A Fury Named Spartan review by A Thousand Years Slavery

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.9 (11 votes)
A Thousand Years Slavery: A Fury Named Spartan

Sound — 8
ATYS open their second CD release with the seemingly grand Epicurean. Starting off with strings and drums, the intro gets you set for an epic song, which also reflects other points in the EP. This first track has to be one of the best from this outing, with twin guitar riffs galore and constantly changing styles (starting with the strings, moving onto death metal, ending acoustically - and it's pretty cleverly done if you ask me), fans won't have much to complain about. Drastic Oversleep is the next track to hit you, consisting mainly of fast drums, more twin guitar riffs and deep vocals. In the metal world, this track and the succeeding track, Eternal Tree (to which you cannot really hear the transition as they are extremely alike in some ways), would probably be pure gold but probably because I'm not a metal fan, they don't appeal to me as much as some of the others do. The second best track on here has to be the next one, Une Etoile Incandescentei. There are no drums on here, just guitar, strings, maybe bass (I can't hear it properly, but I think it's there) and real life sounds (wind, rain etc.), and whispered vocals on top of that. The track is very soft which is probably why I like it. Another full on metal track follows this (A Fury Named Spartan). By metal standards, it's genius, but by general music standards, it's wouldn't suit too many people's tastes, the same applies for the final track, Betrayed Flavour. The final track however, has to be the best of the four strictly metal tracks. Also speaking by metal standards, all the instruments are very well played and all the songs are well composed. Around half of the album sounds very samey, to say the least, but like I said, it's probably pure gold in the metal world.

Lyrics — 5
There's not much to say about the vocals in this type of music. There isn't much melody involved, so I can't rate that, and is basically typical death metal vocals. The lyrics fit this style of music very well, but don't seem to show an awful lot of consideration. There are some nice points with harmony vocals cropping up here and there. Other than that, I can't really express many other comments.

Overall Impression — 8
I've not heard any of this band's work before. Like I said again and again, it's not the sort of thing I'd personally go out and buy, so some of my comments will have been pretty biased, but they're worth checking out if you're into the Swiss death metal scene. Also, if you're a fan of Vladimir Cochet's production work, you'll probably like this. I must admit, he seems to be a pretty talented producer when it comes to this music. He's done a good job with this.

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    This is probably the worst review I've ever read. Firstly, why review an album from a genre you don't even like? Second, do you really have to be so insulting to the genre itself? The review doesn't even tell you anything at all about the album, other than it's probably good, but he doesn't like it anyway.
    Guitar Sushi
    Can someone tell me what this band sounds like. Killswitch Engage? Suicide Silence? Nile? Cannibal Corpse? Calling something metal doesn't give a very good idea of it's sound. You need to give it a comparison to another metal band.
    if he dosent like the band, but is open minded, the review will be unbiased right? he went about it the wrong way, but its still better than a guy making a shit review about his favourite band
    that was a crap review, why bother if you dont like the genre let alone band....
    you guys probably just doubled these dudes fans on myspace with this article
    i agree with matt why the hell write the review and constantly remind us that you're not into this tyoe if music..most people who will check this out WILL want to see the album from the metal world perspective..anw next time review things u like and dont be pointless trynig to review something u say u dont understand..
    Why write a review for a metal band if you are going to compare them to mainstream music and not other bands of like kind? Actually, why write a review at all if you are not a fan of the genre? Clearly, most of the people reading this will be.
    Hey everyone !!! First of all, thank's a lot for the review. Even if the guy isn't really a metalhead, we're glad he took some time to write those few words about us. We really appreciate ! Then, thank's to everyone who came and visit our pages, listen to our songs, or just left a comment in here ! Thank's a lot guys. To answer guitar Sushi, I guess we sound a bit like Killswitch, As I Lay Dying and At the Gates. We're into Swedish death. With a lot of us Metalcore influences... Hope it helps ! Finally, as we're still a young and small band on an indie label, we're not on Itunes yet, hoogles. But you can order it directly from our label here: http://www.conatusrecords.com/?page=6&de... Or, if you wait a little, I guess, you'll soon be able to download it via torrent site or on metal blogs... ;o) Thank's anyway to all of you ! Cedrik ATYS