Black Ice review by AC/DC

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  • Released: Oct 20, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.5 (406 votes)
AC/DC: Black Ice

Sound — 7
AC/DC is the greatest known band on earth. They are very successful and talented. They have many great albums, although many albums have no good songs on it at all. Almost all albums have only 2 or 3 songs that are acually worth listening to. they sometimes have creativity, like the album Back In Black, but some are not worth buying. They aren't your average rock band. Angus Young shows great work in his solos, I just wish I could say the same about his verses, choruses, etc. I can admit a few other songs are GREAT in everything, like Back in black, Thunderstruck, Dirty deeds, Hells bells, and Highway to hell.

Lyrics — 7
Brian johnson has one of the most unique singing voices I have ever heard! that's not a bad thing either. he sounds a little like Pantera's voice, just in Rock form instead of metal. His lyrics show a lot of creativity, and match the songs very well. I think he's a great icon for AC/DC. His singing style is independant. he is a unique singer and his voice matches no one!

Overall Impression — 6
Black Ice matches many of their albums, but none of any other artist. The new song Rock and roll train is very creative and I could say, one of the best! the album alone is not very great, other than that one song. I think you would be better off buying that one song off itunes and putting it on your ipod or burning a disc, unless you enjoy having original copys, like me. If I lost this disc, I would not replace it. if someone offered me a decent price I would sell it right now.

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    oldude55 : Tired and Old This ain't your father's AC-DC Tired-Tired, Tired and Old Time to Fold The Edge is Gone All Gone for All to See Tired and Old This ain't your father's AC-DC Old, Fold, Tired and Old
    This is no place for badly written, attempt-at- insulting poetry. AC/DC are old, certainley, but they are still rockin
    playinbass1432 wrote: And to everyone saying May Day sounds like IMTOD, piss off. It sounds nothing like it. Since when does Jimmy Page have a patent on the guitar slide? For christs sake.
    +1, I don't get it, they sound nothing alike. I suppose for someone that doesn't listen to slide that often...
    horrible, ac/dc give it up, first off their to overrated for what they really works like this, i live in iowa and this station 95 kggo plays ac/dc, a lot, no i mean a lot, its not even funny, they have ac/dc all day, and i'm so sick of it, its not ac/dc's fault its 95 kggo's fault lol
    I really love this album, it's great. My mummy gives it to me as a Christmas present!
    Seriously, anyone who's complaining about it sounding repetitive, get over it. I bought this album because I wanted to hear Rock 'N' Roll. I'm glad that AC/DC sticks to that because if I wanted Metal or Country, there's plenty of bands that do it better than AC/DC could. And anyone who says one track is shit is an idiot, because it's all taste. Many people have said Wheels sucks, but I know some people who think that's the best song on the album. Most people love R'N'R Train, but it's my least favorite off the album. But I wouldn't say it's shit.
    a bit disapointing compared to the old stuff but still ok. chinese democrscy tbh is better from the classic bands new albums
    Best AC/DC album since For Those About to Rock! Okay, the Razors Edge was great too, but this album is pretty impressive.
    the best album of AC/DC, it's really good! `` ♫ AC/DC♫ copy ♪ ROCKS4 ♫ `` and paste ♫ LIFE ♪ if youagree