantic setting is always being corrupted and shot around. Big things though, What the hell kind of Vampire has no fangs and sparkles in the Sunlight? This one. Any one else? Didn't think so. It might have been unique, but was very stupid to create. // 7

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