From Ashes review by Abysmal Dawn

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  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.3 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.6 (8 votes)
Abysmal Dawn: From Ashes

Sound — 6
Continuing on my quest to review great albums which have yet to recieve a review, today I turn my eye on to the hidden gem that is Abysmal Dawn's debut album from 2006, From Ashes. I stumbled across this group whilst messing around on Spotify and I really enjoyed what I heard. The album plays as follows; 01. Impending Doom: it's an instrumental, an unusual affair when it comes to Death Metal. This one has a quality about it which makes me enjoy it more than most instrumentals. 7/10 02. In The Hands Of Death: don't expect the song titles to get any cheerier any time soon. I like this song. As is often the way, the first song (if we don't count the instrumental) is one of the best. 9/10 03. Blacken The Sky: solid if not spectacular, this song edges towards black metal at times. I like the breakdown around the 2.15 mark. 8/10 04. Servants To Their Knees: you can't deny that they're good at their respective instruments. Then again, so are the countless hoards of Deathcore bands all vying for your attention. Another solid song if again not ear catching. 8/10 05. Wicked Impulse: ok, I can distinguish this one from the rest. It's good, I like it. 9/10 06. Solitude's Demise: once again, I'm drawn to the quality of the musicianship to compliment this song. There's a nice growl at the start and some nice riffage too. 7/10 07. State Of Mind: ok, I think I'm just gonna type something that's become very noticeable over the course of the album; IT'S ALL THE SAME! Ok, maybe that's taking it a bit far but it's perfectly believeable that the entire album could be one song with multiple lyrics. It's good but I've already forgot how it started and what it's called and I doubt that's the alcohol getting to me already. 7/10 08. Salting The Earth: I nearly wrote State Of Mind again I swear. The intro's sound similar as well. What can I say but solid? (I like that word). 7/10 09. Crown Desire: you know the drill by know. It's good. Sounds the same as the others. Yadda yadda. 7/10

Lyrics — 6
I like Death Metal vocals and, as a Death Metal vocalist, he's alright. Not great but he does suffice. I think that's one of the things that annoys me about this album. The singer, Charles Elliot, just doesn't help the feeling of mediocrity that I get from the whole thing. I always thought that if a Death Metal band played generic Death Metal music with the usual Death Metal lyrics but had a really powerful, impressive and most importantly different sounding singer, everything would sound great. This album has only cemented that belief

Overall Impression — 7
If this is your first ever dabble into Death you will enjoy probably more than us who know a lot more about the genre. The whole album is good. That's it. Musically, terrific. Can't fault their playing. I can fault their sound though because, if I'm honest, it's one song altered a bit and then repeated again with different lyrics. I wish I could have given this a more glowing review but as the album progressed I got bored and now I've stopped listening and instead am watching Friends. As a debut album it's not bad but it falls just short of it's true potential.

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    Sounds a bit too necrophagist-y. without the spectacular guitar work. Far better bands out there, to be honest, but its a decent listen.
    Doesn't sound like necrophagist to me, lol. I like this band a lot, but Programmed To Consume is better. I mainly just really like how Charles Elliot sounds because he does a mixture of black and death.
    That last paragraph threw me off, but this tidbit:
    I wish I could have given this a more glowing review but as the album progressed I got bored and now I've stopped listening and instead am watching Friends.
    pulled it together for me. Nothing is more troo or brootal than David Schwimmer.