5 Seconds of Summer review by 5 Seconds Of Summer

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  • Released: Jun 27, 2014
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 4 (56 votes)
5 Seconds Of Summer: 5 Seconds of Summer

Sound — 10
5 Seconds Of Summer are all that the music industry is talking about right now. The Aussie rockers with a pop edge have rose to fame with the help of hits like "She Looks So Perfect," "Don't Stop" and "Out of My Limit." The band has faced an enormous growth in 2014. With the support of and tour experience with fellow pop acts such as One Direction and Hot Chelle Rae, the bands debut full-length was set to go off, and the expectations lived-up. The band's self-titled debut reached #1 in over 11 countries. For Luke, Michael, Calum & Ashton, the ride has just begun and enormous tours and a highly anticipated live album ("5SOSLIVE") have set the boys on the road to fame. 

The band named bands like Green Day, Blink-182 & All Time Low as their greatest influences. This has resulted in a brilliant collection of rock tracks with a pop edge that makes the songs extremely catchy and fun to sing along to. Their style seems to encompass elements of today's pop scene, yet still keep the rock essentials of the band's bigger influences. This, as well as an amazing song writing ability and an explosive live presence has made the band distinctive to the music industry over the past few years.

Lyrics — 8
Capturing an enormous set of chart toppers and radio hit's the band has put together one of the greatest albums in Australia and worldwide for 2014. The album opens with a string of hits, beginning with "She Looks So Perfect," an amazingly written pop rock classic which charted at #1 and reached a Platinum rating in Australia and New Zealand. This is then followed by "Don't Stop" & "Good Girls," which both capture the classic 5SOS feel and excelled on radio and charted significantly. Throughout the album the presence of their rock set-up is evident, with powerful guitar riffs ringing throughout the albums 12 tracks. As well as these guitar rich, pop rock hits and amazing hooks the album resolves with something a bit different. The album's closing track "Amnesia" has become the biggest break-up/love song of the summer and the song that thousands of girls scream to when played live. The acoustic rich hit was written with many artists including The Madden Brothers and has exploded on the radio waves.

Lyrically, the album is amazingly put together. The band's ability to write hook rich pop rock hits is somewhat admirable. With pop rock hits such as "Heartbreak Girl" and "Everything I Didn't Say" exploding on radio. However it seems it is more the band's image and presence that has made their songs so popular. Musically, the album is extremely well put together, however in terms of the subject matter of the songs, the album is simply: Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls. The band has encompassed aspects of the lives of their main fan base's lives through the reference to popular brands and activities of the classic summer feel. The Aussie rockers have far too often been referred to as a One Direction with instruments, however their influence from tour partners 1D is apparent in many of the albums tracks. The hooks and choruses in all of the songs makes the songs catchy however in some cases their lyrical ability seems to lack in the verses of many of their songs.

Overall Impression — 8
This album is truly an amazing achievement and the band's success is extreme. Every song of the 12 on this album are amazingly composed and performed. Everything from the band's writing ability to their performance has made 5SOS one of the greatest Aussie band's of the past ten years. Their ability to mix pop and punk aspects in their music has been one of the greatest musical achievements of 2014 and you can be sure that there will be heaps more to come from the boys in 5SOS.

Stand out tracks: "She Looks So Perfect," "Don't Stop," "Good Girls," "Heartbreak Girl," "Amnesia."

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    Its like a record company said: Hey, know who was popular? Blink-182. Know who's popular now? One Direction. Let's combine them and continue to raid the wallets of 13 year olds girls' parents. When will it end? (blink's my favorite band too, so this is a bit painful)
    dude thats like from day with one with record companies, as long as they see potential money, there gonna go at it. IT WILL NEVER END.....unless the world is destroyed....then it will end
    Aside from their lead single, not a fan of the music but a) these guys can write b) these guys can play and c) these guys aren't really changing (so far) to fit the public eye. Misfits, Ramones, and Motorhead shirts everywhere. Good on them
    Axeman Eugene
    Generic, uninspired and hollow pop music. I don't know how this even ended up here, and I'm really hoping this review is a joke.
    Well I can't say I'm a fan but their music is guitar oriented, and a lot more so than Aphex Twin who is very positively acknowledged on this website. Taking that into consideration what's the harm of a review? And who are you to dictate what's inspired and what isn't?
    i've written a review for this thats hopefully less biased, and i say something about them being manufactured which i definitely take back now, hopefully it'll get posted
    This is not my thing, but 2.8 user rating? Bullshit. I guarantee none of those who voted actually listened to the album.
    Agreed. Most of those are probably people who voted a 1/10 for no reason. Now I'm not saying this is my kind of music either, but compared to other bands in the same genre, I'd say these guys are pretty good.
    There are other bands that do this? And those bands make these guys look good? Now that's disappointing...
    This review was obviously written by a fan girl ." Amazingly put together", " one of the greatest musical achievements of 2014 " v I mean , seriously, " rock with a pop edge " , I didn't think pop he'd an edge . Just another manufactured pop group to sell crap to teenage girls , how long before they get a TV show and have comical adventures every week , oh wait , that was TheMonkeys .
    A bit too poppy in my opinion, but guys look like they're havin' fun doing what they're doing. And I guess that's the most important thing, right?
    "The Aussie rockers have far too often been referred to as a One Direction with instruments..." For good reason. I fail to see anything unique about this band. I gave it a fair chance, just don't see anything special
    These guys aren't manufactured in all honesty, they're the same as they were before they got signed. I always think that's a pretty cheap go-to for when people don't like something. That said, this review is hugely biased and poor. I mean, honestly, I do enjoy this album, but it is predictable and generic
    Gave those videos 5 seconds of my time. I wish I hadn't... :/ The review is an overstatement. This music is like bread that has been left to try for weeks. And trying to eat that bread is like trying to make me listen to anymore...
    not one band i would give much thought buut what i heard from them isn't that terrible. sure it is pop/rock made for 10 year old girls but still better than most mainstream crap