For Those Who Have Heart review by A Day to Remember

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  • Released: Jan 23, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (58 votes)
A Day to Remember: For Those Who Have Heart

Sound — 9
The first song I heard by this band was "The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle" on their PureVolume page, and immediately I was hooked. I got their older CD, And Their Name Was Treason, from a friend, but I didn't really like it as much, becuase it was too punk. So I went out to Borders and bought their newest one, the on with "The Plot," For Those Who Have Heart. This is the perfect album for anyone who loves post-hardcore or hardcore. They have a great mix of singing and screaming, with some really good guitar work in the background. The breakdowns on this album are good for the most part, but there are a couple that are strangely played.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics for the most part are good, occasionally there are some bad lines that don't fit in with the song. They're mostly your typical post-hardcore lyrics, put together and worded well. The singer's voice is good sounding, if sometimes a little too high for what he's trying to do. The screams and singing are well blended into a great sounding mix, and the background vocals are very well put together, if also sometimes too high.

Overall Impression — 10
Here's what I think about the individual songs: 01. Fast Forward To 2012 - this is a great opener to the album, with a good beat so start out with. It goes from a great punk song to a brutal breakdown in the course of 10 seconds, with really good lyrics. 02. Speak Of The Devil - speak of the Devil is a nice followup to Fast Forward To 2012. It has a good mix of screaming and singing. The guitar work is good on this song. 03. The Danger In Starting A Fire - this song has the best breakdown on the entire album, even if the intro is poorly put together. This is a good song, one of my favorite on the album. 04. The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle - the first one that I heard by A Day To Remember, and it's probably my favorite on the album. It uses great guitar playing mixed with very well written lyrics to make a great song. 05. Monument - on this song, it has great guitar work and great background singing. The lyrics are sound, and it has a really cool outro. One of the better songs, although it gets old if you listen to it a lot. 06. The Price We Pay - this is a good acoustic song, with a good use of piano, even though the lyrics on this song are not too great. The singing is also not too good. Probably one of my least favorite on this CD. 07. Colder Than My Heart, If You Can Imagine - this song is kind of slow to start, with an intro that reminds me of Niki FM by Hawthorne Hieghts, but it quickly gets better. The gang vocals on this song are well put together. The singing on this is what I mentioned before about being too high for their own good. 08. Show 'Em The Ropes - quick paced song with a good breakdown in the middle. It starts off really quick and doesn't slow down. The verse is a huge breakdown, and the lyrics fit well with the song. 09. A Shot In The Dark - this song has the best intro riff on the album. It has a good verse, but it doesn't blend well with the chorus. The breakdown on this is probably second best, after the Danger of Starting a Fire. Not one of the best on the CD. 10. Here's To The Past - the intro to this song reminds me a little of Senses Fail. After that, there's a kind of dumb only drum part, but it gets better. The vocals are pretty good, and the tempo changes sound good with each other. 11. I Heard It's The Softest Thing Ever - this song starts off slow, but the jumps straight into a breakdown. The guitar work on this is superb, as are the vocals. They use a perfect mix of high screaming, growls, and vocals to make this an excellent song. 12. Start The Shooting - the perfect way to end the album. It starts off with a great strumming part, into a clean vocals and a palm mute part. MY favorite part of the album is on this one: during the chorus, the background vocals echoing regular singing are so well put together, it gives me the chills. It ends with just the background vocals doing the echo, the perfect ending to the album. This is one of the best albums I have heard this year, and I listen to it very often. A must get if you are a fan of post-hardcore or hardcore.

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    get it off itunes there are more songs. but aside for that this album is ****ing sick. one of the best bands i know of. i disagree with the vocals being too high in some parts. it may be just prefernce but i have no problem with them. and about the acoustic song its a bridge to the next songs in the ablum, in other words its soppossed to be slow and uncopmlcated. haha