Back in Black review by AC/DC

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  • Released: Jul 25, 1980
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.2 (319 votes)
AC/DC: Back in Black

Sound — 10
The sound is something that no band has ever been able to replicate since the albums's insertion into the hearts and minds of rock n' roll fans on every corner of the earth. The scary thing about it all is that the album is simple. No effects, no added in pinch harmonics or any wowing little things here and there to gain the attention of a individual. It's five guys, using their instruments and their amps, that's it and yet, they still produce a pure heavy and hard sound that has defined a generation of head bangers and bands everywhere. AC/DC has true created a one of a kind ablum that guided the likes of Guns N' Roses and Metallica on to their own success. From the opening lick of "Hell's Bell's" to the anthem "Back in Black" and the sexual inuendo "You Shook Me All Night Long" Angus and Malcom Young's perfectly synced guitar playing, Cliff Williams bass playing, Phil Rudd's simple but effective drumming and Brian Johnson, filling the void that Bon left us with, uses his screaming voice, almost as if yelling to Bon himself, to tell him and the rest of the world that AC/DC are back in black.

Lyrics — 10
They are many people that undermine Brian Johnson's lyric writing abilitly and always critize him, saying he is less than Bon Scott and that he'll never be as good. Shut up already. Bon was truely a great singer, but his time came and Brian stepped in. And boy did he deliver. From his hollowing screeches in "Hell's Bells", "Back in Black" and "What Do You Do for Money Honey" to his melodic tunes in "You Shook Me All Night Long" and "Rock n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution", Brian Johnson characterizes what he is about and what he's here to do. Possible though, the best of the lyrics that he, along with the Young brothers may have come of with the song "Let Me Put My Love Into You". There is no song I have heard since that day I first heard it that talks about sex in such a way that could affend parental and political figures. "Let cut your cake with my knife", that phrase seems so innocent, but in reality, it's describes everything that AC/DC are all about, sex, women, booze and drugs.

Overall Impression — 10
Let's get the facts straight, I'm eighteen and that means my generation has ruined music for me completely. The only thing that I can rely on for new material are the old bands releasing news ablums, such as, you guessed it, AC/DC releasing Black Ice which is possibly Back in Blacks runner up. This album though can never be touched by anyone, no matter how hard they try. Appetite For Destruction, if released before Back In Black may have been my favorite album, but falls second to this one due to one thing. AC/DC would never copy Appetite and would do what they feel is right in their minds. But it never happened in that order. Guns used AC/DC as of their influences to create Appetite which shows what this album has done for other bands all over the world. It has even created Austrailian rock band Airbourne, who are the next generation AC/DC and are our possible hope for good music. Unfortunatly, they will never live up to this album. I hate the reviewers who say that this album is no Dark Side of the Moon (which I also like), but they seem to always forget that AC/DC are a different style completely. They're aggressive, loud, raw, horny, you name it. And it all comes together on this album, this unqiue peace of work, this legend and what will always be one their fans favorite albums.

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    hazer drum
    Best Album Ever! Everytime i open iTunes the cover of back in black pops up, niiiiice
    Back in Black had and still has very high influence on rock music. Back in Black is something completely different, this riff, this style of singing, this rhythm... If you listen to some Linking Park or other modern shit, you will hear Back in Black.
    DeMoNhUnTeRuLeS wrote: I believe that Master of Puppets was better
    M.B.MetalTabber wrote: This is the best album in the world, ever How can Michael Jacksons Thriller album sell more copies than AC/DC's Back In Black? That's ridiculous
    Because apparently people would rather take a plastic whacked-up homo than a crazy dancing stripping schoolboy. GO ANGUS!!
    trivium036 wrote: Angus Young's voice can always be heard. Perfect, in every sense of the word perfect. Young's skills as a lyricist, his singing talent, and his extreme guitar playing ability have never been matched to this day ahahah, this guy shouldnt be allowed to review anything due to lack of knowledge
    Guys, quit bashing him for what he said. Everyone makes mistakes. It's not his fault he's a total dumbass and he knows absolutely nothing about AC/DC... dumbass +1,000,000,000,000
    I love AC/DC always have and always will, they are the sole influence i started playing guitar, and the reason for my motivation still to this day 6 years later. the album back in black i would call AC/DC's best due to the fact that it is just such a well rounded,yet raw album which wouldnt sound out of place if they released it yesterday,the sound is just THERE and it wacks u in the jaw.amazing!
    pollodiablo wrote: master of puppets was mettalica!
    I read this in my head in an Italian accent.
    Back In Black is a major turning point for AC/DC. Not only does it show the sucess of the band ,but it also shows how they moved on from the death of their old singer ... which happens to be what the song Back In Black is about ...