One Time For All Time review by 65daysofstatic

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  • Released: Oct 17, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (19 votes)
65daysofstatic: One Time For All Time

Sound — 9
65daysofstatic if you didn't already know are a post-rock group. They produce instruments, with sometimes lyrics. The music for them or any post-rock group has to be very emotional, very melodic, and smooth so they can take you on there roller coaster ride. Please listen through the album as picking out songs like singles just isn't right. The whole album is a song in my opinion. 01. Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here - starts out with some kind of haunting hum, and seconds later the piano follows. Then the electric drums come in later to lay down the beat, it's a special moment. The tempo picks up, and falls down later to when the guitar enters. The ending of this song is a grungy break-down riff. Awesome song, awesome opener. 02. Await Rescue - takes you early on into what seems like a panic. The guitar comes in as if it's the voice in your head. It alls comes together into the song later at about 2:20 as if every thing's going to be alright. There is a slower part in about the middle of the song. It later comes altogether again. I find the best part of this song the last 20 seconds. The ending "riff" was a simple one second thing, every brief. Over all the song was OK. Not my favorite overall. 03. 23kid - starts off with the guitar. it's amazing, the piano over top of it must be hard to preform live, because it sounds like it's going on it's own time. Once it all comes together at about 1:50, it sounds cool. I feel though that the way the drums where playing during that part kinda ruined it. At 3:04, the best riff of this song starts, just all fall apart to how the song begins. it's a good song in all honesty. 04. Welcome To The Times - just the title it's self says it's going to be a good song. Otherwise, why would they name the album anything remotely related to this song? it's a soft melodic song with is very chiller. The synthy piano during some parts kinda acts as the vocals at some parts. The song picks up just a bit later, but ends on a soft note. This song is a very good example of what 65daysofstatic are all about, melody. 05. Mean Low Water - from the beginning of it sounds like it's going to be a heavier song. For the first time on this album you here some bass! The bass adds some good rhythm backing. The drums again in this song are very electronic. Another reason to see them live is to see how the hell the drummer does some of this stuff. Back to the song, the breakdown is awesome! it's a very good listen. 06. Climbing On Roofs (Desperate Edit) - is a very unique song. It's very hard to explain. The guitar and drums are in the background very quietly, panned giving it the effect that it's getting. The piano comes in softly at first. It's a weird feeling you get because you got the guitar and drums just rocking out, and then this piano just seeming like it's floating. It eventually comes together, very interesting how the connected it. Whoa! And all of a sudden it's over! Great song, it's such a tease. 07. The Big Afraid - is very odd, it has some guy in the background breathing in through his nose and out his mouth. Kinda sounds like Darth Vader. The chimes come in and are in harmony with the piano while the guitar continues to do it's palm muting riff. And then it ends shortly later. The outro is just more of that guy breathing. Very very odd. 08. 65 Doesn't Understand You - is a very cool song. it's got what I believe a couple guitars in it, really cool. At about 40 seconds in your get this very cool riff that they all play, with the bass synth over top of it. This song is every electronic in the song except for the guitar. It kinda adds a realistic feel to it. Very good song, worth the 5 minutes or so. 09. Radio Protector - the piano in the beginning is emotional. The guitar slowly comes in the background. Drums enter, and the songs underway. I like the way it builds up, and then falls apart to some chimes. The piano comes and saves the day yet again. Very awesome song. Very awesome way to end the album. I give this album 9 because I feel that it could be so much more if it didn't have "The Big Afraid" featuring Darth Vader on it. Also, I wasn't very fond of the song "Await Rescue".

Lyrics — 10
There are no lyrics! There is only one song that comes to mind though when you think of instruments playing the vocal part and that song is "Welcome To The Times". I feel that this band is better without a vocalist, as in most cases the vocalist takes over the band. If he can't sing to it, they have to throw it out basically. This band I find far better then any average garage band with a vocalist. If you don't understand this, maybe wait until your sick of every band that you listen to because you've over played them.

Overall Impression — 10
This 65daysofstatic album is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone who is a musician, or anyone that just likes to chill to something. It's very awesome as you can just plug it in and let it play. My favorite songs on this album have to be "Climbing On Roofs (Desperate Edit)" and "Radio Protector". But as I said before, your first listen should just be all the way through. Don't just listen to songs that you have heard are good. Listen to it as all one song. Look at the big picture. If if someone stole this album for me or I lost it, I would defiantly buy it. I also suggest you go out and buy it.

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    i really enjoy this album. a lot. it really has a different sound. i like how i can just turn it on, sit back, and let it play and enjoy it completely. it really is perfect for relaxing to. i completely agree with harl91 . awesome album. :]
    i adore this album. i prefer it to the fall of math just because it is so much more. just, more. if you want you can wack it on full blast before you go out and it'll put you in the perfect frame of mind, or have it on in the background, as has been said, to mellowly rock out and relax to. love it
    One time for all time is the best album by 65dos easily it's absolutely amazing, and they are totally worth going to see live.
    Paul Lambeth
    jasonkan wrote: wonder who designed the album cover..
    65daysofstatic did sir.
    Nhex wrote: what the **** is post-rock??
    I consider it to be rock instruments making music that has features not typically associated with rock. I'd call this album more post-rock/electronic/math rock though.