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artist: Accept date: 04/16/2012 category: compact discs
Accept: Stalingrad
Released: Apr 6, 2012
Genre: Heavy Metal, Speed Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Number Of Tracks: 11
"Stalingrad" is a constantly trilling return for the classic hard rock band Accept. The entire album from start to finish is filled to the brim with terrific guitar playing, amazing vocals, and just pure talent.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 9
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Stalingrad Featured review by: UG Team, on april 16, 2012
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Sound: 2012 is proving to be known as "The Year Of Rock", as all of the classic bands that rocked the 80's have been returning to dominate the world in what looks like a major attempt to destroy the pop music scene. The year is young, and yet already we've had new albums from Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen, and UFO, with many more promising albums to come. And yet another great, instant classic has already surfaced from the hard rock band, Accept, who produced megahits "Balls To The Wall" and "Fast As A Shark". Their new album, "Stalingrad", shows the band returning to their classic 80's sound, with some clear modern touches.

A clear change that I instantly noticed with this album was the change in lead vocals. Accept replaced former lead singer Udo Dirkschneider, and replaced him with Mark Tornillo, who has a noticeably different yet distinctively powerful voice. Mark's voice is an excellent addition to Accept, which only adds to the great performance you'll find oozing throughout the entire album. You'll also find that every song off this album has a quick, heavy beat and a perfectly distorted guitar that channels the full potential of your speakers.

"Stalingrad" makes great first impressions with "Hung, Drawn And Quartered", which boasts powerful guitar playing and a heavy metal beat, which also sets the pace for the entire album. Beginning with the starting track, the entire album is dripping with pure, raw talent from each of its performers, which gives "Stalingrad" that extra spark that helps listeners identify how great an album will be. Almost every song off this album helps contribute to this fact. "Shadow Soldiers" transitions from a quiet intro into a dominating, galloping guitar beat, while the title track features an immediate and consistent blast of fast paced, hard and heavy rock. Accept shows the world once again that despite any predetermined expectations, they have the capability to create a powerful and simply terrific album. // 8

Lyrics: Accept indefinitely surprised me, as they managed to stay consistent and passionate with their original sound, despite the number of years the band has under their belt. The true surprise, however, had to be Mark Tornillo's terrific vocal performance. With the fact that the band's original singer had been replaced, I honestly had low hopes for this album. But Mark is a terrific addition to the already classic band. His sound is most comparable to Judas Priest, which helps his voice fit in with the heavily distorted guitar and fast paced beat. The overall sound for this album is a consistent throwback to hard rock's heyday, as the band uses their great history and talent to help revive today's present music scene. // 7

Overall Impression: "Stalingrad" is a constantly trilling return for the classic hard rock band Accept. The entire album from start to finish is filled to the brim with terrific guitar playing, amazing vocals, and just pure talent. "Stalingrad" is a terrific performance from beginning to end with virtually no filler, but the most standout tracks for me are:

1. Stalingrad
2. The Galley
3. Hung, Drawn And Quartered
4. Shadow Soldiers
5. Twist Of Fate

Everything from the album's sound to the fantastic artwork cover is simply drenched in talent. It's not always a good thing to judge something by its cover, but you can make an acception with "Stalingrad". // 9

William Clark aka CinderellaFan14

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