Deceptive Bends review by 10cc

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1977
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (6 votes)
10cc: Deceptive Bends

Sound — 9
This album was what has preoccupied me from listening too much of anything for the last month. 10 CC has been best known for an overplayed pop song titled I'm Not in Love which gave me the idea that this band sucks. The musical direction of this album was greatly attributed to the leaving of member Lol Crme and Kevin Godley, who were more interested in meaningless pop songs then enjoyable music. The blues-rock influenced Good Morning Judge supports the album by starting with an aggressive head rush. The 3-part mini operetta style is shown throughout the album. My personal favorites Modern Man Blues and Honeymoon with B Troop give 8 minutes of music a feeling an entertainment for an hour. The simple drums are the main part of this album that lacks creativity. The bass/piano playing moves together and supports one another throughout the album. The singers complement eachother through the album, giving a deeper monologue feel with a Paul McCartney esque to the rest. What makes up for most of the simplicity of the backing instruments is gained through the creative guitar sound throughout the album. With piercing solos and even the use of slide guitar, the duo of Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart create an impenetrable style that drives simple ballads into blues-rock and progressive-rock centerpieces. The Heavy Metal influenced "Honeymoon with B Troop" mixes the counteracting genres of pop rock and hard rock/heavy metal which gives the song a feeling of long lengh whilst the song is only only ten seconds below the three minute mark. The album is a mixture of genres that are commonly fought for and against by fans. The soft ballads progressed into powerful riffs give the listener constant interest.

Lyrics — 8
The themes throughout the album rely on tales of sickness, problems with women, and encounters with the law; although the album counteracts these depressing feeling with the themes of sexual encounters and a love for prison. The best example of 10 CC's lyrical prowess is in the song "Feel The Benefit", which like the rest of the album contains three parts, yet all give a different emotional feel. The sadness and moral contusion breaks with the lyrics "What would we see, where would we be If all the entertainers in the world lost their music What would they play, what could they say To pacify the crowd, to justify themselves" The emotional contrast of happieness and sadness, lessons of moral value and smoking weed and having sex set powerful heart-pulling lyrics into the listener.

Overall Impression — 10
An album of great nature depecting struggles and love while the backing music overflowed with emotion. An album made for patient listeners who don't have to live at any time to understand the lyrics, and mini operatta influence and distinct progressive and blues influence shown throughout an album made while music was turning into overplayed punk based attacks on government polices, (which I don't dislike, but who can complain about a band that keeps doesn't just change their style when everyone else points toward a certain direction). One of 10 CC's three albums that reached #3 in tthe UK shows the best lineup 10 CC had while keeping the bands status of popular music influenced by the dying genres of blues and prog rock. A must listen, and an album that can't be seen in full without listening to the album in full and not simple looking up the most popular song from the album on YouTube.

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