Adelphia review by A Skylit Drive

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  • Released: Jun 9, 2009
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 4.7 Poor
  • Users' score: 7.4 (37 votes)
A Skylit Drive: Adelphia

Sound — 4
I think I speak for everyone when I say I was blown away by She Watched The Sky. I knew this band had extreme talent and potential. Then, they lost Jordan and gained Jag (who is an extreme vocallist with a rediculous range). And we later ended up with Wires... And The Concept Of Breathing. This was the catapult A Skylit Drive needed. They dove headfirst into the Post-Hardcore/Screamo scene with Wires. After signing to Fearless Records (which I was excited about, as around the same time, Blessthefall got signed to Fearless aswell) they come out with Adelphia. Adelphia is almost a step back from Wires. The amazing screams we hear in Wires almost get lost into the music of this record. However, the musicianship in this record is still amazing for such a young band. I honestly do believe that Fearless producers pushed A Skylit Drive to tweak their sound and in the process, they lost fans.

Lyrics — 6
Lyrics are nothing special on this record. They seem to be less metaphorical and more "direct". They do get boring and repetitive at times. However, lyrics do fit well with the music, as we hear on Prelude To A Dream (which kicks in with a breakdown): "Stand up! This is a f--king ovation!". No problem with Jag's vocals, still a great vocallist. But in this record, he experiments with the lower part of his vocal range, which makes certain songs seem, well... Weird at times, to be honest.

Overall Impression — 4
Overall, this is nothing compared to Wires. Wires will always be my favourite CD by A Skylit Drive. I can listen to it for days and not get sick of it. It flows perfectly from track to track. It almost seems as if Adelphia was rushed. It doesn't seem to flow well. The best songs on this album would have to be Prelude To A Dream, Eva The Carrier (very catchy chorus), The Children Of Adelphia (because the first 18 seconds are brutal) and It's Not Ironic It's Obvious (for it's crazy guitar intro). I love how they experiment with more synths and such. And that's all I think this album really is... simply and experiment to see what A Skylit Drive sound, well, poppier. And unfortunately, the experiment doesn't go too well, my friends. If this CD was lost or stolen, I probably would not buy it again, to put it bluntly. I am dissapointed.

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    Sam Rulez D00d
    this album may not be as good as theyre old albums but its still really good. you people need to open up more.
    Sam Rulez D00d wrote: this album may not be as good as theyre old albums but its still really good. you people need to open up more.
    This. They're some pretty sweet riffs in this album (Those Cannons Could Sink a Ship intro). People should give it multiple listens as I did and it does grow on you.
    i liked the album. i really don't see what the problem is with jag going as high as he can at times. the guitar riffs were still sweet, and even though there were hardly any blast beats from the drums it still sounded great. Thank God it's cloudy cause im allergic to sunlight is a really good track that people overlook...not the best, but its up there....but i liked wires better.
    Stop baggin on jag! He's not that bad of a singer. I went in saw him in concert and they sounded good! I do agree that the EP album was the best! wires is not that much better than adelphia though! Wires is more like pop. Adelphia I think is more rock/hardcore! Prelude to a dream is th best song on the album!