Faso Latido Review

artist: A Static Lullaby date: 06/06/2005 category: compact discs
A Static Lullaby: Faso Latido
Released: Apr 5, 2005
Genre: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 13
Utterly unmemorable from start to finish, "Faso Latido" scoops up congealed melodic riffs and drenches them in syrupy croons.
 Sound: 5
 Lyrics: 4
 Overall Impression: 4
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overall: 4.7
Faso Latido Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 06, 2005
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Sound: The sound of this album is a hell of a lot different from their last CD. It weant kind of mellow, and you can tell their trying to produce a different sound and be different. But the thing is, they didn't pull it off. In most of their songs it sounds like the guitarist is just plucking away at strings, and never made anythig up for the songs, but the songs are decent. // 6

Lyrics: Lyrics aren't good at all. Their single "Stand Up" is about a town falling down. And in their one song he says "Tickle me pink with laughter." That's kinda wierd. Also there is less screaming, and the singer is trying to actually sound like he's trying our for american idol. // 4

Overall Impression: Their first album was so much better. The only thing I like about this album is the last track. If I lose I would not re-buy it. // 4

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overall: 4
Faso Latido Reviewed by: BlackTaxi2d, on april 07, 2005
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Sound: ...And Don't Forget To Breathe was a really good CD. Now that ASL has decided to go in the business for money, their music is horrible. All of the songs on this CD aside from maybe Radio Flyer's Last Journey have no energy. So just about the only good thing from the old CD, they took away. It sounds like they have a new singer or two. I saw them live at the Taste Of Chaos and didn't recognize the guy with long hair. His voice is really not energetic and boring. This worsens the CD throughout if you stay awake for it. // 4

Lyrics: Extremely predictable. All the same. Also, perhaps the worst part of the CD is when the screaming guy that doesn't play an instrument and just runs around screaming is talking softly. Sounds like a cheap imitation of songs on Thursday's "Full Collapse." // 4

Overall Impression: The worst part of this CDis this: do not get this CD if you have an iPod! You can only rip to. Wma and there is no way around this. All ASL wants to do is make money now and are in a big scheme with The Used, My Chemical Romance, Underoath, and probably Senses Fail to ruin "screamo." // 4

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