Homesick review by A Day to Remember

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  • Released: Feb 3, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (123 votes)
A Day to Remember: Homesick

Sound — 9
Let me start off by just saying, this is my first review of a CD, ever, but we'll see what will come from this. :D I'll be reviewing each song off the album, enjoy. 01. The Downfall Of Us All: very catchy intro riff, nothin' but good chugging in the beginning. Nice chorus with a nice taste of punk on the side, considering from the gang vocals in the bridge and at the end. 02. My Life For Hire: my favorite track off the album, this is probably the song I play every time I tune my guitar to drop C. Amazing chorus with a bad ass bridge. "THIS IS A BATTLEGROUND!" 03. I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?: I like it, there's nothing really to say or complain about this song, just a very nice track off the album, featuring the vocalist of The Devil Wears Prada. 04. NJ Legion Iced Tea: one of their most punk songs on the album, catchy chorus, one of those songs everyone would love to hear. 05. Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End: possibly the most hardcore track off the album, the intro riff is gives an eerie feeling. My favorite breakdown off the album, next to My Life For Hires breakdown. 06. Have Faith In Me: probably the most mainstream song A Day To Remember has ever made. This song was alright, I honestly think that it was the weakest song off the album song. 07. Welcome To The Family: excellent song, somewhat my most favorite chorus from the album. Seems like the kind of chorus that would get stuck in your head for a few weeks. Until you find another A Day To Remember song that is equally addicting. Another cool breakdown too. 08. Homesick: I love this song! The chorus makes you miss your family and loved ones, well, that is if you're not with them. 09. Holdin' It For The Underground: my second favorite track off the album, the main riff reminds me a little bit of Blink 182 for odd some reason, but the rest after that sounds like ADTR, haha. Good song. 10. You Already Know What You Are: short song, should have been longer, but I like it, especially the breakdown. The song's the kind of song to get the crowd hyped and ready to fuck shit up. 11. Another Song About The Weekend: and lastly, my third favorite song, the song relates to my life so much. I like it. Another nice breakdown too. 12. If It Means A Lot To You: the only acoustic song of Homesick. Features the vocalist of Sierra Kusterbeck from Versa Emerge. Their ambient sound together sounds amazing.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are a perfect balance between not over doing the whole "I love you" thing, and the "I hate you, I hope you die" sort of thing. Can't really say anything about the lyrics really, but all I know that the album has great lyrics. Catchy too! But not enough to say, "Wow I hear this song EVERYWHERE, I'm sick of it...

Overall Impression — 9
This is really the first album I've heard from A Day To Remember, probably my favorite too. Seems like all the songs could be top singles. If my CD copy was stolen, I would buy it right away, but on iTurnes, because my CD copy would eventually get stolen by some other person again.

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    XtractionProces wrote: They "sold out" because the first song people heard from them was Since U Been Gone.
    so how did they sell out?
    they sold out? lol how did they sell out if thats the first song ppl heard? makes no sense bozo
    randomhero93 wrote: TerpsRHCP wrote: Am i the only one who yells DISRESPECT YOUR SURROUNDINGS! any chance i get? not at all. lol
    I do. And only cool people know what I mean. Sometimes I got like three people echoing me. lol.
    Second favorite album by them. They have went a(little) pop here. Starts off with a kick-ass punk intro(Downfull of Us All). Then has a nice punk song(My Life For Hire). Then a heavy high-school related metal riff(I'm Made Of Wax). Then NJ Legion Iced is awesome and full of energy. Then, the heaviest song on the album,which was my first favorite song(Mr.Highway). Then comes my personal favorite song. It has potiential, and people need to get out of their screaming emo lifes and listen for once(Have Faith In Me). Then come Welcome to the family. This song is heavy and awesome. 'Nuff said. Really good. Then comes Homesick,which is a heavy song that has a great meaning. Then the short song You Already Know What You Are. Nice,heavy, and original. Then comes Another Song About The Weekend which is an awesome energetic,soft song that makes me smile because it shows there soft side which is really good. It finishes off with If It Means Alot To You which is amazingly good. They need more songs like that. All Of Their acoustic and live stuff is amazingly good. Some bands suck live. ADTR NEVER SUCKS!
    korn12737 wrote: Let Me Start Off With Saying ADTR Is My Favorite Band, But I Was Very Disappointed By This Album! There Sound Has Changed So Much It's Like There Not Even The Same Band. They Went From Hardcore To Punk!!! I Have Even Seen Reviews Saying "Blink 182 Is Back!!" Nothing Wrong With Blink 182 But In My Opinion ADTR Sold Out On This Album.
    well yes they sold out on their first album too. you gotta start somewhere but the sound was generic. and you said from hardcore to punk. but they are the same thing.. youre too young to realize hardcore is punk. its a derivative from punk, hardcore is bad religion, circle jerks, pennywise, afi from the 90s, municiple waste, and d.r.i. your kind disgust me. please die