Rise review by A Skylit Drive

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  • Released: Sep 24, 2013
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 5.5 (8 votes)
A Skylit Drive: Rise

Sound — 7
I started listening to A Skylit Drive about six months ago. I absolutely love them! They've released one EP, which had a different lead singer, and then four full length albums with lead singer Michael "Jag" Jaggman. Bassist, Brian White, does the screams and Jag does the clean vocals. I love his high vocals mixed with White's low screams. It's a great combination. When I first started listening to ASD, I quickly fell in love with Jag's vocals, and that's one reason why I love this album. His voice is soothing.

Compared to "Adelphia," "Wires and the Concept of Breathing," and "Identity on Fire," I feel like "Rise" has more electronic use than before. That seems to be more common among bands these days, but I really like how it was used in this album. "I, Enemy" is one of the songs that they released as a single, and I feel like it shows what A Skylit Drive really is. It explains who they are as musicians, and kind of shows a bit of everything. Overall, I liked the sound of this album because I haven't been able to stop listening to it. It's a good album made by a great band.

Lyrics — 7
My first impression of the lyrics was that they were simplistic, but I also just listened to each song without actually listening to them. I was just checking out the new album and getting a feel for it. The lyrics and the music fits together very well. Especially in "Just Stay," a slow "ballad," as some might say, but I feel like the production of the song is just perfect. "...I'm crippled by the sound you make when I walk out..." This song with the piano intro and then the drums kick in before the second verse, it has a great flow. Lyrically, I believe that "Just Stay" and "Dreaming in Blue" are the best songs on "Rise," but they all set a good tone. Jag's vocals are purely amazing and I feel that everything he sings is magical. I can't get enough of his voice. Jag ultimately pulls the band's sound together for a masterpiece.

Overall Impression — 8
A Skylit Drive is a lot like bands such as Alesana, Chiodos, The Word Alive, Blessthefall, a lot of those bands with the screams and then high pitched vocalists. I really enjoy listening to this post-hardcore/metal-core kind of vibe. The most impressive songs on this album would have to be "Save Me Tragedy," the opening track, "Unbreakable," "Rise," "Just Stay," and "Pendulum." These songs stood out to me the most. I really like the whole album, I feel like A Skylit Drive has produced a quality album, although "Adelphia" will forever be the best. I don't like that instrumentally it's mostly chuggachugga, but that's what you get mostly among this genre, and it's acceptable. I wish they would've had some more original use of the instruments, but the lyrics made up for that. Each song has a story that is told and the lyrics are relatable. If this album was stolen, I would definitely buy it again. If I take the time to go and buy an album on the day of release, it's worth getting a second time.

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    I really enjoyed She Watched The Sky and Wires when they came out,and vaguely listened to the newer releases, but this album frankly just blows. The stupid gater that they insist on putting on Brian's screams, the cliched and boring riffs, unoriginal melodies...really disappointed. Raise your game.