A Beautiful Lie review by 30 Seconds To Mars

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  • Released: Aug 30, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (132 votes)
30 Seconds To Mars: A Beautiful Lie

Sound — 10
wow, all I can say is when I heard 30SM first single 'Attack' I didn't even know it was them until I saw the name of the artist. people keep saying this album doesn't even compare to their first self titled album and that it's somehow weaker. I agree witht he first part. this album is nothing like their first album, it is much more lean, mean and a demolishing machine. their first album was way too clustered with space supernova wavelengths. On this effort they quit the half assing and really try and make a good album with great songs. I cant really pick out the best song because they're all good. In no way shape or form is this album weaker. jared leto is fed up with being the actor who chose to Rock Out, and made us believe. Definitely a new sound with much more precise tunes and better than the first, whatever anyone says about that; this album rocks and makes me forget than the front man is an actor, but a truly talented musician. and after listening to this album over and over I can't even listen to their first album anymore bc it doesn't even compare musically.

Lyrics — 10
Jared Leto's voice travels miles and echoes in your head and sends a message to your soul: we are for real now. this album lyrically is better than their first. Leto's singing ranges in between singing and yelling, but he definitely pulls it off bc it gives us more conviction and passion than just plain singing. Some critics dont enjoy or think his singing is good, well they're all just ignorant of true vocalist talent. It kind of reminds me a little of AFI with his vocals but is orignal in that I can tell its 30 seconds to mars. way better than AFI to tell you the truth. With leto's passionate singing, even if people dont think the guitars and sounds are as powerful as the first, his singing definitely makes and fits into the songs to make them powerful and meaningful. cant stop listening to this record.

Overall Impression — 10
The overall impression of this record is 'rock'. 'Rock' on this record is lean and very stripped down compared to their first and precise in their melodies and songwriting. The most rock song is 'Battle Of One' by far, even though it kind of sets its self apart from the rest of the album, it still flows pretty well following the most least rock song 'A Modern Myth' building progressively and leto repeats 'goodbye' multiple times getting louder and more emotional with each and every time he says it. I get goosebumps everytime I hear that song, and then after, you get rumbled by 'Battle Of One' the storm after the calm. This album truly makes me forget the uncertainty revolving around this band about jared leto and him being an actor. I still think about it a lot and it wants to make me ignore this band and not like them bc reeves, crowe and hundreds of other actors tried at this and failed miserably. But the music makes me forget all that publicism and ucertainty and I cant help but to love this music. So don't be fooled by leto, he is a true mucial talent and gives us something on this record that is truly magical and you'll forever be interested in 30SM and won't be able to stop listening to it and maybe even stop listening to their first album.

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    Impressive!I never thought that Jared could sing this way,really."From Yesterday" is by far my fav song,it has weird and brilliant lyrics,outstanding and emotional vocals and a good guitar work.The rest of the album is great too,very intense and depressing(this is the mais reason why I love it).I noticed a lot of influence from Deftones on the last song of the album,"Hunter".Jared almost sings like Chino Moreno there,but it works perfectly,it's not a rip-off or a copy because he uses his own style of singing.This is a must-have for everyone who likes emotional,intense and refreshing rock(of course it has some elements that have been used by Grunge,Heavy Metal,Punk and Pop bands,but it's still innovating and different from everything ever done in the modern music industry).ROCK ON!