Fire Up The Blades Review

artist: 3 Inches of Blood date: 12/17/2007 category: compact discs
3 Inches of Blood: Fire Up The Blades
Release Date: Jun 26, 2007
Label: Roadrunner
Genres: Alternative Metal
Number Of Tracks: 13
Fire Up The Blades truly realizes the band's full potential with lightning fast guitar work, galloping drums and over the top vocals.
 Sound: 9.2
 Lyrics: 9.2
 Overall Impression: 9.2
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overall: 6.3
Fire Up The Blades Reviewed by: UG Team, on july 23, 2007
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Sound: Say Iron Maiden had never started out in 1976. Say the history of music would've been just as we know it, minus Maiden and their enormous influence. Say they'd surfaced in the 21st century, with a modern sound and their name had been 3 Inches of Blood. The comparison is not all that farfetched, if you play with the idea. 3 Inches Of Blood borrow heavily from the classic late '70s/'80s metal scene, both lyrically and musically. Of course, they mix in some modern touches, such as an up-to-date production and some Gothenburg-breakdowns, but the sound is distinctively classic heavy metal, wrapped in a 2007 package. In terms of sonic production, it's about the industry standard for a fairly major new metal act. // 7

Lyrics: This is probably one of the key areas when it comes to if you like 3IOB or not. Some people see the lyrics for what they are, in areas they absolutely reek of cheese (swords, blades, battle, bloodthey're used more times than I can remember), but if you want to play the clever card you can relate quite a few of the lyrics to modern day events. It's not all hail and kill, but it's not exactly Shakespeare (in the sense that they reinvent the language). If you can see the lyrics for what they are, being incredibly tongue-in-cheek and written to fit the mood and the music, then you can enjoy this. If you're allergic to swords, battles, blood, goatriders and similar, you might as well stop reading this now. // 6

Overall Impression: For a long-time Maiden fan like myself, this leaves me with a smile on my face. I can't help but get huge Iron Maiden circa 1981 vibes from some of the tracks and sections. "Trial of Champions" for example sends me right back to Iron Maiden's 1981 effort "Killers" and the track "Twilight Zone". It is close enough to give that vibe, but it's not a rip-off. The guys just have managed to lock into that old school metal vibe without coming across as overly cheesy, trying to recreate the past or some half-assed Maiden/Priest tribute. It's quite enjoyable, even though they're exactly pulling a Meshuggah and rewriting the Book of Metal. If you can stomach your metal not being 100% serious, gloomy and "Listen to us, we're so angry because everything is f**ked up", then you can probably like this. // 6

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overall: 9.7
Fire Up The Blades Reviewed by: God of All, on july 23, 2007
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Sound: The sound of this album is like power metal and the blues had a lovechild. Throughout it you can hear the extremely heavy influence of the blues (or at least the influence of previous artists influennced by the blues), especially on track 8 ("The Great Hall of Feasting"). Now, as you read this, you may be appalled at this bastard child of unlikely lovers, as a fan of metal, a fan of blues, or as a fan of both, but I assure you, this sh*t blows you off your ass. The power 3IOB forces at you is amazing. I believe my boss heard them once and said, "Dude, this is like Judas Priest, but if Rob Halford didn't leave, and if they continued the same path they were going down, like, today!" Yeah, so to sum it all up, if you love Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio, Iced Earth, Hammerfall, Blind Guardian (like you should) then chances are you'll like this, too. // 9

Lyrics: One word: Fukeneh (pronounced "f*ckin' eh!", fukeneh is a Canadian phrase). Classic 3IOB lyrics with orc-slaying, pillaging, feasts with beer flagons, and epic tales of gods and demons. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here's a sample from track 3, "The Goatriders' Horde": "Feeling the march of the fury unleashed/impaling the soldiers of god/smell of sulphur hot on the wind/led by the goatriders' horde." Pretty goddamn epic, no? Also, the vocals made me pretty much crap my pants the first time I heard them. To echo the over-used phrase "soaring vocals" would not do them justice. The vocals do not soar, but blast into space, develop their own gravitational pull, f--k up the solar system's arrangement causing global warming to stop, and then finally shattering the rings of Saturn in a crescendo previously unknown to mankind. So yeah, they're pretty good. // 10

Overall Impression: Since there's no other place to do so, I have to mention the cover of the album. I liked the covers of both of 3IOB's previous albums, but this one takes the ubercake, no question. (I'm not going to attempt to describe it here because: a. art should be viewed, not read about; and b. I am far too lazy). I admire the fact that, instead of making up some sh*tty digital or Photoshopped image, somebody (i.e. Sam Turner) actually *painted* it, something I see as another homage to bands like Iron Maiden and Dio. One thing I don't like about this album, however, is what seems to be superfluous usage of the cowbell by the drummer on a few songs. I don't know if it was his idea, or if it was something cooked up by Jordison (Joey, the co-producer), but either way, the general mood and attitude of the album and cowbell do not mix well. But even with the cowbellage taken into consideration, this album is overall awesome, and it's epic-ness or epic-ocity or whatever you want to call it, will surely get you ready for some good ol' thatched-roof village burning! // 10

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overall: 10
Fire Up The Blades Reviewed by: TheUncreator, on june 28, 2007
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Sound: Amazing sound, the guitar tone is a bit newer and fresher than "Advance And Vanquish". But in an extremely good way, the good ol' classic style of 3 Inches Of Blood Riffage and Soloing is still here, but with obvious advancement in there talent, Cam is of course in top of his game, providing some of the most killer vocals of the past 20 years or so, Jamie's rough-edged voice still cuts like rusty war-torn blade through your skull (in a good way ). And in terms of guitar works, there is a Big improvement from "Advance And Vanquish", the riffs are more complex and intricate, and the solos are as well, Some of them are just so Imbued with power, like the first one on "Night Marauders" I hear it and just lose control, I want to beat something with a blunt object till it stops moving. The riffs, while "complex and intricately woven", are very melodic, and some are just classic Headbangin riffs, like "The Goatriders Horde". Most any album I listen to that I like, it makes me want to play guitar, then there are albums like Iron Maidens "Powerslave" and Judas Priest's "Painkiller" that just make me want to really play guitar, and not just to play, but to write, to compose, Lyrically and Musically, a feeling of wanting to accomplish something amazing, there aren't many albums that make me feel this, But "Fire Up The Blades" is now one of them! // 10

Lyrics: Excellent! Fantastic stuff, revolving around what seems to be a continuous story, or close to one, they are classic 3 Inches Of Blood Lyrics, They are of strength, war, and glorius battles in a differnt time, They give off a majestic feel and tell of the strenght of long forgotten races like in the song "Forest King" and "Infinite Legions". Some songs though are a bit differnt, "The Hydra's Teeth" is about Jason and the Argonauts. All in all, When you hear these lyrics, try not to lose control and rush into battle before grabbing your swords and axes! // 10

Overall Impression: Amazing, I hold this album as high as I hold some Iron Maiden albums (that's extremely high for me), I couldn't help but have wide smile and headbang while I listened to this album, it makes me feel the power of 10,000 Godlike Warriors in a whole new way! Buy this album, it's simply Amazing, Brutally Powerful, and Overtly Intense! // 10

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overall: 10
Fire Up The Blades Reviewed by: The_Hell_Patrol, on july 31, 2007
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Sound: This is by far my favorite 3 Inches of Blood album. In my opinion it's heavier and faster that the other albums, yet retains that subtle awesomeness that keeps people listneing to 3 Inches of Blood. Personally, I find that you either love, or you hate 3 Inches of Blood. To me the lead singer has absolutely fantastic vocals and I can't get enough of them on this CD. Songs like Night Marauders, Forest King, God of the Cold White Silence and The Trial of Champions are the best examples of the lead singers capabilities in my opinion. This album has more of a Power Metal feel than previous albums. I rate this a 10 because I absolutely love the sound of this album and 3 Inches of Blood just keep working their way up the charts. At least they are in my books. // 10

Lyrics: As per the usual, 3 Inches of Blood normally tell a song in their lyrics. Songs about epic battles, probably other stuff, and then like every band they have songs that have no meaning and are just songs created for you to headbang to and say "wow this song rawks!" To me the singer, both the clean vocals and the screaming vocals are perfect and really combine together well. The lyrics also fit perfectly with the beat of the songs and the pace of them and it all adds together great in my opinion. They also have more solos than before I find, but they aren't 3 minute long solos of pure wankery, just a little interlude to take a break fromt he screaming, nothing too intense, and then it's back to the song, I really like that about 3 Inches of Blood. I give this a 10 because I can't understand a lot of what he says but it sounds really good so 10. // 10

Overall Impression: I find 3 Inches of Blood to have their very own unique sound and aren't similar to any other bands today. That's just my opinion but I think it's true, I haven't come across anyone that even reminds me of 3 Inches of Blood. To me I find the best songs on the Album to be Night Marauders, The Goatrider's Horde, God of the Cold White Silence, and Trial of Champions, but there are no songs on the album that I would say "this song sucks skip it," they are all great. I more or less love everything about this album, I love the vocals and the fast paced power metal feel they have. I can't think of anything that I hate really, to me it's their best album. If someone stole it I would go buy it again and stab them with the CD case and then listen to the CD cause it's good, and you should too. Yeah I realize I rated everything at 10, but I have absolutely nothing to complain about or be unhappy with, I really love this new album, you should go buy it now. // 10

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overall: 10
Fire Up The Blades Reviewed by: Tiberious, on december 17, 2007
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Sound: First off, the guitar on this album is just full out metal, this meaning that the riffs are as intense as the heavy metal sound gets. The drums are insane and never stop, Alexei Rodrigues is a machiene. The vocals are what make this CD, Cam pipes dilivers a awesome falsseto that never falters and the screams are done very well. Over all solid sound that will have head bangers banging there heads till the next 3IOB CD. // 10

Lyrics: Well for example: "I am eaternal, I walk the night, I am the reaver of soules, Cold iron blades they cannot stop me, where I am from no one knowes." The lyrics on the album take from medieval themes and are brutal and violent. They do not glorify medieval violence, they just make it sound awesome. That's pretty much the lyrics in a nutshell. // 10

Overall Impression: Metal album of 2006, this band is up and commin from out of Canada and hopefully they will mke it big so we can hear more excellent music like this. Warning! This album will destroy any guitar player who attempts to learn all the songs and play the album all the way through. If my album were sstolen I would find the person who stole it and stab them with a broad sword! // 10

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