Back in Black review by AC/DC

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  • Released: Jul 25, 1980
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.2 (319 votes)
AC/DC: Back in Black

Sound — 10
'Back in Black' has an excellently amazingly awesomely beautiful sound. The band knows how to make recorded music sound not recorded. When you listen to any AC/DC album, especially 'Back in Black', you're not just listening to it, you can feel it. It fills up the room as well as your body, and it makes you want to do everything you've never been able to do. It is one of the most inspirational albums outside the catagory of inspirational music. If you don't like this album you do not fully appreciate good music, because there isn't a musician alive who doesn't at least respect AC/DC for their great sense of music. Malcolm Young has a gift for writing on the guitar, and his brother Angus tears the hell out of anything they write. From the drums and bass to the guitar and vocals this album has EVRYTHING you want, whether you're into lyrics or music. Trust me, you'll love it.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics on this album are exactly what you want from AC/DC: They are completely shallow, they don't put you in touch with your deepest feelings or anything like that. The shallow vocals sung by the voice of a blatant heavy smoker over the most kick-ass riffs in hard rock make you want to go crazy (in the best way). And there are no deep lyrics to distract you from listening to the great guitar of Angus and Malcolm.

Overall Impression — 10
I really can't say much about AC/DC's legendary 'Back in Black' album that anyone who has heard any song from it doesn't already feel. However, if you've never heard this album, let me tell you why you're missing out! Now first off, the sound: When Bon Scott was with AC/DC the band had a very trebly overall sound, with high-pitched, long solos, a few songs with meaningful lyrics (mostly just downright dirty though), and a sound that stood out from the rest, but not quite enough. While enjoying great success with 'Highway to Hell', tragedy struck the band when Bon Scott died early in 1980. However, 'Highway to Hell' had well established the band's sound, coming away from the trebly, messy early songs and getting more melodic. The stage was now set for something great: Something to sustain the great music of 'Highway to Hell', to pay tribute to the late Bon Scott, and something to show the world of music that the 80's weren't doomed to be invaded by hair, techno, punk, and other shallow bands. Something called 'Back in Black'. Everyone everywhere was blown away by this album. Every song, namely the haunting 'Hells Bells', the great anthem 'Shoot to Thrill', the all-time incredibly composed 'Back in Black' (THE tribute to Bon Scott; the name itself comes from the band being back in the game after a tragedy, and 'dressed' in black to mourn Bon's death), the very well-known, dirty 'You Shook Me All Night Long', and a tribute to anyone who's ever been told to 'turn down that noise,' 'Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Pollution'. Anyone who likes music can appreciate the beatifully written riffs and the meaningless lyrics (just how we like it in rock 'n' roll) of 'Back in Black'. Buy it, listen to it, be inspired, just love it forever.

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