Family Jewels [DVD] review by AC/DC

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  • Released: Mar 29, 2005
  • Sound: 8
  • Content: 9
  • Production Quality: 7
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (69 votes)
AC/DC: Family Jewels [DVD]

Sound — 8
AC/DC is classic in your face rock and roll. with songs about sex, violence, and more sex, who doesn't love them. their simple riffs, ear piercing vocals, and guitar solo's to die for, their un deniably the best classic rock band ever. (behind Zeppelin of course). plus it features "flick of the switch", "fly on the wall", "shake your foundations" and "sink the pink" videos which go in sequence. This is definatelt the CD to buy. and it's pretty cheap, too. I only paid like twelve bucks for it.

Content — 9
the first CD is Bon Scott doing the vocals, but Bon Scott died on account of drowning in his own puke after a night of partying (not joking). But that didn't stop AC/DC from rocking, Scott was soon replaced with Brian Johnson. In my opinion, Bon Scott was a little bit better of a vocalist, but Brian Johnson made a great replacement. Their lead guitarist, Angus Young, however, was a differant story. His riffs and unbeatable solos made him one of the best guitarists ever.

Production Quality — 7
now, the DVD has no features or anything else besides discography. but it's jammed with great songs. Plus, who doesn't love the music video to you "Shook Me All Night Long" (if you know what I mean). These boys from Austrailia definately revolutionised rock as we know it. And I think that their schoolboy of a lead guitarist deserves an A+. I totally recommend you buy this DVD and see for yourself how great they are. These DVD's are two disks chocked full of heaven (or hell).

Overall Impression — 10
My personal favorite music video on this DVD is the song "Baby Please Don't Go". Because it shows their sense of humor. And hey, who doesn't like to see Bon Scott in a wig with pig tails and a dress showing his whitey tighties and beating Angus Young with a toy sledgehammer over and over again. Or when Bon Scott gets tackled by a group of girls on the music video for "Dirty Deads Done Dirt Cheap". Or how about when Angus hops on his shoulders in the video for "Riff/Raff" I wouldn't lose this DVD because I never let this baby out of my sight.

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    Cool DVD, well worth the money. Wish there were band interviews or something like that though..
    did any 1hear about a tv show about gene simons(kiss)life/family its called family jeweles