Here Waits Thy Doom review by 3 Inches of Blood

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  • Released: Sep 8, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.6 (35 votes)
3 Inches of Blood: Here Waits Thy Doom

Sound — 8
If you've missed vocalists like Rob Halford or King Diamond ruling the metal scene, then the appearance of 3 Inches of Blood was certainly a welcome addition to the music world. Vocalist Cam Pipes is a throwback to another era, and his falsetto-styled cry is fairly courageous considering that the Scott Weiland-style of singing has been popular since the 1990's. That being said, if you spent any time in the 1980's, you're likely to find more than a few likeable qualities to 3 Inches of Blood's latest record Here Waits Thy Doom. The record is the first to put most of the focus on Pipes' vocals, and the guttural screams of Jamie Hooper (who is apparently on hiatus for medical reasons) have been set on the backburner. The resulting sound is more vintage (if the 80's can be considered such a term) than ever. While it is certainly Pipes' vocals that garner the most attention at first, the guitar team of Justin Hagberg and Shane Clark are just as essential in creating the traditional metal sound. The Iron Maiden and Judas Priest links are always present just from the very nature of the dual guitar work, but Hagberg and Clark deserve such lofty comparisons. In pretty much every single track on Here Waits Thy Doom, you'll hear at least one section that boasts impressive guitar harmonization. Fierce Defender is a standout in this area, particularly because it does have a similar structure to Maiden's classic The Trooper. Although the reason behind the lack of screams has more to do with the fact that Hooper was left physically unable to perform such a duty without injuring his vocal chords, the band actually works better without them. Yes, it might be going against any hardcore vibe they're striving for, but the concept behind 3 Inches of Blood works much better if they stick to the classic metal sound. Some might claim this makes the band obsolete, but the addition of screams would not have added much to the 11 new tracks. Highlights include the blues-driven riff work of Rock In Hell and Preacher's Daughter, with the latter featuring a juicy wah-fueled solo and big sing-along in the final moments. Most of the tracks do follow a pretty standard blues/rock format, but All Of Them Witches veers from the formula with its more solemn, creepy approach. As one of the longer tracks, you could also consider that particular song an epic number. It should also be mentioned that 1234 is a completely instrumental number revolving around the beautiful classical acoustic work of Hagberg and Clark.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrical content doesn't necessarily exemplify thinking outside of the box, and for many people it may be a little cheesy. Between the talk of heresy and burning people at the stake in All Of Them Witches and the age-old battle themes in Fierce Defender (Find the courage to last another day; So all of us will stay alive), the topics may be slightly over the top. If you look at the individuals that inspired 3 Inches of Blood (i.e., Judas Priest and Iron Maiden), then taking this lyrical path makes perfect sense.

Overall Impression — 8
If you're a child of the 1980's, 3 Inches of Blood's Here Waits Thy Doom will likely be embraced. Without the inclusion of screams, the band is closer than ever to sounding like the metal giants. There isn't necessarily any particular track that can match the legendary status of a song like Run To The Hills, but 3 Inches of Blood delivers the goods in terms of classic metal vocals and guitar work. If you can appreciate a good harmony and generally like the rock genre, Here Waits Thy Doom will be an enjoyable listen.

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    It's fantastic. I miss the screams, but it really is a great album. I'm getting this and Behemoth's new release ASAP.
    Jamie Hooper isn't on hiatus. There was just a UG interview with one of the members of 3ioB that said he quit in 2007.
    this is the album that turned me onto '3 Inches of Blood'. most of the songs have that classic NWOBHM sound.
    With the loss of Jamie and Alexei the band just doesn't have the power and combination of elements that gave the band its unique sound and in my opinion higher quality. I want to see more albums like Advance and Vanquish. After the loss of Jamie it was acceptable to have Justin take over the screams for concerts but as Jamie appears to permanantly out of the scene 3IOB should begin looking for a replacement as Here Waits Thy Doom simply does not stand against their previous works. With the release of their latest album 3IOB went from one of my favorite bands to just another good one.
    I felt this album was more or less 3IOB style classic rock. This isn't anywhere near as heavy as their earlier stuff. That said, I feel they really did their best in doing what they could with the loss of Jamie Hooper. They turned their loss into an advantage and made a really unique new sound to the band. If you don't agree with me about the classic rock, take a look at their cover songs: "Not Fragile" -BTO, and "Cities on Flame" - Blue Oyster Cult, they totally fit the style of the rest of the album. I wasn't crazy about the lyrics though. I also highly recommend getting the vinyl if you get a chance to see them on tour. Only 666 copies!
    This album is weak. Bunch of grandpa-guitar rock and roll. Hooper and Jordison rounded out the "Halford" with power, this new posse is like the 'sleepy time crew'. Lyrics aren't epic, pace is slow, Track 10 is wasted space. Its still the 4th best album of all time and probably the best rock and roll album ever, but if that's where Pipes wants to take the sound call it a side project.
    Agree with CobainAnselmo, they needed another Joey Jordinson produced album. Outside of Snake Fighter and At the Foot of the Great Glacier, I'm not impressed with any of the songs. I was never a huge fan of Hooper's involvement as I think Cam can hold his own with the singing. However that being said, Hooper was great with his screams/growls, no need for the guitarist to try and do his best Hooper impression. As a big 3IOB fan I am quite displeased with this release, the lyrics are less than steller as well. I can listen to the previous albums start to finish whereas I have to pick and choose with this one.
    My first impression is that I don't like it. The production sounds very lifeless and neutral to me.
    What attracted me about 3IOB in the first place was their outlandish guitar riffs, tempo changes and catchiness. Although i agree that Cam Pipes' vocal style is standout on this album i will also say that this album is NOT their greatest... Gone is that epic sound that made you feel 10 feet higher that you got when you listened to their older stuff. What should've been a wicked album has fallen prey to line up changes that have caused the overall sound of the band to suffer. This album sounds like the filler tunes from "fire up the blades." I judge this album based on the fact that their last two didn't leave my CD player for a LONG time. I listened to this one TWICE and im bored of it. Instead i threw their last one on and reminisced about how ****ing cool they used to be. This new album is a flaccid, limp offering from a band that is capable of so much more.
    For me this album was like the other 3IOB albums in the sense that I had to listen to it at least twice before I really started to enjoy it. I really like it, it's not quite as aggressive as their past works but it still has a great sound to it.
    To me, 3 Inches of Blood was a new breed of music. I liked to call it "Powercore" haha. Jamie Hoopers vocals added an entire different element to the music, and thus made them unique. Now it's really not the same thing. The music sounds alright, but it doesn't sound like what 3IOB has been for 3 albums.
    Im sorry i loved 3inches of blood. But this album is awful. And i think most ppl will end up throwing it away after 1 or 2 listens. This is not metal... thrash.. or 3 inches of blood. the production is awful.. most of the riffs are very blues based and just plain outdated boring stuff. there is nothing new brought to the table here. just a sound and overall style that doesnt work,... medieval themes and power vocals, mixed with dirty southern rock crap. you can tell who the 3iob fans postings here are,, because we're all complaining,.. and we're all right..
    I think they took a wrong turn here, i mean dont get me wrong, any one who has seen them live knows how much energy they can put into the crowd, but if anything they should be making there new albums more thrash and screaming...i mean the high pitched scream cam can create was what made them stand out!
    I don't know, I really don't think they sound much like they used to anymore. Jamie needs to come back, I can't stand which ever guitarist handles the screams. It was the dual vocals of Jamie and Cam I loved. I've liked all their albums, even if Fire Up the Blades, but this one doesn't really sit well with me.
    Sect of The White Worm, Battle Cry Under A Winder Sun and Advance and Vanquish were all great albums. Since everyone left they've gone downhill. They still sound like 3IOB dont get me wrong but...its just not the same. Shouldn't even be called 3IOB anymore anyway. Advice to anyone who hasn't heard their stuff before; Get Advance and Vanquish instead.
    thank god that guy left. Sometimes i just couldn't listen to them because i was like... **** this guy and his shitty metalcore screams. This album should be beast.
    Let me start off by saying I'm a HUGE 3IOB fan, I have all their albums (including this one) and am a member of the fan club. That being said this album is incomparable to their older work. While it is still quite good, I feel it is lacking in many ways. Classic tracks such as fear on the bridge that jump right into the fray building up power as they go topple this albums mellow 80's styling. While the tracks "all them witches" and "execution tank" approach the incredibly fantasy driven lyrics of past albums I was not left with that sense of epic greatness that every track on fire up the blades finished with. Since I can hardly write a complete review in a comment section I'll simply say The amps need to be cranked back up to give them back that bright powerful high gain bite instead of the warm British metal sound and Cam needs to go play some more dungeons and dragons to get some inspiration for lyrics.
    I really hope they bring back the screams or grunts even better. In my opinion that what made them unique a good mix of those vocals.
    This Is Fun
    I found this album to be incredibly boring, more rock n' roll than heavy metal. Cam Pipes sounded bored throughout the album, giving a half hearted delivery, whereas on the last two albums, he had to keep up with the guitars; check out "Night Marauders" from the last album, he sounds much more powerful.
    Yeah like some body else said they just sounded bored. when I first listened to Call of the hammer it was kind of sad. Fire Up the Blades was probaly the best album ever made and the rest of there albums were incredible but this wasn't. I scream in my band so I was disapointed to see Jamie go but if the stayed metal they could pull if off. I don't let the album tarnish my veiw of the band and I hope this is their "commercial album" that alot of other bands also do so on there next album they can come back in full force.