'74 Jailbreak Review

artist: AC/DC date: 05/10/2008 category: compact discs
AC/DC: '74 Jailbreak
Released: 1984
Genre: Rock
Tones: Rebellious, Fun, Visceral, Aggressive, Rowdy, Brash, Rousing, Outrageous, Raucous, Irreverent, Reckless
Styles: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Number Of Tracks: 5
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 8.3
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overall: 8.7
'74 Jailbreak Reviewed by: mcjibly, on june 02, 2005
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Sound: As like all AC/DC songs its about sex and living it large (rosie). This is a great bluesy/rock kinda album its only short but as an early stage of angus career its shows great potentially and skills that his has developed! Catchy beats, easy to sing along with, and great vocals from bon himself! Jailbreak and baby please don't go becoming great rock'n'roll hits! I would recomend this album if you want to see a different side of AC/DC's music, fun lyrics and great licks contribute to a great album! // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are excellent, the stories include friends trying to escape prison, lover and leavers and becoming a star in the show business! The soft voice of Bon is such a catchy voice and has ability to sing to all types of music! // 10

Overall Impression: This album may not be there best but it shows a different style, I believe that the most impressive song is Baby Please Don't Go! The Gibson SG really shows the sound it produces in all of these songs and goes perfect! If I were to lose the album then I would definetly purchase it again. // 8

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overall: 10
'74 Jailbreak Reviewed by: strateer, on february 12, 2004
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Sound: The album starts off with "Jailbreak," A tough rock n' roll song.It has a smooth sound that flows nicely. The guitar is a dominant booming force in this song. The next track is, "You aint got a hold on me", which is a song that has a very catchy sound to it. Its solo sounds somewhat like a Tony Iommi solo, static and feedback. The third track is called, "Show Buisness", which sounds like 50's rock with a catchy rythmic riff.It also has a nice Jerry Garcia-like solo. The fourth track is called,"Soul Stripper."Its bass seems to follow every moment of the song with the samebeat.Good song for showing off Angus's skill. The final song is called, "Baby, please don't go". It has an exciting burst of rock n' roll energy in it. The main riff is the kind of riff you long to learn to play. This song is originally written by Big Joe Williams, a hero of the band. Overall on sound, awesome. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics wreak of the saying, "sex, drugs and rock and roll". It has that second sexual meaning inits songs that many AC/DC songs carry. The music fits well with the lyrics, and at some points it seems Angus's guitar is echoing Bon's powerful vocals. Bon's vocals in this album show his true passion for rock n' roll. // 10

Overall Impression: '74 Jailbreak was actually released in 1984 to celebrate the band's tenth year and to pay homage to the late Bon Scott. Fans enjoy it because it had that old AC/DC sound that took AC/DC back to their roots. I would say this is one of AC/DC's greatest accomplishments and that this album is definitely worth more than some of the new stuff coming out. The album climax's at "Jailbreak" and "Show Business". If I lost this album I would buy it again. If you want a great rock album, though it is only five songs, I recommend '74 Jailbreak. // 10

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overall: 9.3
'74 Jailbreak Reviewed by: cam_sampbell, on april 09, 2008
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Sound: The sound quality of this album is very different to AC/DC's other albums but it is certainly better in my opinion. The songs on this album are a collection of some of AC/DC's earlier songs from the albums TNT and High Voltage, and it seems like they chose the best songs from what you hear as when a new song comes on it is just as good or even better than the last song which blew you away then. From the extremely catchy riff of 'You Ain't Got A Hold On Me' to the fast, machine gun snare drum action from Phil Rudd's snare matched with Angus and Malcolms driving guitars of 'Baby, Please Don't Go' make this an album you won't soon forget. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics of this album are very mixed in their content unlike the mature natured Powerage and the just plain dirty 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap'. The first song and a live favourite 'Jailbreak' tell a story of a mans desperate escape from prison, only to be shot in the back after he made it. The next song 'You Ain't Got A Hold On Me' basically tells the girl that he isn't really that bothered about her. Following is 'Show Business' shows the problems of being in a band e.g 'You learn to sing, You learn to play, Why don't the businessman ever learn to pay' and 'You pull a chick, take her home, no use man, you're worn out to the bone'. Afterwards is 'Soul Stripper' which takes around 2 minutes for Bon to start singing but when he does the lyrics he sings are about how he met a girl who then tricked and threatened him with a knife and forced him to say things play games he didn't want. Finally, the last song 'Baby, Please Don't Go' is a cover of the original by Big Jow Williams and he is desperately trying to make his ex as it seems not to leave to New Orleans. Overall it's a good mix and more narrative thn a lot of AC/DC's other material with 'Jailbreak' and 'Soul Stripper' telling ful stories. // 9

Overall Impression: This is one of my favourite albums I've listened to, yet I bought for no real reason, just because it was there. but the quality of the songs throughout stays at a constant level of brilliance which is very rare in an album. The only flaw was the lack of songs as the 5 songs only pull up at 25 minutes approximately which means it finishes a bit too quickly, but other than that I have to say it is an exceedingly brilliant album which if someone stole then the thief would have his face pounded in. // 9

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overall: 7.7
'74 Jailbreak Reviewed by: Rocker_94, on may 10, 2008
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Sound: This album has that raw sound AC/DC are famous for. It's that raw early days sound that started it all. It features songs that were previously unreleased to North America and Europe too. My personal fav. from this album is Soul Stripper. This one is different as Malcolm is playing the lead parts and not Angus. The intro is killer. It doesen't end there either. The raw and coordinated guitars of Angus and Malcolm are present in every song, and the familiar vocals on Bon Scott. You know, High Voltage Rock And Roll, that's it, but you could say that about all stuff AC/DC. Only 5 songs, but they're killer. // 9

Lyrics: What do I think about the lyrics? Excellent. Sex, drugs, rock and roll. That's it, that's all. Don't smack your head open with that go behind the lyrics stuff, feel what they really mean, what they're really trying to say. It's very basic, straight forward. About Jailbreak, I think it's pretty much a fun song. Maybe an inside joke or something, or about something we don't know about, that's the most complicated the lyrics on this album will get. The rest is straight forward rock and roll. // 8

Overall Impression: This is a great album, but I do have one complaint that will lower the score just a bit. You probably guessed it already, but it's the lack of songs. It's not even half an hour long. One that I would have loved to hear on this album is a song called Rock in Peace, from Dirty Deeds. Download it, now. It would have fit in perfectly. It was never released outside of Australia. There's a few others they could have chosen too. Despite it's lack of songs, it's a very good album. I bought it on sale, and don't regret it. If it was lost or stolen, I don't know if I would buy it again, but I don't regret the decision of buying it. // 6

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