Don't Tread On Me review by 311

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  • Released: Aug 16, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (17 votes)
311: Don't Tread On Me

Sound — 10
"Don't Tread on Me," the latest from alt/rap/reggae rockers 311, is part classic 311, and part experimental. 311 explore with their sound while trying to stay true to their roots. But basically, it's just more island reggae, with some metallic guitars. The only diffrerence is that SA has more of a vocal presence, which I thought was pretty impressive. I'll review these songs track by track: 01. Don't Tread On Me - just like all of 311's radio hits. It has a nice beat, awesome guitars, and singable chorus, but in a month we will all be sick of this song. 02. Thank Your Lucky Stars - nice intro riff and chorus, SA sort of sings on this one, it sounds reminicent of "From Chaos." I just can't really get into this song. 03. Frolic Room - very catchy, the kind of song that gets in your head for days, the song is about partying excessively. 04. Speak Easy - I could listen to this song for months and months and I would never get tired of it, nice reggae parts especially in the chorus. The beat is infectious, SA's vocals truly shine on this one. It reminds me of "Amber" and the message is really simple. 05. Solar Flare - for the first 2:00 of the song it's really great, in the lyrics, then it just falls apart, it's not so great lyrically when talking about our society. The chorus was pretty cool though. 06. Waiting - the most simplistic song lyrically but the music sounded alright, the lyrics are childish. 07. Long For The Flowers - cool song, it rocks, especially Tim's solo. 08. Getting Through To Her - this song is about abuse, the lyrics are sorta deep, but the song sounds happy, so I wasn't expecting a happy song about abuse. 09. Whiskey And Wine - a real smooth sounding and relaxing song about what else, liquor. It is a very relaxing song. 10. I'm Getting Ok Now - wow, this song rocks pretty hard, and the break down is awesome, I think Chad does some double bass work. Good song. 11. There's Always An Excuse - just like "Evolver" they end with a song that supposedly takes you on a "Journey," nice solos by Tim though, the song really takes off at the end.

Lyrics — 8
Just like all of 311's other cd's. Nick and SA are good at writing lyrics. The lyrics are pretty cool in songs like "Thank Your Lucky Stars," "Frolic Room," "Speak Easy" and parts of "Solar Flare." The lyrics go along great with the music on most of the songs, I am still kind of iffy about "Getting Through To Her." SA'a singing skills have gotten way better, while Nicks are still the same as past albums.

Overall Impression — 10
This album compares to "From Chaos" in lyrics but it doesnt sompare to any other album of theirs musically, the musicianship on this album is probably the best I've heard from them. Don't Tread On Me, Speak Easy, Long For The Flowers, and Whiskey And Wine are my favorites on this CD. I originally thought this album was gonna be good, but I wasn't sure which is why I bought Don't Tread On Me for 10 bucks when it came out at the local Circuit City. It's worth the money.

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    This is a complete and total sell out album. The lyrics are pathetic, the musicianship is subpar, and it is only around a half hour long. Who on Earth would buy this crap? The morons that love Amber and Love Song, thats who. 311 has sold out to the radio bitches and left behind any sort of respect they had for being original.
    ^ bullshit. They didnt sell out at all. This album is somewhat "half-assed" I guess you can say, and deserves an 8/10 for sure. But the lyrics are kinda bad, and 311 can put out a better cd than this. It's not a bad record though