Fire Up The Blades review by 3 Inches of Blood

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  • Released: Jun 26, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (48 votes)
3 Inches of Blood: Fire Up The Blades

Sound — 10
First off, the guitar on this album is just full out metal, this meaning that the riffs are as intense as the heavy metal sound gets. The drums are insane and never stop, Alexei Rodrigues is a machiene. The vocals are what make this CD, Cam pipes dilivers a awesome falsseto that never falters and the screams are done very well. Over all solid sound that will have head bangers banging there heads till the next 3IOB CD.

Lyrics — 10
Well for example: "I am eaternal, I walk the night, I am the reaver of soules, Cold iron blades they cannot stop me, where I am from no one knowes." The lyrics on the album take from medieval themes and are brutal and violent. They do not glorify medieval violence, they just make it sound awesome. That's pretty much the lyrics in a nutshell.

Overall Impression — 10
Metal album of 2006, this band is up and commin from out of Canada and hopefully they will mke it big so we can hear more excellent music like this. Warning! This album will destroy any guitar player who attempts to learn all the songs and play the album all the way through. If my album were sstolen I would find the person who stole it and stab them with a broad sword!

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    ive never listened to them before.....guess its time to check em out.anyone suggest any good songs by them?
    That entire cd is awesome, plus they can they can bring it live, what more could you ask for in a band?
    DEADLY SINNERS!!!!DEADLY SINNERS!!!!...sorry I had to get that out.......yes the new album is the f*ckin mad note!!
    this albums is amazing.... no one captures that old heavy metal sound better but yet still adds the new in there... i know all the lyrics on the album and guaranttee ill be smashing my head off things to this album far into 2009 from start to finish i fine piece of work
    Rebourne wrote: 3 Inches of Blood is such a bad band name I refuse to listen to them even if I would like them.
    hahahaha what a pussy
    this band is fking amazing. IMO theyre like Thrower Metal (Power/Thrash) :p:. I cant stop listening ot this album.