Ice Cream Bones review by A Lull

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  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 10 (2 votes)
A Lull: Ice Cream Bones

Sound — 7
The synth-pop/ambient-rock trio of A Lull creates soft-pop symphonies that make listeners feel like they are floating on cushions of clouds. Their latest release Ice Cream Bones from Lujo Records has 4-tracks of scintillating electronica and processed beats reminiscent of group's like Air and Phoenix. A Lull uses a metronome counter with time-ticking clicks in tracks like in Little Echoes and Our Age, cloaked in airy shoegaze particles which congeal into delicately laced escapes, wavy formations and florid mists that bend to the magnetic pulses of the robotic clicks. The sinuous curves of the tambourine-like effects in Our Age support the chanting resonance of the chorus and the dulcet register of lead vocalist/programmer Nigel Evan Denni. Rounding out the band are his friends and fellow programmers Mike Brown and Todd Miller. Somehow digitalized or programmed music always sounds like a science experiment. Fans may remember singer/programmer Imogen Heap who received international acclaim for putting programmed music on the global map, but A Lull have fine-tuned the digital format on their Ice Cream Bones EP and made it more smooth and melodic sounding without compromising on it's esoteric-leaning. The music is shaped into harmonious wavelets that glisten and glide like liquid crystals in Skinny Fingers or sonic water droplets drizzling down on White Gold. The tracks are like miniature pop symphonies that ease the listener into a daydreamy state and a stress-free zone.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are hard to decipher. The words meld into the music and become inseparable from the shoegazy fabric. The song titles are all profound and act as symbols that describe small factions of life like White Gold and Our Age. The band leaves their lyrics open-ended so people can apply their own interpretations to what the verses mean, and what significance the messages in the lyrics have in relation to living a more purified existence, and somehow there is a subliminal feeling that these songs are about living a purified life.

Overall Impression — 7
A Lull can sound just as esoteric as any other electronica artist, but they also infuse traditional tones like the shimmering sounds of Italian-style guitar strings and the clopping beats of horses hoofs in Skinny Fingers or the wispy stalks of puttering wind-chimes that dangle across Little Echoes. The music has an ethereal complexion and a trance-like effect on the listener which massages the senses and rubs away any spots of tension. It's not music that motivates action, but is simply good listening music, something like a barcalounger for the ears.

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    'Lull' means 'dick' in dutch (lul), that says a little something about their hidden low self-esteem.. Im not lol, but someone had to say it..
    BugrahanGedik wrote: 'Lull' means 'dick' in dutch (lul), that says a little something about their hidden low self-esteem.. Im not lol, but someone had to say it..
    Don't think that's relevant. Their name is probably based on the verb "to lull"
    I know my friend, I didnt really believe they based it on the Dutch word 'lul', I was just saying it.. You know, as a fun fact