3 Doors Down review by 3 Doors Down

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  • Released: May 20, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (63 votes)
3 Doors Down: 3 Doors Down

Sound — 9
Once again, the boys from 3 Doors Down deliver superb quality sound on this CD. The CD has a perfect balance between the guitars, drums, and vocals with no instrument overpowering another. This CD was written in a cabin in Franklin, TN and you can the guys were able to reconnect and really put out a solid effort. They are having fun and it evident by the quality of the music.

Lyrics — 10
Brad Arnold is one of those lyricist who always dig deep into their inner soul to write. He is exposes his struggles of his marriage falling apart and the every day struggle we all face with. Now throw in Brads haunting and unique vocals and the lyrics merge together into an excellent combination that drives you to listen to the words he is singing about. That is a rare trait and this band has mastered it.

Overall Impression — 10
3 Doors Down self titled album might just actually be the bands best effort yet. It is definitely the best album period to date in 2008. Heartfelt, honest, fun, and just a flat-out kickass album. 3DD shows why they are one of the number touring acts in the country and leaps and bounds above most of the competition. Unlike most albums I can listen to this entire CD straight through. There honestly is not one bad song on this entire CD. My personal favs on this CD are Runaway (Track 10), It's the Only One You Got (Track 6), Train (Track 1) and of course It's Not My Time (Track 3). Runaway is far and away my favorite song on the CD. You press play in your car and you just want to drive off into the sunset and literally do as the song says. Great tempo and fun to sing along to. Trust me, don't download this CD illegally because the album's quality is so solid on the sound side alone that you will really miss out if download it, even from Itunes. I got it off Itunes and the actually CD and the CD is just the way to go. So do yourself a favor and go get it now!

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    This album is pretty darn awesome. Im not a big fan of these guys as i found them to bland for me. But this album truly shines musically...great album.
    well the facts are the facts and the fact is i bought the cd and the whole cd is a great cd and if u r a 3 doors down fan i think it would be a great invesment...the best songs i belive on the cd r it's not my time,let me be myself,it's the only one youv'e got & your arms feel like home...ive followed there music from kryptonite and they have changed sound alil but it still will blow ur mind how good this band still is .....they are blessed with tallent
    metal@hart11 wrote: isn't it true that the old drummer for 3 doors down is nickelbacks new drummer? irrelivent, but if they had kept that old drummer i bet they would still be writing more hard hitting tunes like kyrptonite. He plays drum solos at nickelback concerts and double kicks your face off. thats what 3 doors down needs in my opinion. some aggression!!
    Daniel adair only played for seventeen days album yes he is now with nickelback thats the reason 3 doors down have a bit not so good feeling now with nickelback because they felt like chad and the gang stole their drummer anyways greg upchurch formerly of puddle of mudd is such a good drummer way much better than daniel adair
    oh common guys.. i admit that it lost SOME energy but it gained a lot of sentiment. This album is amazing. Their songs have lots of meanings and lots of passion in it. i believe that this is their best album
    "Train", "Give it to me", Citizen/Soldier and "feet in the water" have a ton of energy! U should see them live!
    All you nasayers about this CD.. What planet are you from? I went to the 3DD, Staind, Hinder concert in Mansfield, MA this past Tuesday. Where are they missing the energy? This CD rocks. I hate when non 3DD fans come on and down a groups songs. All I saw at the show was high level energy.
    well i think that drummer greg upchurch is the one that made this an energetic album especially with :"Citizen Soldier".well they're awsome.the songs are good and the lyrics are filled with deep meanings and passion.and talking about energetic,did you hear feet in the water's intro?!!!
    um... this album was great. Maybe not as heavy but very powerful anyway. Aggression doesn't make a song, passion does.