And Their Name Was Treason Review

artist: A Day to Remember date: 07/23/2009 category: compact discs
A Day to Remember: And Their Name Was Treason
Release Date: May 10, 2005
Label: Indianola
Genres: Emo, Heavy Metal, Post-Hardcore
Number Of Tracks: 10
Their diverse elements is what sets them apart from so many of their contemporaries, and if you're a fan the mixing of many musical styles, this CD was made for you.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
And Their Name Was Treason Reviewed by: thegrounded, on february 05, 2008
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Sound: I first heard this band from a friend of mine. He let me borrow the "For Those Who Have Heart" album; and what can I say? I was hooked. The sound on this album is pretty good quality, for a band's first album, that is. They mix hardcore breakdowns with tasty punk pop choruses. Both are my favorite genres. Jeremy's singing is amazing. He has sort of a emo/punk voice but when he gets to the metal breakdowns you couldn't even tell it was him doing the screaming. His screaming is very low and he is just amazing. Extremely powerful. Overall I give the sound an 8 just because of the quality of the recording. // 8

Lyrics: I honestly love the lyrics. Most people don't find lyrics about heartbreak and death very good. You will be surprised by the lyrics on this album. They give you an excellent feel on his emotions. The song "You Had Me at Hello" is a little cheesy but y'know. That's how all love songs are. The lyrics overall go great with the music. Ranging from heartbreak choruses to deadly breakdowns. See above for what I think of the singing. Overall I give the lyrics on the album a 9. // 9

Overall Impression: My overall impression of the album is that it is a great first album for a band. I was surprised honestly that it would be this good. Here are the songs on the album and what I think of each track: 01. Intro - this song isn't really a song. It's more of an introduction to "Heartless". It basically gets you pumped for a great hardcore song. This song includes a couple lines from "Donnie Darko". 02. Heartless - this song is incredible. Starting off right away with ADTR's brutally fast breakdowns. Then going into the melodic chorus. It's amazing. 03. Your Way With Words Is Through Silence - a little bit more of an emo sounding song. Still great. Starts out with a little bit of a punk pop intro. Great. 04. A Second Glance - starts off with a regular punk pop intro. This song is one of the most punk poppy type songs on this album. Very melodic. 05. Casablanca Sucked Anyways - more of an emo sounding song. Starts off with a little bit off piano the goes into their sweet palm muted guitar beats while Jeremy is singing. I love this song. 06. You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance - probably my favorite song on the album. Emo intro with hardcore accents in the singing. ADTR re-recorded this song for the re-release of "For Those Who Have Heart". 07. If Looks Could Kill - starts off with heavy hardcore guitars. Jeremy comes in screaming. This song's a little bit more hardcore than the other ones like "Heartless" is. 08. You Had Me At Hello - one of my favorite acoustic songs. It is extremely good. The first time I listened to it it gave me chills. It is just a really good song. 09. 1958 - I love this song. It starts of with a couple lines from "The Boondock Saints". The gang vocals are amazing when ADTR says "We're paging 1958!" One of my favorite parts in the song. 10. Sound The Alarm - starts off with clean guitars then heavy palm muted guitars come in with Jeremy whispering "I'm your alpha, and omega. I am invincible." Then he starts screaming it. The song is more of an outro to the album. It includes a few lines from "Shaun of the Dead". If I lost this album I would definitely re-buy it. It's kind of a rare buy though. But I'd look for it. There's absolutely nothing I hate about this album just that if the recording quality was better than I would have creamed in my pants. // 10

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overall: 8.7
And Their Name Was Treason Reviewed by: ninjagayden777, on july 23, 2009
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Sound: A Day To Remember are a staple in Victory Records' slot now with a solid fan base built around their chaotic live shows. But what were they before all the fans? And Their Name Was Treason (Re-released on Victory with new artwork as "Old Record")is a solid look at the band before higher quality recording. Overall is a very solid, listenable effort showcasing the band's skill at mixing Melodi-metal and punk-pop guitars and Jeremy's sing/growl combo. // 8

Lyrics: Jeremy is one of Hardcore's best vocalists, with a wonderful singing voice and a low, creepy death growl. One of the most fun aspects of the record is his ability to do one throughout most of a song then overhaul in the other direction (A Second Glance, Heartless). The tender You Had Me At Hello is a good change of pace in to what could be best described as a Hardcore ballad. Overall the quality of the vocals is tremendous, but better equipment has definately brought out the best of them on the Victory releases. // 10

Overall Impression: To put it simply, A Day To Remember didn't (and still don't) sound like any of their peers. They bring a dual Drop-C guitar assult with a very solid rhythm section to create a very unique listening experience. With what other band could you hear a mostly pop-y tune like You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance and a metal massacre like Heartless within just a few tracks? I would definately pick this album up again if it were lost or stolen, especially with the Victory Re-release making it far cheaper to replace. This album is good for any person trying to get aquainted with A Day To Remember or an old fan that hasn't checked out their humble roots. // 8

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