Revision:Revise review by A Bullet for Pretty Boy

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  • Released: Nov 9, 2010
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (6 votes)
A Bullet for Pretty Boy: Revision:Revise

Sound — 8
The gents in A Bullet For Pretty Boy have bagged quite an accomplishment. When I first bought this album I was expecting generic metalcore at BEST, possibly some form of originality. What I didn't expect was a metalcore band that somehow seperates itself completely from its piers and provides a unique, enjoyable listening experience. The sound of ABFPB could be described as "controlled but ferocious". The tone of everything from the guitars to the keyboards are tight and dependent on one another to get the musical idea across. The best way to delve on this, I believe, is to highlight pros and cons of each instrument. Guitars: They have a very thick, riffy sound. Hardly ever shying away from low end breakdowns and riffs, they give the music a sound so thick you feel you could almost touch them. The leads are pretty standard when they come around, but compliment the music nonetheless. Drums: Extremely tight playing here. The drums are not just your typical breakdown beats the entire time. The fills and expert cymbal and tom work make them a standout. Keyboards: Not your typical afair as far as this instrument goes. When one hears "keyboard" and "metalcore" mixed, more often than not their first thought pertains to the over the top, crazed techo-esque work of Attack Attack!, but ABFPB borrow from UnderOath in this department. The keys are tastefully added, giving depth to the songs, and avoiding the silly factor.

Lyrics — 8
The vocalists are a bit of a let down. The screamer has a SINGLE range he stays in (about a mid), and it honestly never changes. This can get boring pretty quickly. I found myself focusing more on the music the first time I listened rather than the screams, and this was honestly more rewarding. The cleans are another story. The singer is very talented, and can make some awesome hooks. Not too indistiguishable from any other clean vocalist, however. Lyrically, these guys are amazing, and I honestly wish the vocals better suited the content. These guys are Christians, so the lyrics mostly deal with faith. Not in the "hey I'm a Christian, but lets talk about other things" kinda way, but in a "Hey, I'm a Christain, and these are my thoughts of my faith, love it or shove it" kinda way. Some standouts include: from "Decisions": "Cut me open to see what I am really like Push me and test me. I know where my heart lies" from "The Deciever": "It's the hatred inside us that keeps us alone It's the sickness inside us that keeps us weak" from "Vita Nova": "I've hid these problems for far too long I need to face reality God, take this and make it yours I can't do this on my own"

Overall Impression — 9
A Bullet For Pretty Boy show far more promsie than most of their contemporaries, and could possibly become the next big name in the genre. Their rich, decadent sound, combined with meaningful, passionate lyircs makes "Revision:Revise" a truly enjoyable listen. This album has quickly escalated in my CD collection to the top of my collection. So yes, if this were stolen, I would replace it in a heartbeat. For fans of: We Came As Romans, The Word Alive, Woe, Is Me.

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    King afed
    I find this band horribly generic. I saw them open for Demon Hunter and they were ever more boring live. I'm a fan of The Word Alive, like 1 or 2 songs by WCAR and WIM and still thought this band is boring.
    I feel like they were the first band to really employ this overproduced 'Cameron Mizell' sound but they do it best. Although, Memphis May Fire's new CD uses it well too. I do enjoy this CD a lot.