Malocchio review by Abandon All Ships

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  • Released: Feb 11, 2014
  • Sound: 3
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 4.3 Poor
  • Users' score: 3 (11 votes)
Abandon All Ships: Malocchio

Sound — 3
Abandon All Ships are what I like to call musicians who are very uncertain in which direction they shall take in order to succeed. Looking back at "Geeving," what were the pros and cons? Cons: autotune oversaturating clean vocals, uncleans seemed a bit too forced, or just was not done in the proper way, lyrics were uninspiring, and lastly, instrumentals were just all over the place. Did they fix this problem on Infamous? Not at all. It actually got even worse, if you could even imagine. So now we're in 2014, and most people probably would've thought this band died off, but not quite yet. Instead, we're left with the exact same format that we once heard on previous album, just without autotuned singing. So, yes, that's a plus. However, uncleans are what's killing this album the most now, and it's worse than ever. Think of a shark under sea attempting to search for its prey, but somehow fails to find that school of fish, and is left starving. It's hard to imagine, but that's what I think of when I hear Angelo Aita on this album. There is zero clarity within what he's saying. Also, now that it's been an unsuccessful 2 more years of AAS, they decide to follow the trend of attempting to sound "djent." To perfectly sum it up, it is boring, and the random "techno bursts" don't really give the sound much more justice.

Lyrics — 5
This band still tends have cringe-worthy lyrics at times, so I'll just cut to the chase, and give my thoughts on what I thought actually seemed a bit inspirational. In "Paradise":

"There's a paradise for me and you
My paradise is built for two
It's hard to find where does it hide
All along it was by my side
Cause paradise is everywhere
Take my hand it's yours to hold
Take my heart it's made of gold."

And on that note, that was literally the only song that I actually somewhat liked the lyrics from.

Overall Impression — 5
If this were 2008, then maybe this would be at least somewhat decent. It would fit in with Attack Attack! and Brokencyde. Now, not so much. Bands like I See Stars and The Browning are actually putting their own twist on their own form of electronicore (or whatever else you want to label it as). Nothing is really breaking boundaries on this album, unfortunately, but what really brings this album down badly is the uncleans. Again, they sound like a dying shark. Cleans at least are doable, but guitar leads are randomly thrown in after the chorus, and all of the sudden the song gets angry or vice versa. And the same exact thing goes for the techno parts. This album is just as great of a mess as the last one. You decide whether or not is sounds worse.

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    I rather listen to New Demons by I See Stars than this.
    It really is the uncleans that make this album intolerable. Geeving was such a solid album and I hate to say it but nothing else they've done has come close.
    "You decide whether or not is sounds worse." Couldve sworn that I wrote "it" Ugh. Anyways...this was really a difficult album for me to listen to. I tried to sound as unbiased as possible.
    Wow. That first song literally sounds like three different songs had different parts cut from them and they were all pasted together...the synth part was kinda cool, but it sounds like it's in a completely unrelated scale, with no transition. The chorus just comes out of nowhere and seems honestly more forced then the heavy parts.
    The unclean vocals are just terrible. Not that they were ever good but they've gone downhill since Geeving, which I actually enjoyed on a guilty pleasure level.
    Actually the dubstep-kinda-breakdown on the first link is somehow cool. The unclean vocals kill it though.
    Saw these guys opening for Dance Gavin Dance. The lead singer seemed like a general douchebag and was wearing his own merch onstage.