What Separates Me From You review by A Day to Remember

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  • Released: Nov 16, 2010
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.1 (179 votes)
A Day to Remember: What Separates Me From You

Sound — 7
First off, I love A Day To Remember. Their past three albums, have been fantastic in my opinion. With that being said though, I am extremely disappointed at their latest release "What Separates Me From You." It sounds like every other Pop Punk Record out there with the occasional mosh-worthy breakdown. For a band as skillful and talented as A Day To Remember, I wasn't expecting this. First, as the first album without founding member and Lead Guitarist Tom Denney, it's expected to be different, but I feel as if they're heading in a whole new direction. Almost as if their straying away from the signature sound that rose them to fame, which can be respected and both looked down upon depending on your views of this album and their past works works. Replacing Tom Denney, is former "Four Letter Lie" Guitarist Kevin Skaff. While Skaff's guitar playing is a fresh new addition to A Day To Remember, I miss the shear brutality of Tom Denney's riffs.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics for this album are expected. Emotional, heartfelt but somewhat "cliche" lyrics pertaining to love, relationships, and break-ups. Honestly, nothing special here. Your typical Pop Punk/Metalcore crossover lyrics.

Overall Impression — 5
Immediately upon hearing it, I noticed a completely different sound from them. I'm not talking about the music either, i'm talking about the mixing/production. It sounds as if whoever mixed was asleep at the board, and just turned in a final copy of the songs just to get it over with. The mid's are too high, and the guitars sound slightly brick-walled. After wondering what could be the problem, I realized what it was. Their last album "Homesick" was produced by the same producers as this new album; Chad Gilbert (of New Found Glory) and Andrew Wade. That couldn't have been it because the quality of Homesick was exceptional. That meant the problem must've been in a category, and sure enough, it lied in the mixing. For Homesick, they used award winning producer Adam Dutkiewicz (of Killswitch Engage) to mix the album. He's known for one of, if not the best metalcore producer. This is where I believe the dynamic change lies. Homesick had pristine production quality, while this new album's sound falls short in comparison. They used two different producers; David Bendeth & Dan Korneff. This is why the sound is different, and although some may not notice it as easily as I have, it's still there. Hopefully for future releases they can continue to use Adam Dutkiewicz to mix their albums. My favorite songs from the album are "2nd Sucks","Sticks & Bricks" and "All Signs Point To Lauderdale". If I were to lose this album, i'd probably buy something else instead.

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    disembodied wrote: all signs point to lauderdale is not about how they hate fort lauderdale!!!!! ugh!!!!! its about an expierence jeremy and josh had a while ago.
    What was the exp. they shared?
    I love this band but this album is terrible. One of the most generic releases of this genre in a long time. Way too over produced and the lyrics are poor and forgetful. They need to find their heavy side again and go back to writing lyrics that don't sound like something out of a top 40 pop song.