Potter's Field review by 12 Stones

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  • Released: Aug 24, 2004
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8 (22 votes)
12 Stones: Potter's Field

Sound — 6
I have to say, I am a little dissapointed in the sound of 12 Stones' latest disc. Their first album was awsome, with a new, and fresh sound to the genre. However, 12 Stones hasnt really matured their sound very much. They still focus on loud, and energetic rock, which is fine, but they still sound ver similar to their first album. The only difference I have noticed is they have doubled the power of the guitars. They sound like a typical post-grunge/hard rock band.

Lyrics — 8
If you listened to their first album, you will find that 12 Stones writes very deep, and passionate songs, that are usually reflected on Jesus Christ. For the most part, 12 Stones maintained those lyrics with songs such as, "Photograph," "Stay," and "Shadows." Other songs have to do with maintaining good relationships. However, I was extremely dissapointed in the lyrics on the song, "Far Away." This song is very catchy, but their lyrics are very bitter. "Now I'm feeling so far away, and now I'm hating you everyday." I don't know if this is directed at God, or a past partner, but I like it wehn positive artist, stay positive. Anyways, Paul Mcoy has an awsome and powerful voice that is perfect for the genre. He still does the screaming.

Overall Impression — 8
This album doesnt really compare to their first album, simply because they didnt mayure their sound. The most impressive songs I thought were "Photograph," "Stay" and "Shadows." For the most part, this is a good album, I loved the energey that 12 Stones has, and their Christ centered lyrics. I just dont like how thier sound didnt change, and I didnt like bitterness expressed in the track, "Far Away." If this CD were lost or solen, I would get another copy because I am a huge 12 Stones fan. Get the first album if you have never heard of 12 Stones.

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