Volatile review by A Hero A Fake

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  • Released: Oct 28, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.1 (12 votes)
A Hero A Fake: Volatile

Sound — 7
When I first bought this CD I had heard that band had recently signed to Victory Records. I bought the CD without actuallly listening to the band but when I played the first song "Superwoman" I was blown away by the technicality of each instrument but then within a minute of the song I realized that A Hero A Fake is just another generic metalcore band. In the CD there are 11 tracks and 2 instrumentals. The band try and add something original into each song by randomly putting in a 1 minute melodic interlude after a breakdown or a chorus. Superwoman was definitly a good song, but when I heard the breakdown 30 seconds into the song El Gigante I actually became angry they had blatanty stolen some of the breakdown riffs from of one of the breakdowns in Composure by August Burns Red. August Burns Red and early Misery Signals were clearly major influences for the band and there were glimpses of the ABR and MS songs in the cd. But overall still a good song.

Lyrics — 6
I wasn't very impressed by the lyrics at all. I think the singer was trying too hard too be deep and meaningful and the end result is a big mess of random feelings he's trying to express. In the first song Superwoman it starts off with a blistering scream and then a very good low growl. His low growls were some of the best I have heard from new bands recently. The singr usually tends to stick to his mid screams which get very annoying and monotone after a while so it is refreshing to hear a low growl. On the other hand I liked the clean vocals by one of the guitarist a lotas it was very clear and emotional.

Overall Impression — 7
I don't think it can compare to Metalcore giants like August Burns Red and Misery Signals as the band clearly are influenced by them. The most impressive songs are definitely Superwoman, which was a fantastci start to the album, I know I which had some very intersting melodies and vocals and finally Altered Beast. What I love about the album is the crystal clear production and the guitars tone and the low growls and clean vocals. They are clearly very talented musicians. What I hate ia how the drums are tuned, to me as a drummer they sound horrible and I was constantly thinking whilst listening to the album how it would sound with a better sounding drum set. If it was lost or stolen o be honest I wouldn't care so much and I would probably buy another Btbam cd. Overall a fairly good album from this band but they should try and improve a lot for their next album

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    Aha. This is seriously the worst review I have ever read. Why would you buy a band's cd if you've never heard of the band? (If I did that I would keep that to myself.) Dude are you like in 7th grade? Honestly, learn which form of "to" to use, or how to at least use spell check after you write something. This Cd should be given a 7. This review gets a 1.
    This is the worst review I have ever read. Why the hell would you buy a CD, if you've never even heard of the band before. (makes me think that you're in like 6th grade). The word "horrible" gets tossed around these days, but Jesus,this is bad. Misspelling half of the words on this horrible review isn't too great either. (Especially since half of the words should have been taught to you in 3rd grade.) This cd gets a 7. This review gets a 1.
    This review was terrible. This cd is actually pretty good. Way better than ABR. Seriously, get your music straight.
    dude what the hell such a bad review i agree that the band arent that great but you could have at least used spell check or something
    This band is alright. Superwoman is a good track, as is Just Another Number a few other ones. Their screaming vocalist is a complete joke, he has a terrible voice. Their clean vocalist on the other hand is awesome. The guitar work is pretty good, a bit better than average metalcore (AILD, TDWP) but not quite up there with the technical stuff like Born Of Osiris or August Burns Red. Also, adding clean guitar parts does NOT make you progressive.
    I don't love this album whatsoever but I think it's a pretty solid attempt at a good album. The guitars were pretty impressive at parts and the drums weren't bad. But the vocalist is one of the worst vocalists i've ever heard. Also the guy who sings wasn't too bad but the problem I had with it was that none of the singing parts were really memorable and a lot of the singing parts sounded kind of similar. The main problem I have with the singer is that it seems like he's pretty much hitting all the same notes. Maybe it's just me. But the instrumental before the song Terminal is pretty good. All in all i think it's a good effort but they should totally get rid of that vocalist or get him some lessons. Actually they should just get rid of him cuz that guy can't write lyrics for shit. When I read the lyrics it seemed as if they were just a lot of thoughts bunched together with no sequence. It was pretty much the vocalist trying to be deep and horribly failing at it. I give the album a 7 out of 10 strictly on the musical aspect of it. If I included vocals the rest of the band would not get the recognition they deserve because I'd have to change it to a 5 out of 10
    I randomly bought this cd at FYE cuz I listened to a couple of the previews. I feel like it wouldn't have been a bad album if they had just gotten rid of that disgusting vocalist or at least get him some lessons. I thought the guitar and drum work was pretty good (although a little bit sloppy and the production seemed low) and probably could've held the album together if they had someone who could actually scream instead of a guy who emits some sort of dying noise. The clean vocalist was okay but I realized that none of the singing parts on this album are really memorable and he seems to hit similar notes or sings in similar patterns in different songs. All in all I think that the instrumental side of this band is the real potential and hopefully they will make the right choice to switch screamers for their next album and tighten up the singing. I feel like this band could be pretty good in the future
    but when I heard the breakdown 30 seconds into the song El Gigante I actually became angry they had blatanty stolen some of the breakdown riffs from of one of the breakdowns in Composure by August Burns Red.
    I've listened to that part your talking about like 15 times, I hear no august burns red rip off in there, you fail.
    Let Oceans Lie is so much better. And that album IS progressive. From the beginning they slam you with BTBAM-style riffs. Much less metalcore than their first album or than most people say they are. I see more BTBAM than generic metalcore influence on that record. I think they're one of the better "metalcore" bands. They're like a bite-sized, less talented BTBAM.